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Honda CB750 converted to CB1100 with kit from Whitehouse Motorcycles of Japan

Honda CB1100 Gets Retro CB750 Look with Conversion by Whitehouse

OK, this is pretty neat, a new Honda CB1100 modified to look like a CB750 using a conversion kit from Whitehouse of Japan. Whitehouse, you may remember, is the company that built the Dragon King custom from a Honda Valkyrie. They seem to have a knack for creating some pretty impressive customs and this CB1100 […]

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CycleCyte heads up display

Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Displays Will Go Mainstream

We’ve already had stories on The Kneeslider about one company or another developing a HUD (heads up display) for motorcycle helmets. Notices about new crowdfunding campaigns for these systems show up now and then, the latest one is for a helmet unit called CycleCyte. It is an app for your smartphone which projects the display […]

Drysdale 1000 V8 by Ian Drysdale of Australia

Ian Drysdale’s Spectacular Drysdale 1000 V8

Putting a V8 engine in a motorcycle is easy, just build a bike big enough, like a Boss Hoss, and you can wrap it around anything, though as one recent home build, the Simca V8 shows, with a bit more thought and finesse, the results are a lot more pleasing. On the other hand, Ian […]

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike is coming to the USA

GG Taurus BMW Powered Reverse Trike is Coming to the USA

You may recall an article we had about two and a half years ago that showed you the GG Taurus, a BMW powered reverse trike from Switzerland. It looked pretty nice, but it was a no show in the USA. Well, no longer. The GG Taurus will be officially unveiled in Miami on February 22nd. […]

Simca V8 cafe racer built by Malcolm Oastler

Homebuilt Simca V8 Powered Cafe Racer by Malcolm Oastler

When you’re an ex technical director for the BAR Formula One team and then a chief engineer for the Jaguar racing team plus designer of numerous race cars, what do you do when you retire? Well, if you’re Malcolm Oastler, you head back home to Australia and build a V8 powered cafe racer that looks […]

Norcroft Royal Enfield V-Twin

Norcroft Royal Enfield V-Twin Project Lives Again

In the very first year of The Kneeslider, way back in November of 2004, I wrote a short post about a V-Twin called the Norcroft. Like the Carberry and the the Musket, the Norcroft is based on a new bottom end designed to mount the top ends of a Royal Enfield single. Although it was […]