Triazuma by Ludovic Lazareth

Triazuma by Ludovic Lazareth

Ludovic Lazareth made a logical move with the Triazuma, a design based on his Quadrazuma. In the U.S., quads are not street legal but three wheelers are because they're considered motorcycles. Lazareth built this three wheeler with homologation in mind for France and the United Arab Emirates, as far as I can tell. How about the U.S.? To me, this looks extremely cool. Based on the number of companies trying to develop a vehicle in this market, sooner or later we'll see something like this on the road. If the Triazuma is the one to make it, I would be scrambling for a test ride. The GG-Quad, another 4 wheeler they are trying to make street legal here would be ahead of the game if they did the same thing and dropped one of the rear wheels.

The Triazuma is powered by a Yamaha R1 engine and runs on 17 inch wheels all around and did I mention it looks great? I love this thing.

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Triazuma by Ludovic Lazareth

Triazuma by Ludovic Lazareth


  1. says

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart (head?) for 3wheelers. Usually the side-by-side car type, though. But I must admit the motorcycle-style 3wheelers (being the “new” thing at the moment) are growing on me.

    (I’d still be willing to trade my sister or my brother-in-law (your choice) for a GX3. C’mon VW, do it do it do it.)

  2. says

    I think one of them is flipped around, in the top pic you can see a brake disc on the other side and it’s not visible in the bottom one. That would make a fun option, though…”Would you like he rear brake or the second drive chain, sir?”

  3. NZrider says

    Great, but GG Quad or Lazareth are still artisan companies that propose extreme solutions, how about SAV…

    I to have been waiting for the right 3 wheeler for me. VW I thought was going to be the one…but since they killed it the most serious & real company now on track for it is Bombardier with their Can-Am 3 wheeler bike.

    I can’t wait for the launch, it seems serious they have developped a teaser site @ and they are the one that launched the seat down personal watercraft….

    More info also on

  4. Jeff says

    They just took the sticker off and reversed a pic of the bike. Look at the brake fluid reservoir on the handlebars. It’s on the far side in both pics. Tricksy little hobbits they are.

  5. Bo Nielsen says

    I would prefer two-wheelers any time. Still if you have had an accident leaving you with no option but to ride what indeed looks like a very expensive lawn-mover it looks fine. Otherwise forget it.

  6. Greg Gassner says

    I just saw the ” Lazareth” for the first time in the movie Babalon AD, starring Vin Diesel. I had been think of a similar idea for years using an old VW bug platform.