Star Wars Replica Motorcycle Suits

Imperial Storm Trooper motorcycle suit

Imperial Storm Trooper motorcycle suit

Following on the heels of their Batman motorcycle suit, UD Replicas has introduced a series of Star Wars replica Empire motorcycle jackets and complete storm trooper motorcycle suits. Whether the force is with you or you ride on the dark side, you can find the appropriate gear.

When you drive a car you can hide inside. With custom paint, an exotic design and dark windows, no one sees you, their attention is drawn to and focused on the car, but motorcycles in motion, no matter how dramatic their appearance, focus a lot of attention on the rider. It's inevitable. If you're one of those shy and retiring types, a motorcycle presents you with a problem, you're on display whenever you ride, so why not embrace it?

Universal Design Ltd. is licensed by the movie studio to create these replica leather jackets and they try to make them look as close to the movie original as possible. Even when the movie version has what looks like all sorts of hard parts, UD Replicas forms the leather to look like the original piece.

Besides the Star Wars series and the Batman suit, they also have Tron replicas, X-Men replicas, and an upcoming Captain America suit.

The jackets look like a quality product and probably perform very well doing everything a motorcycle jacket should with CE approved armor and removable liners, but you're going to need the right person to wear one. The Empire Racing Jacket looks OK, but it takes a certain personality type to ride off looking like an Imperial Storm Trooper and even then, there's probably an upper age limit before even that person will set it aside.

I think if I were going to wear a movie replica jacket, I might go for the one worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but even that is a bit flashy for me. Star Wars, Tron, Batman or Captain America, if that's the real you, now you can show the world whenever you ride.

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  1. sundrop says

    I saw a guy on the road who was wearing what looked like a licensed “Pirates of the Caribbean” costume. Well, actually, there was a whole group of them. Their bikes were really loud and shiny.

  2. Carolynne says

    This is why I love this site. Fantastic! I personally like the Batman theme, maybe I can be Catwoman. At 1200 bucks though thats pretty steep

  3. says

    I sometimes wonder if this is any stranger than those Power Ranger suits that seem to be standard sportbike wear.
    Or, as mentioned above, the pirate outfits seen on cruiser riders.

    At this point, the rebellious “Brando jacket” seems tame in comparison.

  4. GuitarSlinger says

    Honestly I’d be having an Eddie Murphy ” Beverly Hills Cop ” moment if I saw someone stepping off a M/C in one of these .

  5. dannyb278 says

    I would totally wear this, but only if i was riding a proper starwars “Speeder” on Tattoine. Take that you filthy Ewoks!

  6. Thoughtless says


    Here in Florida there is Statute 876.12 ” Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public way” Other states have similar obscure laws that LEO’s can randomly enforce like the prohibition on ape hanger bars higher than shoulders when seated. Recently a local badboy/clown/redneck was arrested under the statute for wearing a halloween mask while driving a drop-top ‘stang and scared the bjhaysuz out of a soccer mom when she looked over at a stop light. 911 and it turned out not so funny!

    Cool suit, though, and the face might be an improvement on my noggin.

  7. B50 Jim says

    Hawk, I see what you mean. The codpiece is a bit much.

    But, really, can you imagine 25 riders in this getup, riding new Triumph Bonnevilles? How cool would that be?

    • Carolynne says

      B50 Jim: I thought the codpiece was the best part.

      Thoughtless, do you think there would be an argument that this would be a helmet and not a mask? Does the law specifically state what a helmet is supposed to look like? They can’t outlaw helmets can they?

      Imagine walking in to work after your morning commute with that on, even just the thought cracks me up.

      • Thoughtless says

        Next door neighbor is a local deputy. Not an assistant DA or such, but his take is that the face mask cannot disguise or obscure the facial features. Much as the window tint laws (sorry Paul Crowe, in Florida you can not hide behind dark tint), the initial probable cause stop would be at the LEO’s discretion of intent or result of the wearing. I’ve heard a story from a sport bike rider that he was pulled over for having too dark tint on his face shield, and the officer used that premise as primary stop and then proceeded to do everything just short of a cavity search. It’s obviously intended primarily as an adjunct to preventing armed robberies and such and to give the LEO a defensible reason to pull someone over when no other cause can be found.

        If you Google that statute you’ll see that it is broadly enough worded so as to deliberately cover just about anything. Sort of like the definition of a weapon, which includes just about anything down to a toothpick.

        And with a 7 year-old getting arrested last week for calling a teacher “cute” (sexual harassment) it isn’t out of the question to expect a less than amused reaction from a county mountie having a bad day!! There is a saying “if it was intended to be fun, it’s probably illegal in some way”!

        Now about that codpiece…I notice what looks like a joint across the lower portion…does it come sizes? Hehe.

    • tim says

      I looked at it, and thought “Hmmmm that codpiece might be a bit small” if you see where I’m going with that…

  8. Bryan S. says

    So its a catchall statute use to deny people of their rights, and being on a motorcycle gives a gray area when it comes down to needing a warrant for a search because we cant close and lock the bike like we can a car.

    • Thoughtless says

      And if you think that’s sad…

      Florida is a helmet optional state providing you carry a minimum $10,000 bodily injury policy that specifically covers a motorcycle accident or is a “non-scheduled major medical” policy. But if you opt to wear a helmet, or anything that resembles a helmet, it must be DOT certified or you can get a ticket (complete with vehicle search) if it’s not DOT approved. So rat-bikers wearing a surplus military helmet, or replicas thereof, or an NFL fan wearing a Tampa Bucs helmet, can be ticketed easier than if they wore nothing at all. That lesson was learned this past Biketoberfest by my riding companion. Go figure!

      Now about that codpiece size, anything in a extra small? No, no, it’s for a gift, really!

  9. B50 Jim says

    Carolynne —
    Hmmm… different observations on the codpiece from completely different directions from different sexes. The guys are concerned with how they fill it out, and the gals are more interested in what’s inside. As the French say, Vive la Difference!

    As for a helmet masking a rider’s features; that takes in every full-face helmet made. All that’s visible are the eyes, and usually a rider is wearing shades in there anyway. But I understand how an officer can be in a bad mood after dealing with a wealthy twit in a Mercedes who told the cop where to stick the ticket. Fortunately that doesn’t happen very often. When my B50 swallowed part of its carburetor and seized, a female officer was very helpful, calling a tow for me and sticking around until the truck came. She rides a Harley and was fascinated by my old English iron. Most police officers are very helpful to riders, and many of them also ride.

  10. Yeti2bikes says

    Like everything else, they don’t cater to yeti sized individuals. You’d figure that since it’s all custom made stuff you could get a pair of boots in a size 15.

  11. Slacker says

    FWIW, all you folks talking about wearing masks when you ride, it looks like they don’t actually sell the helmet.

    • Carolynne says

      Hmmm, it seems you are correct. I guess that highlights the whole saying about assuming things . In spite of all the pics with the model with the helmet on and off, they dont appear to sell the helmet. Without the helmut though it loses a lot of its humour value.

  12. B50 Jim says

    Without the helmet it’s just weird white leathers. You’d have to paint a full-face helmet to resemble a Storm Trooper helmet, and that would be second best. Or fabricate the Storm Trooper features from fiberglas and plastic tube, and apply them to an existing helmet? But that might attract attention from the law.

    It’s amazing how anything from Star Wars strikes a chord among so many of us. The first film was 34 years ago and the dream lives on. That’s a good thing.

    • Carolynne says

      I was in love with Mark Hamill, I think I went every showing that it was on in our little home town. I was sure I was going to marry him one day. Good thing it didnt work out, my husband is so much better looking, and I am not sure Mark Hamill could fix my car an essential trait for a husband. :)

      • Hawk says

        OMG …. You mean the codpiece size doesn’t mean anything? I get lots of e-mails saying otherwise …

        Carolynne, I’m shattered …..

        • Carolynne says

          Don’t worry Hawk, I am sure you have so much more to offer than a codpiece.
          Oddly I have gotten those emails too,

  13. B50 Jim says

    Sounds like your husband’s a keeper. A little romance helps, but the ability to fix things in the garage and around the house seals the deal. I have a couple of women coworkers whose husbands don’t know a hammer from a screwdriver, and they’re always complaining about waiting for mechanics or contractors, when the job was an easy repair, implying their husbands are no help. Life is so much easier when you can fix things. But this year my wife had to get a new car — her 1980 Dasher finally rusted to an unsafe condition. I could keep that old diesel running, but can’t do much with her new Jetta. Good thing our house is 84 years old and has lots of things I can (and have to) fix! She doesn’t ride, but if she did I’d make sure she had an old English bike — sort of job security.

  14. Travis says

    umm wouldn’t a helmet violate that law? from what i understand the “mask” is actually a helmet that is designed to look like something.

      • Thoughtless says

        Look, I’m not a cop or an attorney, I simply gave people a heads up on an obscure law that is on the books in several states and an example of how it has been used. Foes it apply to a helmet…I dunnu, do you wear it backwards with eyeholes punched out. When I wear my helmet my face, except for my forehead and chin, is not obscured. Interesting that Slacker commented that it doesn’t appear that they do NOTsell the helmet. Checking their website, at the bottom of the page they list the boots, gloves, body and helmet.

        So, why don’t YOU send THEM an email and ask if the reason the helmet isn’t listed is because of their knowledge of these laws?? Or maybe because any helmet with that many erratic profile lines could never be DOT/Snell approved?

        Let’s us know, Okay?

        In the meantime, Google the statute I quoted and/or your own State’s statutes and figure it out. Or wear your helmet up to a cop with the visor down and yell “Boo”…nothing like first hand experience to convince yourself.

        • Thoughtless says

          Owww, I concur with Dead_Elvis below! I didn’t proof before that submit button, and it’s sloppy. Besides, I have a better and more appropriate task for you to perform. Instead of wearing a conventional helmet and face shield (properly, facing forward) why not gather a few donations from other curious friends or commentators here and purchase just the face mask, or a reasonable copy thereof. Now, put on your helmet and the Star Wars mask and just stand in front of a cop. Don’t yell, don’t wave your hands, and for Gawd’s sake don’t say “down with the rebellion”. Can’t wait to hear about the cops reaction! Any bet he’s going to ask you to remove the mask? Oh, go ahead, be a real Storm Trooper and tell him “no”. Hehehe.

          And here’s a thought…maybe the law isn’t enforced against helmets because they are a recognized safety device WHILE riding a motorcycle, but wearing one in a car (or bank lobby) is a tad different. Whaddayathink?

          • Carolynne says

            I googled it, looks like you gotta watch your back in Florida. It said it is an anti kkk legislation, and applies to pretty much all public space not just on a bike. Last time I was down in the states I met one of your fine troopers. Not people you play around with
            B50 Jim your wife gets romance and repairs! I am jealous she is a lucky lady.

  15. dead_elvis says

    Do Star Wars geeks ride? I have a hard time imagining the basement dwellers who might want one of these would have a tough time convincing mommy to pony up the cash.

    • Jimifrog says

      funny you should mention Star Wars geeks and riding… I have a 2006 HD Night Train that I ride daily and I am a Star Wars geek (movies, mmo, but no cosplay) and I would love to have either the camo speeder outfit or either of the Fett’s outfits as my riding gear. I am sure that I would be pulled over by my favorite County Mounties and State Troopers here in Delaware (helmet optional state by the way) but as far as I know we don’t have any laws on how a helmet looks as long as the rider has clear field of vision. So yes we Star Wars geeks do ride and not all of us live in the basement.

  16. Wonko the Sane says

    There doesn’t seem to be any provision for ventilation.

    As to the codpiece, Aerostich raves (for someone from Duluth, that is) about their Arborwear gusseted jeans, and how much more comfortable they are. If the codpiece isn’t just stuck on the outside, it could serve the same purpose as Aerostich’s gusset; and the jeans will only protect like, well…jeans.

    Just in case someone here is looking for a practical excuse…sorry, reason to buy this stuff.

    • Thoughtless says

      The ventilation will be in your wallet. Or rather, in the wallet of the person with far too much discretionary income to sweat over the cost. I didn’t get invited to that party, either.

  17. Scotduke says

    …and all you need is a decommissioned Stirling SMG to sling over your back or slot into a holster on your bike. When is the workling speeder bike going to become available and how much will it cost? That’s what I want to know.