Suzuki Hayabusa Police Interceptor

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Hayabusa

If you're passing through Oklahoma and you think you can just speed through the state without any chance of getting run down from behind, think again. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a little surprise for you, a Suzuki Hayabusa Police Interceptor, all nice and shiny and black and radar equipped. The OHP is set to get special training at the California Superbike School. Better slow 'er down boys.

Source: Cycle World
Photo: John Owens


  1. C. J. Luke, III says

    I would like to see them follow up with a complete riding kit. Full face helment, racing leathers, racing gloves, and boots.

  2. says

    I just met two of the OHP officers with these at one of the motorcycle shops in Oklahoma City. They seem to really like their new bikes and were pretty anxious to make full use of them.

  3. Eric says

    Ive had my Hayabusa for a year now. Its difficult to decribe how capable this bike is. Fast, stable, comfortable, excellent handling, and 50 mpg at 75mph. High cross wind is managable on this bike. I bet the Oklahoma police officers will love the all powerful feeling 99 foot pounds of torque. (I pulled away from a dead stop with my wife on the back in 6th gear if that gives you an idea.) Let’s say you are stopped along side on the highway and a car passes you at 80mph, on this bike you can catch them in around 3.5 seconds, without shifting out of first gear. If you’ve never felt this kind of acceleration, it is truely amazing. I’ve had a chance to spend time on many bikes, harleys, BMWs, metric cruisers, and liter race replicas. Honestly, the hayabusa is in a class of its own. This thing is truely a weapon, and I believe someone in Oklahoma was doing their homework. Nothing could beat getting paid to ride one of these all day, good luck and enjoy! If you speed, the busa will catch you.

  4. pursuit car builder says

    When you absolutely, positively need to go faster than a helicopter…


    I wonder if they’ve tested those external radar antennas at anywhere near the speeds that bike is capable of. I guess no open-face helmets for these troopers, right?
    Also, how many motorists will believe that the highway patrol is using sportbikes? That marking job is pretty amateur night compared to most jurusdictions I’ve seen, particularly lacking on the front. It really needs a reverse-lettered “POLICE” across the screen at minimum.

    Even so, the stories are bound to be entertaining.

  5. Ethan says

    I was pulled over in Oklahoma once by a very friendly professional in a camaro. I’d like to get a photo of my bike next to theirs. Maybe I’ll become a cop!

  6. Kyle says

    abuse of taxpayer money? After everthing done to the bike it probably came out cheaper by almost half of any other new police bike.

  7. Shane says

    ABUSE!! of taxpayers money? most police drive bmws which cost upwards of 30,000 after all the addons. Wish they would let mps ride those

  8. James Williamson says

    NO! taxpayer money was not used to buy these bikes they were taken in drug busts and also they were upgraded with drug seized money.

  9. shelshy says

    They got two of the bikes. One was seized on a drug bust and the other one was bought with drug money. They did opt for full-face helmets and just put them out this weekend.

  10. Phhssst..bahaha says

    There is no street-legal car that can outrun this bike. There are few sub-9 second 1/4 mile cars on the road anyway. The only thing with wheels that is quicker or faster than this bike has a roll cage and a parachute.

  11. John says

    Oh, there may not be street legal cars that can outrun it… but then again, it’s a bike. They could take him/her out with not-so-skillful brake use at 150+ mph. No PIT maneuver for YOU, officer…

  12. Bill says

    Ok, to be fair, a Bugatti Veyron will outrun it, but just barely. And that’s only after you fork out 1.7 million.


  13. jake says

    they got these bikes, but then they passed a law that makes it easier for people to run once the speeds get to high, i dont get it sometimes

  14. Not for Trooper's Jake! says

    That was not a law that was passed. Oklahoma City Police have a new policy on their pursuits. This does not apply to OHP. So you run, we chase!

  15. Brian says

    “Let’s say you are stopped along side on the highway and a car passes you at 80mph, on this bike you can catch them in around 3.5 seconds” Whoever wrote this is a complete idiot. Please read this again and fix your mistake.

  16. dinamos says

    Just saw these bikes in a minor feature on the Superbike show on the Speed network.
    Reminds me of an old Kawasaki advertizing campaign. The ad read “are you ready for the new Kawasaki…” and the picture showed a state trooper sitting in a car, with the light bar and highway patrol markings, behind a highway billboard waiting for a speeder. The car was a Lamborghini.

  17. Ron says

    Just an FYI … drug siezed money IS taxpayer money … it is taken by the power of the state from individuals (the citizenry) to fund the state and is therefore the state’s citizens (as a whole) money. SO if you spend it … you spend the taxpayers money. Just because it’s earmarked it does NOT belong to the agency except at the will of the citizens as put into law through their legislators at the legislative level. Forfeiture laws are specific as to the chain of custody of money.

  18. Tim says

    Who cares if its tax payer money. The government already wastes millions on dumber things. I personally think its pretty cool. Besides, I’d like to have the police department a step ahead of everyone else. Personally tho… I want to see a video of a Bugatti Veyrron vs Hayabusa. You’d have to be in a Ferrari racing down the street just to keep them in the picture. lol

  19. Chris says

    # Brian Says:
    August 7th, 2006 at 10:27 am

    “Let’s say you are stopped along side on the highway and a car passes you at 80mph, on this bike you can catch them in around 3.5 seconds” Whoever wrote this is a complete idiot. Please read this again and fix your mistake.

    I am not the guy who posted that, but you are right. At 80 it would take more like 4.5 sec to match the speed and another 3-4 seconds to catch it. He was waaayyyy off for sure…

  20. Eric says

    I own a ‘Busa and have been riding for 21 years. I have just been compelled to move to Oklahoma and pursue a career in Law Enforcement. I am glad to see that law enforcement is equalling the score. About time!!!!

  21. Eric says

    Chris and Brian,

    I admit 3.5 sec may be off, thats why I said “around”. Check the stats, the stock hayabusa 0-60 @ 2.6 seconds, and the 0-100 is just over 5 seconds. As the car passes there is a considerable drafting window it punches through the air. I’ve done this and you can reach inside that air pocket within a couple seconds if you start when the car is next to you. This has a significant slingshot effect. I not a physics major, but my original claim may be close. Besides, I wrote “catch them” meaning you are on their ass ready to layeth the smacketh down. Soooo, Chris, say I got a bad start and it did take me 4.5 to MATCH the cars speed, why would it take me another 3-4 seconds to catch up to them? And Brian, review the stats and calculate your drag coefficients, maybe you are the “complete idiot”.

  22. Eric J says

    I was wrong. Around 3.5 seconds to match, another 3.5 to catch up.
    I stand corrected. The times I’ve tried this I grab second at 80, (in the vehicle’s slip stream) accelerate to 100 and close the gap so quickly it’s scary. I all happens so fast, I forgot my physics…..

  23. says

    You know, as a BUSA owner, I like it. But as one of the other people said, they should have put more “police” stickers on it. One year in Galveston during a Spring Break or Beach Party weekend, we saw a BUSA I think from Fort Bend County that had ‘police’ or ‘sheriff’ sprayed all over the bike. There was no mistaking this bike for anything else. This was about 2 years ago.

  24. says

    We have 4 Busa Cops in Kansas as of last month. The Kawi 1000CC and 600cc bikes are now finally getting busted for there stupid fly bys at 2am during the week day. I love and live for bikes but for sakes keep it at a good time and not during early morning on a work day.

  25. james says

    My boozy does 2.1 it’s a lot of fun .The turbo is just small time and the waste gate is set low 25psi 337bhp and Nos the thing is a two wheel bomb .Yeah it likes the crank shaft loose and hanging out .Over heat NO NEVER when it’s parked in the shade.

  26. Luc says

    I’m a Busa owner and a police officer in Canada. I saw this Busa on Speed TV, Superbikes program and it’s awesome. Wish we had some in my city. They are a blast to ride !

  27. Tony says

    “Louis Says:

    October 26th, 2006 at 6:54 pm
    Too bad the zx14 is the new king… ”

    The ZX-14 is not the new king. Are you retarded? 80% Rider 20% Bike. It’s all a difference of opinion.

  28. charlie says

    busa tropper, great idea! bike is faster then a car cheaper then a car & also faster then a helicopter. ok so you cant do a p.i.t. maneuver thats why they still have even at busa speed the worlds fastest production bike with or without turbo you would still have no chance in out running the police radio. so therefore a busa tropper just keeps a speeding car in sight radios ahead for a road block spike strip or anything else he/she needs to get the speeding car to stop. oh & the new king zx14 is slower then the original busa the reason why there is now a limit on how fast a production bike can go & with the new busa being beat only by fractions of seconds with pro riders & not every race win goes to the zx14. im not willing to put pinks up hope i helped or atleast give us 2wheel riders something else to bi**h about
    p.s if im wrong on something let me know thanks

  29. Matthew 77 says

    These guys post on one of our forums all the time. ( The lead guy in all of this was VERY cool when he showed at one of our meetings.

    They do wear full-face helmets. (Flip up HJC) As of current they have to wear the standard OHP Cycle uniform. (Although they also understand the need for protection.)

    Honestly, these guys can ride better than anyone on the streets. The last I heard they were going to Vegas to sport-bike school…

    Anyway we are somewhat proud to have these guys…

  30. Bill says

    OHP takes all their pursuit training very seriously. Went through their basic and instructor classes. Took police motorcycle somewhere else though. Just the ability to overtake, get a plate, and a look at the driver gives you the ability to back out of the traffic only pursuits and still have the ability to follow up later. Identifying the driver is half the reason most pursuits continue anyway.

  31. michael d mc nally says

    hayabusa? huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum dont know, will let yall know after i take delivery of my new Kawasaki concours 14

  32. larry says

    i have a 06 hayabusa, and let me tell you it is really fast!!! my brother has a 95 P.O.S.and we did try this to see how fast i could catch him, me at a dead stop (like a cop) and he passes me at 80 mph. i just clicked into 2end and i was on his but. he was counting by the one thousand and one and it took him tell he hit onethousand and 5 he said before i was on him, me on the outher hand i was making the syrin sound. lol

    T.T.F.N. LARRY

  33. OKIE says

    As for the Bikes, yes 1 was a seizure and the other from assets forfeiture money, AND NO! that is not tax money. The Feds are very strict and speciffic about how that is utilized. You have to get permission to utilize funds you take in. The riders did go to street bike school, do wear full face helmets, and are actually looking at full protective gear and have even worn it on duty testing it. For our driving school, now ranked #1 in the nation ahead of cali!!!

  34. Brian Hassell says

    The bugatti veyron has the hayabusa in pure top speed, but thats it. my 600 (or any other modern 600) can outrun a bugatti in the 1/4, it’s a pig.

    also, 2005 on up, all of the big 4 japanese 1000cc bikes are faster (marginaly) in the 1/4 than the hayabusa, just thought id throw that out there.

    the busa would make a great police bike though, because like it was stated before, it will catch just about anything you will ever run into on the road. it’s comfortable, which is a must for police duty, and its heavier, and much less nervous and jittery feeling than true sport bikes, very solid.

  35. mike says

    Aside from the bike there ain’t much that will outrun OHP’s Z28s either.And with 305hp and 325ft/lbs of torque,coupled with four tires and low center of gravity,is perfect for a P.I.T. manuever.Not many vehicles will run 160mph either.

  36. RLBowers3 says

    I would like to see a Hayabusa done up in PROPER Police colors and graphics. Black and White paint, red and blue where the turn signals are located, ST wind screen, etc. and do up the officers in full leather. Make ’em proud.

  37. scot z. says

    i have an ’02 Busa. Love it and think it’s great that the cops are getting to use and buy equipment for/from the work they do on a daily basis. it’s about time the bad guys get to see what it’s like to truly run scared as heck when they can’t get away from the cops. Way-to-go OHP. i wonder if they have the TRE mod? that sure made a difference on my bike. i need to get one for the 750. anyways, just my $.02. grats OHP. Love it.

  38. an arkansan says

    I think the entire state of Oklahoma has been a speed trap for years now… This will only further the reasons to NOT go through that state. besides there isn’t anything in OK except I-40 and casinos.

    Also .. now when somebody break checks while getting pulled over.. they KNOW the cop can’t follow them afterwards.

  39. Samuel Rivers says

    Well they can’t catch me if I go offroad with my KTM.
    In other news. Their going to have to limit the amount of overtime these cops can work on that Busa, cause I would work 24 hours.

  40. says


    I just stumble across the site and I love the articles here.

    When I first saw this photo I figured it was a joke as the markings, as someone else noted, seem fairly sparse.

    Also there seems to be a bit of an argument over whether the Busa is faster than the ZX14R, it is because of the aerodynamics of it but the fastest bike and bike/car thing follow.

    Acabion GTBO 70


    Of course there is more to bikes than top speed or dare I say it acceleration like handling. Which is why I want a RSV1000R eventually.

    Awesome site and comments.



  41. says

    Its real simple guys – these bikes were brought “online” but the gentlemen who founded the motorcycle division of the OHP. For many years motorcycles were a no-no- for the OHP, now, they have Busas.

    The idea behind this was to help interact with the sportbike community here locally regarding safety issues etc. The officer that helped push this through the most (the first one to get a Busa) has come to a few of our local sportbike meetings and talked with us about this project.

    The officer i met is very respectable, well-mannered, seasoned as an officer, and represents his position well. He will do nothing to jeopardize loosing these two bikes on the force. That means his involvement in any high-speed chases would be about 0%. Everything here is geared towards promoting safety and communication with the local sportbike scene – to give us something to relate to. Its working fairly well.

    Also, for the nay-sayers out there… Busas will turn fast times on a track (road course) with the right rider. Both of these riders have gone to a racing school in CA. I have personally pitted my ’04 ZX10 against a stock Busa at Hallett, and had a very difficult time passing him. At the time we were both turning roughly 1:31 laps. Not blazing fast, but both of us were no more than seasoned riders at a trackday, not racers.

  42. Jimtoo says

    Make sure they check the organ donor box on their license. You can’t outrun a radio, so what’s the point other than publicity. I’m glad they have good insurance.

  43. jk says

    Stop talking about the veyron, it’s not even a car. Even if you had the money you probably couldn’t get a hold of one. And anyway, the veyron is not the fastest car, it’s all about the Ultima GTR, same stats as hayabusa except you won’t die from hitting a pebble on the road. oh and nobody cares about the z28 cop car, it can’t turn or brake.

  44. Tom says

    It seems that the Y2K sporting the Rolls Royce Turbine would have the busa’ at 350hp and a top speed around 250mph. Which brings up a good point, regardless of the ‘busa acceleration, what do they do once they catch up with a car? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, a car going 150 is much more stable than a bike.

  45. Chris says

    All the talk about “what to do when you catch the guy” and “can’t do a PIT maneuver” is crazy. OHP has no intention of putting that to the test, and never did.

    These bikes are for dealing with other sportbikes, and maybe the occasional speed trap for fun. Oklahoma, like most southwestern states, has cities with wide open, bike-friendly streets, and a fast-climbing sportbike population. It’s a no-brainer to get a couple of screaming fast ‘busas to interact with (and put some doubt in the minds of) sportbike riders.

    This is WAY better than cities/states who say “those sportbike riders are dangerous. Sportbikes should be illegal.” Wimps. Just buy a ‘busa and put some flashing lights on it. See how easy that was?

  46. says

    I think the more cops interact with us sportbike guys on an educational level the better especially the younger kids with there first sportbike. Us older guys can learn some good things as well. As for a car being more stable at 150 than a sportbike I don’t believe that. I’ve been 130 in a mustang convertible and felt the backend getting light and I’ve been past 185, speedo wise, on two different Busa’s(both TRE equipped)and felt as stable as a California redwood.

  47. MIKE RADOYE says

    Well, this is fun. I believe this stunt to outfit the police department with a ‘busa, or whatever (Italy has a Lambo cop car) is strictly for publicity. I like it, but, all a bike can do is follow. and if you have ever been travelling at mid 100’s, you don’t have time to look at anything but miles down the road. And the stunt of cars slamming the brakes on to have cop cars deploy airbags, when they hit the back of the car, will just kill the cops on a bike. So the bikes will just follow. which most cars can do. I think the fact they used drug money/seized funds, makes it cost effective. I must laugh at the guy that argued about the bike couldn’t catch a car doing 80 in 3.5 seconds….. if the bike was turned off and the cop writing a ticket and the car went by at 80, he could still get back to the bike, get it started and catch the guy faster than you could imagine. The car would not get out of sight let alone get away. maybe like 10 seconds. and whoever thinks a bike at 150 hits a peeble and crashes, has never ridden, period. fool. I know, I used to race on surface streets in Japan years ago and I routinely went 150 plus. Try it, it’s fun… keep up the good conversation.

  48. monty says

    Well, it’s good they got Suzukis-1300’s-It brings a lot of awareness to the cagers out there. If they swerve or cut off a copper cause they’re not paying attention-GREAT!!! Unfortunately, they should have opted for the zx14. Way stronger and rock solid(180+). Mine’s stock, and it’ll catch up to ANYONE passing in a hurry!! Good luck OCHP-and watch the cagers!

  49. Anubis says

    This is very interseting to hear about such as the fact that alot of cops italy drive lamborginis but there is one thing people are not mentioning.this is only a bike.what if u have a guy that has nothing to loose behind the wheel of a car.if i was that person nnot saying i am….i would hit the breaks suddenly and the cop would be roadkill.regarrdless whether i got caught or not the cop will most definitely be dead

  50. V2 says

    Yeah, there are to many crazies out there to be chasing people on bikes. I would think a cop on a bike would be a little apposed to giving chase to a full sized car or truck. I have a 2006 GSXR750, and get nervous around other riders sometimes, let alone chasing a car or truck with a criminal in it!

  51. Justin Dunphy says

    Well these bikes make a lot more sense then the normal air cooled tractores that the Police motorcycle corps usually use. Maybe with the police out on sport bikes might make them more visible to the car driving typically unaware public. That way the rest of the sport bike riding community , might also benefit . Time will tell .

  52. Paperboy says

    Everyone try to compare the 99′ busa to the new 1400, but those are two different breeds of machine when it comes to the laws of emission and governing of bikes then vs now.

  53. dustoff_pilot says

    Very interesting concept, I think it’s a great idea. Using this bike for highway patrol is no different than using a “full-dresser” police motorcycle… there’s just a greater likelihood that the cop isn’t going to get outrun. So… I feel sorry for the poor sap that falls victim to the speed trap, but the positive publicity this generates for the sportbike community far outweighs any sort of cost. The more respectable use for this kind of power, the better. I’m a busa rider myself and absolutely love the thing.

    For those of you asking about the “panniers” or saddlebags, I believe they are Corbin “Beetle Bags”. Check out Corbin’s website for details.

  54. Dee says

    Please tell me where you got those fancy hard saddle bags. Can they be ordered? Are they a Suzuki product or an aftermarket company?

  55. ((((6-gear-fear)))) says

    It doesn’t matter how fast your bike is. In my town you have to have skill and a good radio to catch us. But with my tag so far under my fender and NO sport bike cops we pretty much do what the hell we want. We take cops on wild goose chases on backroads around here on the regular. I blew buy a harley cop on the one highway in my town doing a wheele and flippping him off! haha he didnt even try to turn on his lights. he just flipped me off! So as you can probly tell we probly should have a few sport bike cops around here. but sorry to tell you i WILL test the first one I see. If your not in my dust or rapped around a tree in 10 min. I’ll give you my bike. (a zx14 by the way) I’ve been riding for 6 years and i do ride with a cop sometimes when hes off duty so i hope they dont give it to his ass. (yes i have outrun a cop WITH a cop HAHA) But i will goto jail for that race! or kill a cop who thinks he can ride! so he better give up before he looses it. cause im dippin out.
    but for real… be safe… rubber side down…

  56. blackbird06xx says

    my blackbirdXX will go nose to nose with the busa!
    the speed these bikes put to the ground is mind blowing, if you have the chance to ride one of the rockets you will be, well crapin your pants
    when at top speed
    so it only comes down to the rider who has the bigest groolies who has the street smarts
    who knows there motorcycle who knows there own limits and then there is the rider how knows that
    there family and friends dont want to go to
    your funneral on the weekend!

    miss you cuz

  57. SAM says

    Columbus Ohio has a Lambo Countach cop car that was donated by a local. Painted up, light bar, the works. It’s used as a PR tool, primarily with the DARE program. I suspect, as was previously stated many times, the OHP uses these two bikes for a similar purpose.

    Since this was originally posted in 2006, I’d be interested in hearing how things have gone with the sport bike community between then and now.

  58. '01 929 says

    The question of how fast the busa will go is almost irrelevant. i have outran numerous 1300s on my honda 929 erion racing edition. after 160 its all about the stones.

  59. jeffro says

    Blackbird as fast and quick as a Busa
    Now thats funny, its not even close!
    Wake up from that dream and face reality, oh that might be rough considering you ride a Honda!!
    If it aint a Kaw or a Suzuki it isn’t quick or fast!

    Thanks for the good laugh, it’ll be even funnier the next time I eat a Blackbird on the line or at a roll!!

  60. blackbird says

    well jeffro your wright BUSA 175BHP 181mph AND THE BLACKBIRD 136BHP 167mph a masive not even close 14MPH difference I FEEL SO STUPID but i think you missed the point i was trying to make! some times you cant help dumb animals keep working on those chicken strips! wright me when you have none left or you dont know what they are or you probbably own a dirt bike HA HA HA HA HA HA HA PS. whent cruisin with mate 2 days ago {owns a busa} what can i say i was more experienced

  61. Endorfun says

    All this back and forth wording about what is faster and what is better. Having survived to the age of 41 and covering about 20-30,000 miles a year on 28 various 2 wheel rides and having my shiny side on the low side 4 times since I was 17 when I got my first set of training wheels in the form of a RED 1982 Seca 750 shaftdrive. (most fun I have ever had, perhaps as it was my first bike) The only thing that matters after riding 671,000 miles (by odometer) is that when you stop your ride by placing the key in your pocket. And……of all those that have come and gone, the ones that have gone were those that have had 6 years of riding under their belt and have a need to do themselves one up each time they ride with a higher grab of the throttle and a longer twist of the right hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go fast, but I would rather be past than to be the past just because my chilito was to small. I am texting like this because I have read all of these posts, and it has brought me to remember each and every soul that I have known over the years that will no longer ride ever again. Today I ride my Buell Lightning all around Australia as I have seen all I could of the USA by the time 2001 came around, I hope that I will see all I need of Australia before I go back to Sonoma County in 2012. My intention is to see 1 million miles and if I can do it, trade in my xelement boots for maybe a doc martin shoe and perhaps something with 4 wheels.

  62. frank says

    UK Bike cops have had, and used undercover Bikes for over 20 years……….very effective.

    I once got chased down, me GPZ900R Kawasaki, cop just a BMW K1200………..but he kept with me, and video’ed me up to 130 on the A57 in UK…….Was very cool when he showed me the Vid!! Said my lane awareness/ signalling etc was excellent, and wrote me for a very reasonable “over 60 MPH”!!!!!
    Never once suspected he was a bike cop till the Blues n Two’s came on!!!!

  63. Adrian says

    For those of you wondering which bike is faster, the Busa or the ZX-14, well, battled them out in a quarter mile. The winner was the Busa by a thread (200 msec). The video is available on YouTube, check it out. At the end of the video, the guys at Motorcycle-USA said that it all comes down to preference… which was a bummer, coz I was hoping to get hard facts.

  64. David says

    Well some one earlier in this stated that it was too bad that the ZX-14 was the new king. Well sorry but there is no current test just claims to this statement. Kaw. has yet to take Suzuki’s dare. I don’t think Kaw. believes they can do it. Sorry but the Busa is still king till they but their balls on the track and take the title. Every race so far has been an older busa with no mods versus a brand new moded ZX-14. Thats just chickening out. They need to have a head to head of the showroom floor between the 2 except they need to remove the governor. And yes I do own a busa. And I will be at Salt Flats next year for LSR.

  65. DERKA DERKA says

    For all those who are posting about chases. the cop only needs to get close enough to see your tag, and “Hopefully” get a look at your face. after that, IF you get away, they can follow up later. As was posted earlier, the bike cop doesnt have to be so close as to rear end you in a “brake check” just follow you enough to see you, and radio in your location till a chopper arrives, or a car unit can come up and PIT you. But i will have to say, make me want to be OHP, thats for sure.

  66. Josh says

    before I crashed my slingshot gixxer 750 with a yoshi built 1100 motor in it I was on the 15 freeway going south to san diego I was hitting speeds up to 160 I pulled off to go get something to eat and a CHP officer pulled up to me and pulled me over first thing he said to me was, his bike had no chance, he said he was glad to see me on the offramp and not dead in the road but to my suprise he was being real cool but still gave me huge ticket he was talking all kinds of shit on his BMW police bike and he said he wishes that they switch to the busa or zx14 he said that would be to good to be true.

  67. eazyd says

    dont much matter on top speed or handeling when the convict theier chaseing busts a quick right in the beat-up cutlas supreme he’s driving through the ditch, up the embankment through the barbwire fence, through 5 miles of corn and stobb. better just pull it over and take a leak while you wait for the chopper copper lol !

  68. says

    Live in Oklahoma, never seen one of these OHP bikes on the road. I do beleive it’s like someone stated – They are used for Promo’s and scare tactics for all us a$$ haulers. Not sure what I would do if one pulled out on me, I imagine they are good riders not that any of are highways have curves. Hwy’s down here are like 50 mile drag strips with a slight bend here and there. Feels like a 150 mph hair dryer down here. As for zx14 vs busa, I am a 14 owner so I say Pi$$ on busa….HA! / J/K I love all bikes I just prefer the 14. When you have 2 bikes so evenly matched, it all comes down to rider skill. Ya all take easy and keep the shiny side up.

  69. Rick says

    I have a 99 Busa reworked with a turbo. I routinely take long trip and specifically made the run to Oklahoma. Never even saw one of these bikes and I’m crossing the state cruise missle styled. 235 mph. Stopping at the local service stations every so often, I got the locals saying, we got summa them out there. They can catch ya! At 235 with a quarter twist on the throttle to go, I don’t think so. They’d probably say hey, let’m go, we’ll scoop’m up of the road! Whatever. ZX14’s, bring it! And your pinks. I’d love to sell another.

  70. BusaBomb says

    To Anubis,

    .i would hit the breaks suddenly and the cop would be roadkill.regarrdless whether i got caught or not the cop will most definitely be dead.

    Go ahead, kill a cop. Enjoy your newly reinstated lethal injection. Cops may not be the most loved souls on earth, but are certainly very good at staying alive. Someday you’ll be thanking one for saving someone you value.


  71. Edward James says

    I have a 1400 suzuki and have twice disapeared when our police became interested. The little 1300 Hyabusa may be even more exciting?

  72. Chuck says

    I don’t know if some of you know what kind of training the motor division guys go through, they don’t need to stop if you decide to go off road. 6 years of pulling wheelies on pavement does NOT make you a good rider. Going fast does NOT make you a good rider. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to go fast on my old bike, but it doesn’t take that much skill to twist the throttle. As for a break check in a car making the Motor-Patrol Officer run into you, you would have to lock up the breaks at just the right time since; after all, bikes DO stop much faster than cars! Even if you do, by some chance, make the officer hit you, you will find yourself in a world of trouble. You don’t have to kill an officer to be convicted of attempting to kill an officer, at least not according to federal law… and it does not matter which it is when it comes to the federal law. A few other posters have nailed it when they say that the officer only has to get the tag and MAYBE see the driver, and then they can get you later. So, you have to ask yourself, would you rather just pull over, or have several men with guns drawn knock your door down in the middle of the night to take you to the pokey?! I’m thinkin’ the ticket is probably the easier way of the two.

    Just my $.04 (increased for inflation and a fuel surcharge… LOL)

    By the way, I stated federal law above since I’m a federal officer. I can only guess that the state laws are similar.

    P.S. This post is not meant to intimidate, inflame, or otherwise tick anyone off. Just wanted to articulate a few facts (the cops out there will get that). Good for you OHP!

  73. BusaRyder says

    Ok. A few things. I have an ’07 Busa. I have been riding for a few years…and lets just say I am not afraid to go fast. Someone posted stating that most 1000cc bikes can take a Busa in a 1/4. I don’t know how may people they have raced or runs they have done, but it is all about the start for those bikes. I have never been beaten on my Busa in a 1/4 by anyone on a 1000cc anything. You go to keep the bike down. My bike appears stock but has had some tuning. I agree with the people who have stated earlier that it has to do with the rider….not all the bike. Anyone that has ridden for any amount of time has made a mistake and hopefully learned the lesson that is needed to keep the shiny side up. ( I am referring to “the first accident.”) Doesn’t even have to be your fault but if it has happened, then you know what I mean. Someone else made a comment about going off road in a corn field. Again I go back to experience, this is not easy and if you go in at full tilt, you rarely make it out. The Busa is amazing, it is FAST, like you don’t understand FAST, it is stable (like a rock, been to 171 mph…had to back off there…my stones are too small…or maybe my brain is too big.)

    All in all, if I was going to have a department that was outfitied with any find of bike, it would be the Busa. Less expensive, more reliable, more modifications available, did I mention FAST! I can’t believe that someone would say that a Busa is abuse of tax payers funding. Have you looked around you lately?? There isn’t one good thing that tax money gets spent on. If there was taxes would not continue to go up!

    Absolutley great decision by OHP. Better badging and a whole lot more of them on the road! I would like to see someone try to break check me…remember…I have a gun, and if I kill you for “attempting” to kill me I guess it becomes your word (you don’t have any you are dead) against mine…remember I am alive! The braking distance for a bike Vs. a car are not even comparable.

    Love the discussion and I am placing my employment application for OHP today! (just kidding)

    To all you Riders!! Keep the shiny side up!

  74. fish hook says

    i got a 05 busa that i bought off the show room floor and i got 24000 miles on it now. most of the miles are from oklahoma city to galveston. i’ve seen this bike many times in okc and more cities need them. maybe they cant pit but who cares they can run down people then their friends can pit them. when you mess with one you mess with all of them.
    happy riding

  75. streetfighter 22 says

    I grew up in Oklahoma and my nextdoor neighbor was a patrolman. Let me tell you the last law enforcer you want to deal with is the OHP. Their boot camp easily rivals military boot camp. Guess what I am saying is just don’t mess with the OHP.

    Oh,and to those out there that say they never saw the patrolmen, that is because they use planes and copters to spot you then send in the ground patrol. why waste the “taxpayers gas” driving around. I am proud of the busa officers, and have had them fly past me many times on I-35. They also have super charged cameros so keep looking up and behind you, cause that is where they’ll be.

  76. AnarchyJoe says

    Praise be the state as streetfighter22 points out. Let’s all be glad they go to a military style school were they learn how to kill people better for our protection and even further that the spend taxpayer dollars on important crime fighting like this….plus yet still manage to save money by flying in planes and only THEN calling in the ground troops. (Way to save money!) Storm Trooper efficiency at its best!

  77. says

    Heh. Ghostrider would get away easily even with their Busa on the tail. Tell `em “Don`t mess with ghostrider”. Anyway, we don`t have speed limits here on motorways. Cheers.

  78. Jeff says

    There are plenty of street legal cars that will outrun a busa easy. My brothers mustang (modded) will keep up with a 600cc sportbike and one of his friends has a 800HP Supra and it wastes any bike it goes against. It doesn’t take a Veyron to do that. Heck, an Ariel Atom could prolly keep up with one until it hit around 120.

  79. cdr says

    the only bike that can go faster would probably be ghost riders busa turbo (not including drag bikes etc.)

  80. blackbird06xx says

    honda has ditched the 1100 blackbird but wait is there the smell of pure V5 horsepower in the air think ill skipp the busa as my next bike and wait for the next gen in performance machines. honda get a move on i wont one i need one y make me suffer V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 V5 power me vs busa=go|=======hi husa=========bye busa—————————————————————————————————————————————————–pullin get fuel—-still no busa —
    ——-pullin to church with V5 get marryed rub her polish her all nite long wait there gose that busa————come on baby lets ride——–==========hi======bye————————————————————————————————————————————————balistic missile mode on seeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaahhhooooooooo— — — – – – –

  81. Mike in Texas says

    My current bike is a 2002 Kawasaki ZX-6… I just bought a 2006 Harley FLHPI… I’ve decided that having a comfortable seat is more important than the extra 40-50 mph that the ZX-6 can do… Plus, us old farts just don’t look right on sport bikes with our beer guts hanging over the tanks… [grin]

  82. onsitewelding says

    Ponch and Jon must have chubbies right now! Its great to see a bike cop get the leg up. But is kinda useless with the EM pulse emitters and ESD emitters that can kill your ECM. Dont think is not possible to have a cop point what looks like a radar gun at you. Then BAM! your engine sputters and stalls.
    This bike makes me think of MAD MAX.

  83. shashank raina says

    i have a 2003 hayabusa garrett turbo doing around 450hp…this thing will eat u like jelly haha… does 0 to 100kph in around 1.3 or 1.5 seconds … 0 to 300 kph in around 7 sec . i have gone upto 340 using gps …could go way more than that may be upto 400 but no balls fr that…

  84. Roy Mayoral says

    Puerto Rico Police have one also but in red

    I tried to attach a pic but can’t for some reason

  85. JT says

    ok first of to the clown that said he didnt feel safe going 135 in a mustang. No s*@T cause mustangs are garbage, and are for 16 yr olds who have nothing better to do with their time except drive around with their stereo so loud thinking they are the kings. lol
    it’s like the buick regal grand nationals when they came out sure they were fast but were not designed for anything except for going straight, end result how many of them do you see on the road today? I have a 2003 and a 2005 honda s2000 with comptech supercharger, header, TR1 titanium exhaust, half carbonfibre, 2600lbs, redline 9000rpm and pushing almost 410 horse. I don’t even bother wasting my time with mustangs, its not even a challenge. I feel perfectly safe when I get it up to 150mph and why? cause its designed for that kind of speed, along with any other vehicle that costs 50 grand plus, or all wheel drive. lambo, porsche, ferrari, etc ,etc ,etc. and I would rather be in any one of those rides going150 mph then on a bike, or in a piece of s*&t garbage mustang. You bite it on a bike going that fast it dont matter, end result YOUR DEAD!

    Bottom line any bike on the road these days is gonna catch up to any car in seconds, it has nothing to do with how fast they go it has to do with the skill, or the rider or driver and how big his balls are and if he has nothing to lose. If a cop is on the side of the road giving someone a ticket and a car blows past him going 80 mph he’s not gonna jump on his bike and chase him cause if someone is going 80mph he is already being chased by the cops in the first place, second it dont matter how fast you think you are, or you can out run the cops its not gonna happen, cause you cant outrun that heli in the sky.

    Police WILL not give chase to a vehicle car or bike going 80 mph, or 150mph because it’s a danger to public safety, they will just sit back and go fast enough to keep them in site till the spike strip is placed down and then what are you going to do?

    personally if your going that fast on a bike or in a car on the highway or in the city your gonna end up getting killed or your gonna kill somebody else in a accident. You have no business having a lisence in the first place if your gonna drive like that. There is a reason why their are race tracks, etc, and this isnt europe, and we dont have the autobahn.

    There is no reason whatsoever for the police to be on those bikes except for show and its a complete waste of money regardless if it was bought with drug dealers money or not.

    LOL I don’t care how fast the bikes are cause you go ahead and chase me when its raining out going 80mph and I hit my e-brake, crank the wheel, and then hit the gas. Do that on a bike, lol I don’t know of any cop, let alone heard any stories of them doing a endo!

  86. Dominator says

    I wouldn’t even think about trying to outrun this busa, No matter what i was driving/riding (with the possible exception of the y2k marine turbines thing)! Even if you were in a Veyron which will probably start pulling away from a STOCK busa at about 150, just getting to 150 will have given the cop enough time to empty his magazine into that beautiful 8L W16. If America is anything like the UK these busa’s will have been tuned to high heaven too. I’ve seen loads of police chase video’s where the bad guys in Evo’s or Impreza’s have been ASS RAPED by a cop in a modded 1.8L Vectra or something equally mundane with mods. One cop got caught by a speed camera at 159mph in a car that has a stock maximum speed of about 130. Same thing here i reckon, if you’re in your supercar running from this busa at 200mph don’t start thinking “Oh, he can’t catch me because he has a maximum speed of 186” because that busa will be sticking to you like glue. Don’t forget, these are the cops, their vehicles don’t have to meet emissions and all that crap, if removing the catalytic converter makes them a bit faster then they can, and probably will, remove it. After all, who’s going to arrest them for an exhaust that’s too noisy?

  87. chris says

    why all the comments about tax payers money? the only cop bikes I see by me are bmw and road kings and im sure they cost alot more than hyabusas. and a police road king isnt gonna catch most bikes, it may not catch a few cars I can think of. a hyabusa on the other hand will assure the officer that with an opened road he can catch up to any vehicle he needs to.

  88. chris says

    for the guy who says you cant outrun the cops. I have and many freinds have. its not hard to outrun police if your on a zx14 or a hyabusa. they dont even try to catch you in city areas and if you dont believe me then show me the video or cop chases television show where they catch hyabusas. unless the rider falls, or runs out of gas, they never show a cop catch a hyabusa. do you know why? because they usually get away and the news wont show that on a daily bases. ask a cop who has chased a ninja if he caught it and see what he says. now its better at my age to just pull over and not risk my life but if I start to run I have always gotten away. dont get me wrong it is a scary feeling when your not used to being chased so I can see how even a good rider can mess up under stress. but its far from the truth to think the police will always catch the race bikes when the reality is that if you are a good rider who is used to high speeds and you focus on riding instead of the fear of what they will do to you if they get you youll probably get away.

  89. chris says

    and I want to add that when the kids steal race bikes by me they usually come from newark (I live in new jersey) and they are great riders who do stunts like movies and ride very fast regularly. they come to the hill where the cops park and kick the sides of the cop cars and give the cops the finger, everyone knows they do it and that the bikes are stolen and there isnt a thing the police can do about it. the less people know about all this the better but the fact is that if a car past a cop who was writting out a ticket as stated in another post and the cop really wanted to catch that particular car with a hyabusa it wouldnt take very long to be on that cars bumper even from a stand still. I have come from the side of the road and gunned my ninja into traffic and the cars that were doing 70 when I was sitting still were always behind me in a matter of seconds. if you dont know this to be true then youve never been on a race bike.

  90. Diesel says

    look I get the concept but your puttin cops lives at risk with this one I have chased down cars before to get plates but I would never EVER try to pull it over one flick of the wheel or a hard slam on the brakes and the cop is down and possibly killed I think it is good for chasing and getting a plate number but thats as far as I would take it with a bike and yes I ride… 2008 GSXR 1000 with full racing exhaust power commander BMC race filter velocity stacks and most important a TRE wich removes the factory 186mph restriction…b

  91. thundercat18 says

    As a current busa owner (2nd busa) and owner of 4 more other bikes ranging from 2 custom kawasai z1’s , 1 1991 stretched and raced 1127 slingshot gsxr1100, and being a retired fed police officer with motor patrol and later k-9 bomb dog handler, you are absolutely out of your mind. Race on the track , not the street. Police officers want to go home safe just like everyone else, not to die for some stupid assholes ego trip on the street. There IS a reason the D.C. area has six racetracks in its circumference for a reason! RACE ON THE TRACK, RIDE ON THE STREET! Peace and ride safe.!