The Kneeslider garage gets new cabinets

The Kneeslider Garage Evolves - New cabinets installed, setup continues

Sub zero weather isn’t bad if you’re busy in the garage and for the past few weeks, I’ve been assembling and mounting new cabinets in the workshop, rearranging and sorting things and, in general trying to put everything in it’s proper place. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m making progress. I […]

2 Wheel Drive & Steering

Two Approaches to Radial engines

Time for New Knowledge New Skills and a New Course - Maybe some of you will want to follow along

You may have noticed, I’ve been writing a lot less, in fact, I haven’t written for quite some time. Perhaps you poked The Kneeslider link in your browser checking for signs of life and wondered, “Is there a pulse?” and gone away still unsure. Well, I’ve been wondering myself. A lot of factors have played a part in my absence from regular writing here, the changing economics of blogging is certainly one, but beyond that, it’s the dramatic change in technologies of all sorts, changes I find incredibly interesting, changes I want to have a hand in and learn a lot about. Motorcycles, up, … [Read More...]

Workshops and tools

Work under way in the workshop of Richard Pollock's Mule Motorcycles

Workshop Weather Returns So Start Planning Your Projects

It’s been getting steadily colder and, as winter approaches, many of us are seeing snow. With the turn of the seasons and shorter days, what better way to spend some time than in your workshop? So head out to the garage and fire up the heater. If your ride doesn’t need anything in particular, why […]


Do You Have the Right to Repair and Modify Your Own Vehicle? Should You?

Yes. Next question? — Unfortunately, there are those who don’t agree and in the past few days the discussion of whether you and I should be able to fix or modify things we own has been getting a lot more attention. Right now, cellphones are the issue, there’s quite a debate and some pending legislation […]

Home workshop

Interesting Times and Self Reliance in the New Normal Economy

It’s been an interesting week, and if you’ve been around here for a while you know that when I say interesting like this, I’m using the meaning inferred by the old Chinese curse of, “May you live in interesting times.” While my computer was sleeping I was rather involved and, while so occupied, it made […]