First Customer Musket V-Twin Build Getting Started

Royal Enfield 500ES waiting for conversion to be the first Musket V-Twin

The first customer Musket V-Twin build is about to begin. Aniket has an almost new Royal Enfield 500ES from a collector and builder in Massachusetts who is having his bike converted. Though Aniket has been working on the Musket project for years, (the first time we saw it was in April of 2009) and knows […]

Suzuki VX800 Gets a Snowmobile Power Transplant

Brent Soper's Suzuki VX800 with 900cc snowmobile power

Every now and then, someone starts thinking a motorcycle and a snowmobile should get together, you know, big 2 stroke power stuffed into a motorcycle frame, just because it’s the right thing to do. Of course, if you’re a fabricator and machinist by trade, you can do a lot more than think about it, you […]