Tailgunner rotary cannon exhaust

Tailgunner rotary cannon exhaustFeeling like the Terminator? This is you. The Tailgunner rotary cannon exhaust, a spinning replica of a minigun pointing back at whoever might be gaining on you. This isn't an exhaust for girlie men, this let's 'em all know that you'll be back. Let that car behind you stare up the barrels of your 50s, heck, come to think of it, put these on your car, too, and your truck, maybe your scooter, get the respect you deserve.

Thanks, Jeff, for the tip!



  1. hoyt says

    speaking of the “terminator”…

    Governor “Girlie-man” was involved in a motorcycle accident while riding his sidecar rig (his son was in the sidecar). From the report I read a car backed out into his path. The Gov. doesn’t have a motorcycle license.

    I know in the state of PA, a motorcyclist with a permit cannot ride at night or carry a passenger. Not sure if this applies in CA or if it applies to sidecar rigs, but I have to agree with “Two Wheel Tuesday’s” point, this isn’t setting a good example.

  2. kneeslider says

    That story has been covered a lot and I agree, he should have been licensed to ride motorcycles. As I said a ways back, lots of folks just never seem to get around to applying for a motorcycle license and dealers often don’t ask when they see the money. Of course, the other part of this story was that the car backed out into his path, the old “I never saw him” response when the car is at fault followed by statements about how dangerous motorcycles are. But, all things considered, the Governator should have been properly licensed.

  3. aaron says

    how old is this product? I thought of doing this 2 or 3 years back when i first saw american chopper… decided i wouldn’t be able to sell many, and that (made to my concept) it would be a little expensive to make in small quantities. that, and i couldn’t see myself driving a “theme bike”, so without commercial incentives, i wouldn’t attach this to anything i’d be likely to ride in public.

  4. todd says

    I don’t know if the tailgunner would have sufficed for a license for the governator. In california you don’t need a motorcycle license if your motorcycle has more than two wheels. He was riding perfectly legal. On that note, it would probably be illegal for him to mount the tailgunner exhaust to his bike – or car for that matter – since it is illegal to modify your vehicle’s exhaust system.

    I have to come up with an idea for spinning accessories on cars. I think there’s a lot of money in it…

  5. says

    I am the tail gunner to chapter 5103 of the star touring and riding. I dont know if you have ever been or seen a tail gunner before, but it is nice to have a intimidating factor towards any one who likes to ride or grind a group of riders! It is in the tailgunners duty to protect the group. I would sport these pipes. It is a big factor that you have to oil them every ten hours though, what if it rains what then!!

  6. william torres says

    hola soy de colombia quiciera saver los precios de sus pipetas para motos y carrosy sus diferentes modelos gracias