El Paso motorcycle thefts

First Orlando, Florida, now El Paso, Texas. Motorcycle thefts are on going big time. Now, notice any similarities here?


Motorcycle thefts this year are more than double of last year's total. This year, as of Nov. 20, there have been 87 motorcycle thefts -- 80 were sport motorcycles and 60 were stolen from apartment complexes, the Auto Theft Task Force reported. There were 40 motorcycles stolen in all of 2004.

The majority of the thefts took place in West and East El Paso, Officer Stephen Plummer of the task force said.


The missing Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and Triumph Daytona motorcycles were valued at $117,000. All but two were parked overnight outside apartment complexes

Let's see, lots of sportbikes stolen from apartment complexes. No one caught in Florida, now it's happening in Texas. Not that far away, Florida starts closing in, Hmm ... I wonder ...

Anyway, if you live around El Paso, lock that baby up! Secure it! Watch it!

El Paso Times