Roush Diesel Quad ATV

Roush diesel quad atvIt looks like diesel is where the action is. Roush Industries has just announced their diesel quad which has been undergoing testing for two years. Based on an Arctic Cat quad, they are running a 686cc naturally aspirated diesel. Developed in response to military needs, especially from special forces units, along with the military's desire for a range of vehicles that run on a single fuel, the quad will also be produced for civilian use with full commercial production slated for early 2006. Civilian models will be sold through the Arctic Cat dealer network, military models will be handled by Roush Europe. It's even getting a "stealth" exhaust for a low acoustic signature, how cool is that?

From an earlier Roush press release:

In its basic form, the Quad Bike can carry 45.3 kg on the front rack – and 90.7 kg on the rear rack.The twin cylinder in-line 686cc engine currently develops 18hp – and a massive 39 Nm of torque, with even higher performance variants being considered. The engine is water cooled and naturally aspirated. Transmission is via an automatic gearbox, with both a high and low range, which provides responsive acceleration and effective engine braking. Final drive is through sealed drive shafts, front and rear and constant velocity (cv) joints. The underside of the drive train is protected by a high-density skid plate to prevent damage when manoeuvring over stumps, rocks and other obstructions.

Several variants of the quad are planned, a road legal version, an extended wheelbase two seater and a weight-stripped, narrow-track variant for confined envelope transportation.

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  1. Travis Truman says

    I wondered if you’d spot this. You and I seem to really enjoy the diesel bike stories. I’d love to see how the special ops teams mod these things for combat duty.

  2. Lemire says

    I am interested by your diesel quad for the army.
    please, send me more details.
    Have you a representative in france ?

  3. Richard says

    i am very interested in the diesel quad bike. i need a 4×4 diesel quad because i have a 100 acre farm, so i need something to tow my trailers around and do some farm work. please may you send me some more details and pictures if possible.
    im situated in the uk

    Kind regards richard

  4. Hassan Rafi says

    We are interested in procuring quads for the military.
    Do contact us if you need a representative company in Asia

  5. says

    I love it.

    Eco friendly innovation, military usefulness, good product life cycle, increased market potential for the company and more jobs.

    A perfect example that these things can and should go together.

    Add a PTO and a standard hitch that will allow farm and garden equipment to be attached and I will want a hundred or so for doing work at our project sites.

  6. shane bairstow says

    Hi, do you know of any suppliers of the diesel atv (especially the military model) in Australia?

  7. ATV Style says

    I’ve been looking all over the net for a picture of the Roush ATV – Go figure I find it on a motorcycle site and not an ATV site. Good articles just seem to fall off the internet after a few years, well not here at least (thanks Paul!)