Buell 1125R Full Fairing Kit

Buell 1125R full fairing kit

Buell 1125R full fairing kitWhen the Buell 1125R first appeared, some folks took issue with its appearance and thought the upper fairing and large side scoops could have been done a little differently. Well it looks like at least one aftermarket company is doing something about it. Adrenalin-Moto, over in the U.K., have a Buell 1125R full fairing kit to smooth the appearance a bit and hide the side scoops so they don't look quite so large. It bolts right up to the stock fairing brackets so all you have to do is paint and install. The headlights shown do not come with the kit, so you'll have to pick those up on your own.

It's not a bad looking kit and if you don't like the look of a stock 1125R, this might be the answer, but, it's amazing, when you take a motorcycle that looks as unique as a Buell and cover it up with a full fairing it almost begins to look like every other bike out there.

Thanks for the tip, Pete!

Link: Adrenalin Moto
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  1. says

    This is an improvement. I’ve always liked the Buell Firebolt look.

    Kneeslider – you’re right about the full fairing. Most fully-faired bikes are difficult to stand out over time. Aluminum frames seem to compound this “grouping”….i.e. The 900ss Ducatis, with glimpses of the steel trellis tubing showing above the fairing lines, still look great after all these years.

    Adrenalin-Moto’s website hasn’t been updated with the new part. I was looking to see if they had a half fairing with the Firebolt top.

  2. chappy says

    This is how the Buell should come from the factory.

    While I do agree that a lot of full fairing bikes look similar I think this looks so much better than those side pods that look like someone decided to tack on at the last minute.

    I like the smooth quality to the fairing which helps distinquish it from the new in voque chopped up styling the Japanese are into. I bet with the stock headlights it looks very Ducati-ish though. Now just get rid of what may be the ugliest exhaust ever concieved (it actually bothers me more than the sidepods) and you would have a nice looking bike.

  3. says

    Paul – when you say the headlights don’t come with the kit, does this mean you just have to purchase them from Buell and insert them in the fairing when ready?
    I’m assuming the fairing is made to accept the Firebolt headlamps with no mods done to the kit, right?

  4. kneeslider says

    From their website:

    “This kit is supplied in top quality unpainted fibreglass and includes all fittings and windscreen. It does not include XB12R headlights and these have to be sourced by the buyer.”

    Your assumption seems correct but they would be the best source for confirmation.

  5. nicolas says

    I support Paul in his statement, the Buell bikes look as unique because they don’t have this useless and expensive “fairing”.
    It’s much better without fairing, and these crappy pieces of plastic cost the skin of the average rider back when craked or broken … no thanks, keep it naked !

  6. hoyt says

    I like naked bikes too, but have you guys seen the new Buell in person? I wouldn’t exactly call it naked with the pods and the enormous stock fairing.

  7. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    This to me says “Wow i like that buell, but it doesnt look enough like my neighbors R1”


  8. motoxyogi says

    I don’t know bout you guys but have you seen the 1125r without it’s fairing?!? It’s just waiting for someone to make a streetfighter outta it. That huge frame just looks like an impregnable fortress( though i’d say a crash would need a whole knew frame). Eric you know what to do.

  9. taxman says

    i thought one of the improvements on the 1125r was the use of better headlights. the headlights on the XB9R and XB12R were pretty poor. the full fairing kit looks nice and gives people an option if they don’t like the naked/partial naked look. but it would be even nicer if you could keep the 1125R headlights.

  10. Joe aka B.Buell says

    I own the 1125R and I am looking for the full faring kit but it really doesent NEED it. But I do like the new headlight setup is it posable to keep that but still install the side farings ?

  11. says

    I went to a Buell dealer to see the new 1125R, and rode out on a new ’08 XB12R. The 1125R is, without a doubt, the ugliest motorcycle I have ever seen! If the 1125R in the showroom had the full fairing as seen in the photos, I might not have been as nauseated. I’ll agree that the performance of the new Buell is the best ever, but pride of ownership is too important for me. If I can’t be proud of my own bike- which includes looks, I won’t own it.

  12. rodrigo says

    As for the exhaust, I don’t care for it, but I know once I buy it I’m going to have a race exhaust put on immediately. But I agree, I just wish the 1125r came as a streetfighter. I love the looks of those street fighters and I want to be on a buell instead of a bike that looks like everyone elses but I also don’t want everyone who sees me coming to think “ET” is giving me a piggy back ride. So, in short, I’d like to be able to just use that firebolt upper fairing, see how it looks with those scoops, see if anything needs to be done about that, then call it a done deal.

  13. Michael Longoria says

    Hey guys, I just bought fairing kit and having it installed at Laredo Harley-Davidson/ Buell. Kit does come with the 1125 race front fairing and looks swweeeettt!!! You just have to cut out the headlights to fit. Contact person in Laredo is Isreal or Beto. They told me the fairing is already installed, new D&D exhaust installed, the Twin-tuner, and K&N filter. If I get pics, will try and post. Michael

  14. Jesse says

    The information I got from Adrenalin-Moto is that this fairing kit has been discontinued, as the fella making them is not working at the German Buell dealership anymore. I would still be interested in buying a set off anyone who had one though…