Remember these?

When's the last time you looked at some of The Kneeslider's past articles? I thought I would put a mix of old and new out here on the front page to remind you of what's back there. Really interesting stuff! I especially like reading some of the comments. You're a smart bunch of guys.

Motorcycle Builders

Workshops and tools


Do You Have the Right to Repair and Modify Your Own Vehicle? Should You?

Yes. Next question? — Unfortunately, there are those who don’t agree and in the past few days the discussion of whether you and I should be able to fix or modify things we own has been getting a lot more attention. Right now, cellphones are the issue, there’s quite a debate and some pending legislation […]

Home workshop

Interesting Times and Self Reliance in the New Normal Economy

It’s been an interesting week, and if you’ve been around here for a while you know that when I say interesting like this, I’m using the meaning inferred by the old Chinese curse of, “May you live in interesting times.” While my computer was sleeping I was rather involved and, while so occupied, it made […]

Robots and Stuff

Automated trucks in constant communication with vehicles all around

Riding Motorcycles Among the Robots - You're going to need a transponder

A little while back we has a pretty lively discussion about robots on our roads, but, even with the rapidly approaching technology, you still have a little time before the mass adoption of robotic vehicles makes every trip a chance to catch up on your sleep, but, near term, there may be some intermediate steps […]

Robot motorcycle from Terminator Salvation

Are Motorcycles the Last Refuge from Robot Transporters?

When you hear the word, robot, what springs to mind? It’s often some movie robot with a semi humanoid appearance or it could be one of the movie androids that look just like a human, the Terminator or Data from Star Trek, but in reality, robots don’t need any humanoid appearance, no arms and legs […]

3 wheelers

Elio autocycle next to Cadillac CTS

Elio Motors Follow Up – Will They Fulfill the Promise?

A little over a year ago, we looked at a new company in Louisiana called Elio Motors. They were promising to build a new, enclosed three wheeler with two tandem seats, capable of 84 mpg on the highway, meeting automotive crash standards at a price of $6800. I was a bit skeptical that it would […]


CoAxe opposed piston diesel engine

CoAxe Opposed Piston Diesel Engine

Opposed piston engines are getting to be the rage and this one, the CoAxe, from a company in Australia, looks like another interesting entry. It’s initially being developed as a 100 horsepower unit for use in unmanned aerial vehicles. The unit is relatively small, lightweight and low maintenance. It’s also extremely low vibration since all […]

Motorcycle Art

Hyper realistic oil painting of a Triumph motorcycle by Pedro Campos

This Triumph is Not What You Think it is

Take a look at this Triumph, a really close look. A gorgeous bit of restoration work, to be sure, but there’s something more you might be missing. It’s not a photo of a Triumph or even a closeup photo of a model, and before all of you computer graphics guys jump in to tell me […]

Art deco Gold Wing streamliner

Art Deco Gold Wing Streamliner

Last year, there were photos of a Henderson streamliner floating around the Interwebs and it looked impossibly cool. At least one motorcycle builder thought the same thing and figured he would build something along the same lines using a Honda as the underpinnings and the result is this 1983 Honda Gold Wing 1100 converted into […]