Suzuki Custom Boulevard M109R Cruiser

Suzuki custom Boulevard M109R

Suzuki custom Boulevard M109RSuzuki took their M109R power cruiser, turned it over to the folks at Cobra Engineering and came up with a bike that's leaner, lighter and even more performance oriented than the cruiser they started with. The M109R is a cruiser built to highlight the engine but at 700 pounds, it's a bit on the heavy side. This custom has the appearance of a bike taken down to fighting weight while retaining the muscle of the engine. Nice.

Customs like this offer owners a chance to see what they can do to their own bike and they add to the bike's value in the secondary market since potential buyers can see other possibilities beyond the bike as it sits. It's a win-win.

Suzuki press release and more photos below:

New York (Jan. 19, 2007) – American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC), in partnership with Cobra Engineering, today unveiled a fully customized Boulevard M109R power cruiser at the New York International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The bike will be on display at the Suzuki booth (Booth S) through January 21.

Suzuki’s flagship Boulevard M109R – the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced – has been transformed into a heavily modified hot rod-style cruiser, representing the company’s strong racing heritage. The Cobra Special Projects Division, led by renowned builder Denny Berg, utilized elements of Suzuki’s championship-winning GSX-R sportbike line, including a GSX-R 20th anniversary blue and white paint scheme, GSX-R1000 foot pegs, and sportbike-style tail section, seat and handlebar risers.

The custom M109R also features a more exposed frame, showing off the 1783cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin powerplant with dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and seamless Suzuki electronic fuel injection. The M109R’s stock engine has been designed to produce massive waves of torque from just off idle all the way to redline. And, the chassis comfortably handles all the power and torque of the massive V-twin, while also delivering agile handling and a comfortable riding position.

“We’re thrilled to work with the Cobra Special Projects Division on this awe-inspiring custom design,” said Glenn Hansen, communications manager, ASMC. “We know that cruiser riders want ‘true’ high performance bikes and custom accessories to fit their individual styles and needs. With an array of Cobra accessories combined with the M109R’s already powerful engine design, this customized cruiser delivers on all levels.”

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Suzuki custom Boulevard M109R

Suzuki custom Boulevard M109R


  1. chris says

    ahem, take that Harley Davidson CVO. how nice would it be to roll up on a GSXR on one of these?!?! or even a ‘Busa??? sure they’d take you on a long enough road, but you’d own ’em for at least the first half mile. sweet!

  2. mark says

    It looks odd to me that the rear wheel is so much larger than the front. And the rear cylinder’s exhaust pipe looks like it’s positioned a bit dangerously…

  3. Steve says

    Pretty clean, a good deal more so than the stocker.
    Looks like the front fender is on backwards to me…

  4. todd says

    Very funny Chris. To think that this bike could get anywhere near a GSXR or a Busa is rediculous on any stretch or length of road. It would be a laugh seeing someone try.
    This custom is a nice direction. It’s good to see that Harley doesn’t own the aftermarket segment any more. This bike looks like an all American street fighter to me. -but still not to my taste-

  5. Fred Gaehring says

    I LIKE IT ! I have seen these bikes not the limited but the 109 around and they are nice looking clean but I have an Intruder 1500 so maybe I like suzuki I also had a CBR 954 RR until some idiot decided to make a left in front of it,no insurance no licence what a shock.This thing looks fast just sitting there havent had a chance to ride one maybe Ill demo one in daytona after the Boss hoss now that thing is a blast to ride.