Ritmo Sereno Japanese Style European Customs

Moto Guzzi LeMans III custom by Ritmo Sereno

Moto Guzzi LeMans III before imageIf the Japanese style customs of Bratstyle or Gravel Crew get your juices flowing, here's a look at what another Japanese company is doing with European bikes like Moto Guzzis, BMWs and even old BSAs and more. Ritmo Sereno is the place and from what I can tell (the site is all Japanese) they both manufacture their own parts and source a selection of proper pieces to turn your Euro bike into a beautifully customized cafe racer. You can purchase parts individually or they can put a complete bike together for you. Their bikes are built for both street and track.

They have a huge selection of photos in their custom file section. The before and after shots are what get you, from very ordinary beginnings to a refined and sleek machine. All of those plain jane used bikes for sale everywhere suddenly take on a whole new look when you see the possibilities, the Moto Guzzi LeMans III shown above is a great example.

I can't help but think if you filled a bike shop with work like this, you wouldn't be able to keep any on the floor for very long. Subtle and classy!

More photos below:

Moto Guzzi custom by Ritmo Sereno

BSA custom by Ritmo Sereno

BMW custom by Ritmo Sereno

Ritmo Sereno

Link: Ritmo Sereno Euro Motorcycle Shop



  1. PaulN says

    This needs to be the next trend in motorcycles. Personally, I love the idea. A lightweight bike that delivers 50-75 horsepower, has good brakes, decent suspension, and handles properly. While I love GSXRs and the like, 180 HP is just way too much. These bikes look great, and fit the bill. Plus, they aren’t impossible to build in your own garage. Nifty!

  2. stu says

    as someone who probed very deeply into the possibility of building a guzzi cafe, i can say that the drawbacks are weight, wheelbase and ongoign maintenance costs. I didnt mind forking out the readies to boost the HP to 75 from 50 but the damn things still can’t handle at low or high speeds. If you love motorcycle riding as opposed to motorcycle fashion, you’d rather spend your A$16k on something like a Triumph Street Triple. Same goes for those beautiful yuppie creations at Deus ex machina. Beautiful to look at but not worth the money if they’re your main ride