So Where Have I Been?

Since I've been missing in action here for quite a while, a few of you are starting to wonder when I'm coming back to write another article. One reader wondering when my vacation is over. Vacation? I wish. But for those of you who are curious, here's the story.

I haven’t mentioned anything about what I’m doing because it has nothing to do with motorcycles, it’s a local issue and I had to get involved. A wind turbine developer from Texas, an outfit called Pioneer Green Energy, has come in to our local community and is trying to jam 500 foot tall, utility scale wind turbines down our throats. They’ve signed up some local landowners, who will directly benefit from these monstrosities on their properties, while the rest of us are expected to grin and bear it. Our local township board is being … um, … less than helpful.

Whether you think these things are good or bad, they belong out in the wide open spaces, far from any people, but with the current tax incentives being thrown around, a land rush has been created among developers trying to sign up anyone they can find anywhere and they're targeting smaller communities where they feel they will encounter less resistance, even if where the turbines will go is too close to people. The local township boards, with zero knowledge or experience in these kinds of complex projects, are just rolling over.

Because these guys do as much as they can under the radar before the public finds out what they’re up to, they get to the final stages of adopting ordinances before the community at large even has a clue. I’m trying to wake people up. It ain’t easy.

Communities all around the country have faced this situation before and get up to speed too late. By the time anyone finds out, the turbines are going up. The communities are now divided, people don’t talk to one another, the landscape is destroyed and the developers move on to their next target while they smile all the way to the bank. It sucks.

So I’m kinda busy. I truly wish I could focus on something else, but when the heavy equipment moves in, it’s too late. This may happen near you someday, I hope not, but if it does, you’ve got a mess on your hands.

UPDATE: The comments on this post illustrate why I didn't want to say anything about where I've been or what I was doing, it doesn't relate to this website and the topic attracts far too many true believers.

It's impossible to have a rational discussion under those circumstances, but unfortunately, it's becoming the norm. So I'm deleting all of the comments on this post and we'll move on.