Smartuki Finished Again and For Sale

Smartuki GSXR powered Smart car

Smartuki on a recent road tripJust got a note from Andreas Viktorsson, owner and builder of the new and vastly improved GSXR powered Smartuki, that it's finished and on the road. He took a little 130 mile trip over the weekend and it performed great. He is going to put it on display at the entrance of Semcon for a few weeks where he's the Powertrain Manager and then off on a trip to the Nurburgring. He also mentioned that it's time to put the For Sale sign in the window.

Since the Smartuki first appeared here on The Kneeslider 15 months ago, there have been other motorcycle powered Smart cars popping up. From the looks of things, many of these are, to put it politely, not as well thought out as the one you see here. Stuffing a motorcycle engine into a car not designed for it takes more than a cutting torch and a welder if the finished car is going to be driveable, reliable and relatively safe, it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to pull it off.

Smartuki, in its first iteration, was the product of Z Cars, a company that has been engineering this sort of engine transplant for years with Hayabusa powered Minis and other such interesting cross breed combinations. When Peter, the original owner, sold the car, it was purchased by Andreas who was project manager for new Volvo engines and who is now Powertrain Manager for Semcon. Andreas put his engineering skills to work and totally remade the Smartuki into the beautiful beast you see here fixing and upgrading every area where he found shortcomings in the original.

Andreas says he also has an MC-Xpress turbo kit available. He won't install it because, as he says, "the car has already scared me a couple of times" but if someone wants to take Smartuki to the next level, the parts are ready.

If you are interested in owning this very high quality project, contact Andreas or drop us a note here and we'll make sure he gets it. Since he will be at the Nurburgring, if you are located in Germany or anywhere in the center of Europe, delivery could be arranged from there.

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  1. Alex says

    Nevermind, was not worth reading anyway. Just some blabla that this article can be found at kneeslider’s, quoted from some German blog. Being German myself, I don’t get the background of this post either.

  2. Nathan Mincham says


    As an owner of a Smart car but also previous owner of some pretty tasty cars and bikes I’m very interested in this car. Is it still for sale? If so how much? I was considering buying an Elise and sending it off to Z cars for the usual ‘busa plus turbo treatment but I must admit I’d much rather the Smartuki as a one of vehicle along side more common my NSX!


  3. john says

    i am from tracy, ca … i want to know i how i can get one where i am. street legal in US? someone help pls.

  4. Les says

    RE: Legal in US… not sure about CA but this past week I have seen one(stock, I’m sure) on I-70 in the mornings going to work near Columbia, Missouri…Passing traffic at 70+ mph. I’d be curious to get info on where to even buy a stock one and specs on it since here and I-70 are the only place I’ve seen one.

  5. Bochtsos George says

    Hello from Greece..
    I’m intresting to buy a car like Smartuki and i want to ask you the performances and the price of that BEAST!!!I’m waiting for your answer…

  6. Lamont Cranston says


    Lamont Cranston

    ps The Smartuki sounds like a batmobile minus the turbine engine…. anyone done a turbine engined motorcycle yet…? would love to see a flex fuel turbine engine production model vehicle .. Chrysler tried it back in 1962 or 63′ and it actually manufactured 50 to 75 dodge dart gas turbine engine vehicles… which got around 22 mpg on a 3100 mile trek from NYC TO LA… we need more imagination and technological green think when it comes to vehicles… the Smartuki is a step in the right direction….

  7. Mario Clermont says

    yeaaa this is coming from Barbados ( Caribbean )
    and i have seen the car in action great work guys. ive bin searching for one…. i need one…. i see its for sale an i would like to buy it like now so please get bak to me as soooon as you can

  8. Richard Maragh says

    Would like to buy a smartuki. Please email me with detail of how to purchase one and also the price. Thanks.

  9. keefe says

    waaw.. cool..

    can u expalin me how this car can go reverse..?? where do you put the reverse gear box??
    thanks four your answer..

  10. I_wanna_sleeper_car says

    hey can you get these in australia?

    and how about using a turbocharged hayabusa engine instead of the gsxr1000?

    i want a nice sleeper to beat these holden and ford revheads, and also those overdone wrx’s…

  11. says

    I was wondering if this would be legal in the US? If I had to pass emissions since it is a bike engine? I am very interested in finding out what a price would be on something like this. Not to mention what it would cost to ship to the US.

  12. says

    Smartuki is still alive and well and we are shipping kits all around the world (US and Japan in the last few weeks). We are currently in the process of appointing a US agent for the kits and have had enquiries from Japan and South Africa for agentcy agreements too.

    The kit is currently being installed in a roadster in the UK as a demo car and this will be doing the rounds in the summer and ‘may’ feature a Hayabusa engine with nitrous (this is not possible in the forTwo as it would require major chopping for clearance). The kit is also being modified to allow it to be fitted with later GSXR 1000 engines and to fit the new shape Smarts (2007 and on).

  13. Ron says

    How can i get a Smartuki in the us, how much does it cost? id like to drive one of these.

  14. tim says

    how much is your Smartuki? i would be real interested in your blue prints cause im thinking of building a car similar to yours with the gsx engine and all i just need help with the drive train of the vehicle. thank you

  15. William says

    How much does the Smartuki cost? I’ve seen other versions of it, does this one retain the passenger seat and is it able to go in reverse?

  16. Jerry Hornbeck says

    Great idea great looking but no price no mileage
    no dealer list no information on availability no
    really pertinent info so for the consumer it’s virtually unavailable.

  17. Frank Umbrello says

    Yes. Yes i am interested – please forward my contact info to Mr. Viktorsson

  18. Bruce Malcolm says

    I am interested in a blown Hayabusa version for dragracing exibitions. I am also interested in a milder street version, preferably a stock Hayabusa engined version.

    Do you have US dealers or agents yet. How much would the drag version and the street version cost?

    Great sleeper concept.

  19. RICH says