Salt Dreams – a Film by JT Nesbitt

Salt Dreams - a film by JT NesbittJ.T. Nesbitt, formerly of Confederate Motorcycles and now of Bienville Studios in New Orleans, went to the salt flats and made a documentary. A new, just finished film, details the efforts of The New Orleans Race Team to rebuild a 1998 Lincoln Mark 8, damaged by the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina, turn it into a Bonneville racer and make some serious speed. The "Stinkin Linkin" as the car was christened gradually made the transformation from a flooded total loss junker to salt racer and the team posted a few photos of the process on the Bienville Studios web site.

The film will make its screen debut at One Eyed Jacks in the French Quarter, Wednesday, April 2, 2008. If you're in the New Orleans area, stop by for the show.

Press release:

Salt Dreams, a film by JT Nesbitt. Documentary. 1 hr 10 min

On September 7 2007, a small band of New Orleanians embarked on a 2000 mile trek in an attempt to set a land speed record at the historic Bonneville Salt Flats.

The car, a 1998 Lincoln Mark 8 that was completely destroyed by the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina, is transformed into a race car by an abstract group of friends. They become "The New Orleans Race Team" competing on an international level, not just as individuals, but as representatives of the last Bohemia in America.

This is their story of loss and redemption in the midst of violence and tragedy, and of a community struggling to redefine its identity.

Premier of Salt Dreams: Wednesday April 2, 2008, One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St. New Orleans, La. Show times: 1st show 8:00pm then music from soundtrack featuring My Graveyard Jaw, Domenic, Noisician Coalition et all. 2nd show 12 midnight.


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    I give these guys credit for the project and dedication. But, are you kidding me “H.R. Geiger school of tube bending” please tell me that is not anything structural. Meaning, the pc of tubing that has all those cuts in it and then rewelded. Somebody explain that to me! If it is what it looks like, I can’t believe that the guys at Bonneville let it fly.

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    Congrats JT. How about a youtube version, broken up into parts, so more people can see it?

    Interesting choice of date for the screening, any significance?

    Hey Mr. Tote at Lehigh choppers, is the co-op dairy building still vacant? Last I heard, there was a skate park in it. My great-grandfather founded that dairy.

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    B.Case, Last I heard the skate park is gone and it is going to get knocked down and become a superstore. Pretty cool about your great grandad.

  4. JC says

    I highly recommend that anyone that has not been to Bonneville, go! It’s quite the experience.

    I would bet high odds on the cut and bent then re welded roll cage will NOT pass tech! I have heard that even a slight amount of damage such as nick the roll cage with a grinder is a no go. Maybe it was covered in padding, or the inspector missed it.

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    In case the idea was lost on some folks, there is a healthy bit of humor that takes place around the studio. Don’t be so damn serious, people. The photos are by no means a wholel accurate documentation of things. There’s a bit of artistic license involved. Trust me, the ENTIRE vehihicle passed tech. There was nothing left “up in the air” as far as safety, or engineering was concerned.

    Sorry for showing a little of the “light-side” of things…

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    Sorry for passing judgement, There are a lot of hackers out there, who really do some stupid stuff. And make a good buck doing it. I don’t know you guys, just an outside observer.

    Best Rgrds,

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    Brian Case-
    I would really like for you to come to this premier. There is quite a bit about Chris in the film and all who knew him here will be there. In many ways it is a tribute to him, and an acknowledgment of the pain that we all still feel. Everyday I feel like I am going to bump into him as I make my way down Decatur Street. I have to remind myself constantly that he is gone. Loss and Redemption are very real themes for me.
    The film is also fun, and at times ought right joyful. I have not been able to track down Jamie and would appreciate your help with him as well as anyone else who worked with us at Confederate. Thanks man, I hope that you are happy and I would love to see you again. —JT

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    JT- Thanks, but I can’t promise that I can make it. I probably couldn’t help in tracking anyone down, either. At this point, there’s got to be more ex-confederates than there ever were confederates, so that would take a while buddy…
    And Chris…I have pictures all over my house to remind me everyday. Every time I see another hellcat on ebay I think, there’s another bike that Chris wired. If a motorcycle ever had a soul.. it would be the 100 or so hellcats and 6 wraiths he wired.
    Cheers. -bc

  9. Chopper Bri says

    Hey Case, Have you joined the ranks of the Confederados? Email me if you get a chance

    You are right, there are more ex_Confederates around than current…I don’t believe that there are any original Confederate Motorcycles or Confederate Motor Co. employees working at Confederate in Birmingham. It still is surreal being down here in New Orleans with Chris gone and Katrina still around.

    JT…I’ll see you guys at the premier! Lemme know if I can bring something. Case, hope to see you there and that things are going good for you!

    Chopper Bri

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    When we arrived in Birmingham, it was me, Matt, Ed and Chris. So I think we did a pretty good job getting it all back together. We recruited many interesting people here in Birmingham, though most didn’t work out.

    Now, that being said, you are right, it’s quite a different landscape down there now. There’s probably no need to continue this discussion on a public forum, if you have something to say privately I can be contacted through Kneeslider.

  11. Chopper Bri says

    I hope I see you at the premier of Salt Dreams! Please contact me at my email address if you have anything else to say regarding CMC.

    -Chopper Bri!

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    chopper bri..

    haven’t heard from ya for a bit…

    you *should* have my email…

    personally, i would like to see/hear how things are going case/chopper… 😉

    we don’t talk anymore…