Royal Enfield Motorcycles Now Available in California

Royal Enfield Bullet on sale in California

Royal Enfield Bullet on sale in California

Royal Enfield has announced a network of seven dealers in California for sales beginning on October 15th. Kevin Mahoney, President of Royal Enfield USA who imports the bikes to the US commented here in June that production of bikes intended for California was about to begin. It looks like everything has come together with emission testing, they received their CARB certificate and those of you on the west coast can start placing your orders.

There are more than a few readers here from California who might be very happy to see the REs are going on sale out there.

Link: Royal Enfield
Link: California Royal Enfield Dealers


  1. lostinoz says

    horsepower losses? that would indicate they have the HP to burn, and still have a moving bike. No, I highly doubt they lost much HP.

    Congrats to Royal Enfield for becoming CARB certified, and now officially 50 state legal.

    ALSO congrats to Cali perspective owners, now you can FINALLY get a NEW R.E.!

  2. todd says

    They likely only needed a new fuel cap, fuel tank, and the charcoal canister that make up a vapor (sorry, vapour) recovery system. I don’t think they need a catalyzer exhaust just yet.

    Coming into California likely nearly doubled their US market. I’m surprised they took so long, though I imagine the cost for testing and compliance was substantial.



  3. kneeslider says

    todd, it looks like the catalytic is required, according to Kevin Mahoney:

    We actually had a certificate some years ago, but never moved forward because we were not sure that we could assure that each bike would be compliant, This was in the days of the Iron Barrel with points, With the new UCE with EFI and a three stage catalytic converter we are on certain ground

  4. Sportster Mike says

    I hope the welding is better than the new one I have just seen in the UK
    It was a Woodsman? model with a solo seat and the welds (which were probably hidden by something on all the other models) were on full show..
    I can spot weld and make it look awful but didn’t expect to see that on the UK bikes as they are all ‘fettled’ at the importers here
    Having said that – if I found on old one cheap I would probably buy it and turn it into a bobber.. (time, space and money permitting..)

  5. '37 Chief says

    Is there a recent online road test for the new UCE model with EFI and the three stage catalytic converter? Would love to read about it.

  6. alfredo chies says

    Es una moto muy linda y muestra el inoxidable encanto del diseño de los 50 y 60. Kawasaki sacó su 800 cc con ese aire retro y Morgan piensa volver a fabricar el tres ruedas, de modo que las formas y colores de esa época mantienen su vigencia a pesar de los años transcurridos. Los seguidores del vintage estamos de parabienes. Saludos