S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary Build-off Bikes

Hot Dock Custom Cycles S&S Cycles Build Off Champion

The S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary Build-off is over and the overall winner was Hot Dock Custom Cycles. We gave you a look at the Ace Cafe entry a couple of weeks ago but S&S had quite a lineup of bikes built with their different engines. The bike shown above is the winner from Hot Dock.

The winners for each of the engine types are:

Krugger Motorcycles

Cook Customs

Odyssey Motorcycles

Nicolas Chauvin Designs

Bennett’s Performance

Fred Kodlin Murdercycles

People’s Choice
Dougz Custom Paint & Fabrication

Link: Gallery of S&S Cycles Build Off entries



  1. WRXr says

    Lots of nice metal. I must say I really like Krugger and Cook. Arlen Ness also put together a really nice machine.

  2. Lttlcheeze says

    The wheels on the Cory Ness one are pretty wild looking. I have never seen anything like them before.

    I really like the Odyssey one too. Smooth lines and I like the open engine look. Just looks like its hanging there.

  3. Mark says

    To my eye, there is a cookie-cutter look to these bikes, with two exceptions; the Walken and the Ace.

    The rest just seem to have a cartoon-character sameness, in the same way that Japanese anime characters have a sameness that exaggerates certain characteristics, like their eyes. And here we have a cartoon blow-up of what an “American Custom” should look like, only more so.

    Don’t get me wrong: fabulous details, wonderful skills and fabrication techniques, just dull.

    Except for the Ace (my fav) and the Walken. These guys deserve kudos for being different and daring to cross a HD-approved line.

  4. says

    Roadrage – although it looks kinda like a Buell Blast, there seems to be some engineering with the drivetrain. That appears to be a compact drivetrain mated to an X-Wedge! If it can be reliable, this is “big” news. The honking drivetrains of Big Twins is an achilles heel which gets in the way of building sporting chassis for Big Twins.

    Good-going Zach Ness – very clean design. I would like a higher seat and mid-mounted foot controls if I were to have you build one for me :) There are excellent design touches on this bike with a good amount of restraint. Love the color and paint. And, it looks ridable!

    Cory Ness has cool stuff, too. Those are wild wheels and the headlight/suspension are well done

    The SPS is great too

    Very cool finishes on the Revolution

    Does the Kodlin have a friction drivetrain?

  5. Mayakovski says

    A few nice bikes, lots of useless machines, and I gotta say, I am really getting bored of Arlen’s work. Yawn.

  6. says

    The Kodlin engine is flipped around and made to run backwards?

    Many readers here are probably bored by many of the bikes, but consider that there are more bikes here that can lean than say if this contest was held 2-3 years ago. The Europeans certainly have something to do with that, but it is a welcomed addition to the custom scene.

    It would have been great to see the Californians Curt Winter, Greg DesJardin, & Mike Cook to take part with their Big Twin sportbike design capabilities.

  7. says

    The Kodlin is incredibly beautiful, from the single sided front end to the friction drive back end. Not sure why or how they made the engine put out power on the opposite side.

  8. wendell says

    I wonder where Mr. Kodlin got his “idea” for the single sided front forks? Maybe gleaned from the pages of The Kneeslider years ago? Interesting.

  9. guitargeek says

    Hate to sound negative, but does Arlen Ness make anything that’s not ridiculous?

    The Cook is absolutely gorgeous, though not strictly functional or practical.

    The Krugger is also quite nice, and looks to have an actual rear suspension.