Dan Gurney Alligator Recumbent Motorcycle For Sale

Gurney Alligator recumbent motorcycle

Gurney Alligator recumbent motorcycleHere's something you don't see very often, a Dan Gurney Alligator recumbent motorcycle for sale. Powered by a 710cc Honda single making around 70 horsepower, these very limited production feet forward motorcycles were written up in all of the motorcycle magazines when they were first introduced. Lots of folks thought they would go over very well but maybe people just weren't ready for something this different.

It only weighs 320 pounds and accelerates quick enough to embarrass many sportbikes. Ride this and you'll attract lots of attention and obviously, if you ever had a problem finding a motorcycle with a low enough seat, look no further, this is it. I bet this is fun to ride. Very cool.

Link: listing no longer available


  1. henri says

    Weren’t they talking about fast lap times on this thing back when it was making the rounds of magazines and sites?

    wonder if that ever happened

  2. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    paint it red, stretch the forks and wrap them in fairings, and put a bunch of trendy stickers on it and youve got yourself the akira bike.

  3. jp says

    I think for the asking Buy It Now price, you could have a duplicate fabricated, with the same or better specs.

    It’s unique, definitely. I’d love to have something similar. BUT, for what they want I’d built my own, have more motor and better suspension, and still come in well under what they’re asking. That, and I’d have the only one :)

  4. says

    I know that recumbent bikes handle more predictably, get better traction, blah blah blah, but I can’t imagine riding a bike while being unable to see over ANY of the cars around me.

  5. Azzy says


    Wonder if I could get one with the handlebars just a tad further back.

    You know, one thing I never got about all the cruisers was the “crotch into the wind” riding position.

  6. says

    I have a hard time looking at these bikes and not cringing a little bit thinking about how much worse an accident would be. Sitting that low, there’s nowhere to go except into the tank. Its a neat concept but I’m pretty sure I don’t want one. Plus, as noted above, I like the ability to see over most cars.

  7. ROHORN says

    This configuration can’t be any good. It doesn’t position the rider for optimal automotive windshield penetration in the event of an accident the way those far more comfortable “face first” bikes do.

    My opinion: This represents more of the future than any of the CADtoons posted lately.

    I’ve been told that lap times are held up by the inability to get any weight transfer onto the rear wheel while accelerating out of a corner. That can be fixed – but it requires new thinking – something motorcyclists aren’t generally known for.

  8. bulldogg says

    I’ always thought it looks kind of like a chopper in sportbike clothing. Seat is not really much lower than most modern choppers.