Triumph Rocket 3 Stellan Edition

Trimuph Rocket 3 Stellan Edition

Trimuph Rocket 3 Stellan Edition

Triumph Rocket 3 Stellan EditionWhile digging around looking for information on the Harrier, I noticed this bike, the Triumph Rocket 3 Stellan Edition. It seems Stellan Egeland was commissioned to build a series of 5 custom bikes for Triumph, only for Scandinavia, that will be sold directly from Triumph dealers. If customers in Sweden want a custom from Egeland, all they have to do is walk in and order one from their dealer. Some owners might like something built by a big name builder but it's more dream than reality, now at least 5 customers can have one.

These photos are all of the details I found, no price or features, but the big bike doesn't look bad with the cafe style seating and Vance and Hines pipe, though I wouldn't exactly call this a cafe racer, maybe as Stellan says, it's a cafe racer on steroids. Cool.

Link: MC24


  1. Phoebe says

    Is it just me, or are cafe racer/cruiser combos popping up quite a bit lately?

    Not exactly the kind of bike I’d ride, but I do like it. =)

  2. Steve says

    Wow! That is kind of the Ultimate Speed Triple! 2300 cc has to be good for something, like ripping asphalt up in large chunks. That is quite a beast.

    Triples are wonderful engines. Pity few others are around. From my view as a street rider (non-racer), the triple offers a perfect balance between useful torque and enough hp to do whatever is necessary. Oh, and the (s)miles per gallon is great, too.

  3. Another Steve says

    I wonder what it weighs? and how it handles? I agree, it’s a beast. But I would love to try it.

  4. Walt says

    Overall I like the style, though a minimal front fender would be nice. Somehow the pipes look too skinny — shouldn’t they be, say, engine-turned 3″ stainless tubing, like what you’d find on a souped up turbo diesel pickup? And hey, where IS the turbo — and the NOX bottle?

  5. Tin Man 2 says

    Wow that builder has vision, Maxi Cafe !! Ive got a friend who did something simular to a new Valkrie a few years back, loved that one also. I really like the direction the cutting edge builders are going, Much better than Beach Ball tired Choppers.

  6. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    Awesome! Who says a large engine bike has to have comedic features like 4″ pipes and saddlebags? The dual headlight thing isnt my favorite, but triumph seems to love them.

    As far as weight and handling? Eh… Its a muscle bike. And its 1,000,000x prettier than the vmax ever was.

    I wonder how the inline 3 stacks up against the v4.

  7. says

    I’m with nicodanger13 – I never thought that I’d describe a Rocket 3 as good lookin! That motor is hard to make look good…would look better across the frame…

  8. says

    Sorry Paul, we haven’t got much more than the pictures to go by ourselves. It looks like Triumph Scandinavia never imagined anyone would want to actually know something about it :)
    I’ll let you know when we’ve got more.

    The second “airplane” Rocket III pictured on our site is one of five paintkits Triumph will make available as an option, btw.

  9. 64chevyman says

    That looks completely transformed. What is Hinkley thinking, build it at once. That bike is a motor with wheels pure HP and mostly torque! It looks like what it is a beautiful, powerful machine that could likely tow a house. Too much unusable torque but hey this is America right we drive pickups for going to the store for a gallon of milk!

  10. justpete says

    That thing looks like a brusier! I dont much care for the exhaust thought, but that looks like it could be an easy fix. But its the builders choice.

  11. Mayakovski says

    Love that signature under the air filters. Looks like it says “Elton Edition”, yup, just what Elton John would ride.

  12. Narflar says

    “The second “airplane” Rocket III pictured on our site is one of five paintkits Triumph will make available as an option, btw.”

    Any more info on those paintkits?

  13. carlo says

    looks fantastic would love one but living in australia things just dont make it down hear would love to buy the extractors/header pipes for my oune rocket three if they avalibule and if so from where and how mutch thanks

  14. Zofunny says

    I own an 05 Rocket that I love and if this were a kit or parts available or a builder could copy it for me I’d be on it in a minute. The ultimate big guy cafe bike. I love it and that big triple engine is nothing but torque and fun, believe me