Twin Pulsejet Motorcycle for Sale

Twin Pulsejet motorcycle built by Robert Maddox

Twin Pulsejet motorcycle built by Robert Maddox

Remember when we first wrote about this twin pulsejet motorcycle built by Robert Maddox? Well, guess what just turned up on eBay?

It was built for a customer who wanted to take a shot at 200 mph. Maybe riding this at speed didn't turn out to be such a great idea after all or maybe he already tried and decided once was enough, the seller doesn't say.

In any case, if you want a pretty spiffy exhibition bike for your local bike night or drag strip, this should bring in a nice crowd.

Link: Twin Pulsejet Motorcycle for sale

Twin Pulsejet motorcycle built by Robert Maddox

Twin Pulsejet motorcycle built by Robert Maddox


  1. Decline says

    Exhibition bike? Looks like a daily rider if you ask me.
    Please, someone become a hero and daily ride this.

  2. Paulinator says

    I think they man has an awesome cottage business, but the technical lineage is a little creepy. VW should work the whole retro angle and put these on a micro-car. (They build buzz-bombs for Hitler).

    • GenWaylaid says

      Also, contains no post-1945 technology. That makes it more H-D than anything currently made in Milwaukee.

      Slap a “Loud Pipes Save Lives” sticker on this thing and win Irony of the Year.

  3. OMMAG says

    Well the idea of a jet powered bike is cool …. and the idea that someone could actually ride THIS one is kind of of cool.
    Now putting the idea of this particular gizmo going 200 mph …. that’s just comical …. right out of a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

    Check the labelling on on this thing for an ACME sticker.

  4. madass140 says

    If I were to fit an early gas (carbide) headlight would I be able to register this for road use in California?

  5. John S says

    The Harley-Davidson has to go. I like the idea of a custom paint job of the Roadrunner; Wile E. Coyote, Genius; and the ACME logo.

  6. Hawk says

    At 25 Large he isn’t exactly giving it away. Sounds like something Jay Leno would send his scouts out for though.

    As Bandit399 said …. “If I were a rich man …”

  7. charlie says

    Parachute this in with the smokejumpers and they could ride around all day lighting backfires.

  8. B50 Jim says

    I’m still not sure why Harley-Davidson allows them to slap its name on the tank. Unless H-D provided some cash to the effort as a promotion, it’s a blatant trademark infringement. I can’t imagine the Motor Company would want to be associated with something like this. Don’t get me wrong — I love the concept of a pulse-jet-powered bike, but it’s hardly consistent with Harley’s business model.

    I don’t think I’d run this machine anywhere near my mom; as much as she loves motorcycles, as a girl growing up in London during the Blitz, she heard enough pulse jets for a lifetime.

    • HoughMade says

      What makes you think they asked for permission….or Harley cares about a one off? It’s not like it’s in production. The shape of the frame was “inspired” by an ’20s Harley board tracker…that’s the tenuous connection. It may not be technically “legal”, but it really is no big deal in the end. I don’t think there’s much danger that anyone will think this is or was a production model. Maybe Harley does not so much mind that someone would choose its name for such a cool, though impractical device.

      • akaacount says

        I saw a big fat guy with a HD logo tattooed on top of his head (in the bald spot) weazing, pushing a shopping cart full of jumbo fritos bags around Sam’s club this weekend. They don’t seem to mind that kind of thing either.

  9. Scotduke says

    Great for Bonneville – not sure anyone has a record for a pulse jet powered motorcycle there – now here’s how you can try. A Bonneville speed record would have credibility with anyone’s biking buddies.

  10. Scotduke says

    I forgot to add, it’s also a good answer to tailgaters. Anyone drives to close, and they’ll get set on fire.
    Noisy, impractical, fuel guzzling and probably dangerous – what’s not to like?

  11. B50 Jim says

    Dunno if the pulse jets would survive long enough for a 2-way run at Bonneville; even with high-strength, high-temp materials the vanes take a terrible pounding. But give it a try — add a small fairing so the 200-mph wind blast won’t blow the rider off the back, and let ‘er rip!