Allen Millyard’s Incredible SS100 V-Twin - Little engines don't sound like that

Allen Millyard's absolutely incredible SS100 V-Twin

Allen Millyard's absolutely incredible SS100 V-Twin

Millyard wins the biggest wow factor prize at Salon Prive for his SS100

Millyard wins the biggest wow factor prize at Salon Prive for his SS100

After starting on an article about the 5000cc Flying Millyard, which I will get back to, I came across a couple of videos of Allen Millyard's Honda based SS100 V-Twin and couldn't stop grinning. Have any of you seen and heard this engine and the bike it's gone into? I like big engines as much as anyone, but the SS100, built from two 50cc Hondas, is incredible. Listen to this! It's 100ccs!

Clive mentioned this bike won the "biggest wow factor" at Salon Prive in a comment on a previous article about Millyard's 5 liter V-Twin and I made a mental note to look it up, but never did. My mistake. It's like seeing a Smart Car and paying no attention to it, but hearing it fire up, you start wondering where they put the small block Chevy.

If you want to get riders interested in smaller bikes, start building engines like this. Wow.

Here's the engine the first time he fired it up:

Here's the bike on the road:


    • biggyfries says

      Wouldn’t it be great if he made the bike look like a scaled down Vincent? The bike he made looks like a production ’70’s Honda.
      What a great sound!

      • Boo says

        It wouldn’t be half as good if it was made to look like anything else. It’s a Honda so it looks like a Honda. That’s the whole point.
        Besides which, the engine looks nothing like a Vincent engine in any way other than both being V-twins.

    • Paul Crowe says

      Yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like in the ride video. I love this thing. I’ll bet it turns a lot of heads when he rides by and people wonder where that sound is coming from.

  1. LostBoy says

    Paul, is there any more info on this? I’d like to know the specs on the crank if possible. How is the power output?

  2. B*A*M*F says

    That is so slick, and what a sound! There are plenty of bigger bikes that don’t even come close to sounding that good.

    This would make a C70 Passport much more fun. I’d take mine with a transparent leg shield, please.

  3. mark says

    Amazing,when I first looked at the picture I was so caught up in nostalgia as the ss50 was my first road bike at 16 (1980).I was simply admiring the bike and didn`t even notice the other cylinder!!Then started to read article and then looked again WOW! It so natural and neat fitting,the sound is awesome a bit like my brothers old Darmah 900 with Contis! Aermachis sound awesome with a 350 single what about a 700 twin!!! Great work.

  4. Sportster Mike says

    THIS bike is as good as the Flying Millard V twin which I saw on Poole Quays Bike Night here on the south coast of England a couple of weeks ago – couldn’t get near it as people were blocking the road to view it, he kicked it over quite easily too….

    His 5 and 7 cylinder Kawasakis are sick also….

    If I knew how to attach a pic to this comment I would..

  5. Cameron says

    If Honda sold that with a price tag between a Grom and a CRF250L with disc brakes I’d buy one.

  6. says

    I once built a twin carb S-90 but never thought about a “V” twin. Great job, and nice looks. Love any little bike with reverse cone megs. “T” cup racers should make a come back, I would like to see a CR-110 (Honda twin cam 50) class again. How green would that be?