Revopower Wheel

RevoPower WheelThis is how the early motorcycle companies started out. We've all seen those clunky clamp on engines designed to convert your bicycle into a highly efficient mode of transportation, the only problem is, after all of the clamping and assembly is done, it still looks like a clunky clamped on engine. Well, sometimes old ideas are the best, they just need elegant execution. This is elegant.

RevoPower, a company based in Denver, Colorado, has come up with The RevoPower Wheel, a 25cc two stroke, self contained engine and gear assembly inside the 14 inch diameter hub of a 26 inch bicycle wheel weighing about 15 pounds that replaces the existing wheel in your own bike. There is a throttle assembly and fuel tank that attaches to the frame, but after about 15 minutes of work you have a bicycle that can travel about 20mph under power and gets around 240 miles per gallon. There are no external moving parts, no rollers, belts, chains or anything else. Like I said, elegant.

The engine shuts down if you fall off and if you want to go faster than the 20mph you can pedal normally. The engine only takes over when you are moving slower than 20mph. You can also use the bike normally without the engine running at all.

RevoPower WheelIn most cases, RevoPower says you need no license of any kind, however, that may not be true in all jurisdictions. The Wheel will be sold separately except in those areas where licensing is required. In that situation, RevoPower will sell the complete bicycle with The Wheel installed. Expected pricing will be around $600 for the wheel, about $1000 to $1200 for a complete bicycle, delivery is expected late this year.

A video on their home page shows a number of people riding a Wheel equipped bicycle and it seems to work as described with a very low exhaust note. Although this would obviously not be suitable for highway riding, the number of situations where this would work is enormous, especially in some countries where bicycles are such a large part of the transportation equation. I hope this does very well. I like it.

Thanks to Tom for the tip.

Link: RevoPower Wheel


  1. irini milona says

    please inform me if i can buy the revopower wheel (1 pc). i want it to be dispatched at my home address : naxou 3, str. 14569 anixi attikis, Greece. and what is the cost of it.

  2. Faiola Attilio says

    please inform me if i can buy the revopower wheel (1 pc) and it relative cost. I wish it to be dispatched at my home address : via Aielli, 94 San Giuseppe Vesuviano c.a.p. 80047 -Napoli- Italy.

  3. Max says

    Steering should be real good, unlike most think, because the weight provides better steering traction, and braking also, again because of better traction due to weight,

  4. Alex Fu says

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Here is my understanding on this great product.

    In China, there are several cars in per 1000 people, and several mountain bikes in per 100 people, and at least 1 common bike in per 10 people.

    So, the forecast order in China of the Revopower is over than 1 million, so, we can be sure to sale 30,000 set per year, and continue to sale over twenty or fifty years.

    Of course, we need to do something to help raise the sales.

    Well, why do we believe that we can get so many customer, for the reason as the following:

    1. Brand from American;

    2. Best Design of the appearance and shape;

    3. Easy to install and drive

    4. Convenience

    5. Low gasoline run off

    6. High Price, you know, some people want to buy something very expensive while it should be high quality.

    7. Outdoor sports tool

    I like outdoors sports, so, I’d like to drive it to somewhere such as beach, mountain, or lake, for hiking, swimming, or fishing, maybe just for breathe some fresh air in a forest.

    And I trust more and more people like this, more and more people in China want to own a small moped to help them getting these place, you know, driven a common bike, it is really too hard to through a distant over than 20 or 30 miles.

    If they get a REVO, then they can get the place more easy, and not need too much cost, it can take them anywhere what they want. Awesome it really is.

    REVOPOWER = Revolution + Power

    It is really a great solution to give people more fun and more convenience, I love it. Thanks very much for you can design it and provide it. Thank you.

    Alex Fu

  5. Al Dettenrieder says


    I have sent several e-mails to RevoPower and have not received an answer. I tried to look up the telephone number in Denver and had no luck there.

    How could I contact them to get info and order a unit


  6. mike ke says

    lol! The wheel weighs more than an entire bike. If it only goes 20 mph, then whats the point? Just buy a dura ace, carbon fiber road bike, and you can easily go 25+ mph, and 30 mph if you hang in a petalon

  7. Mary & Reg says

    We to have tried to contact John Richards CEO of RevoPower several times using their web site. This seems to be the only way to communicate, unfortunately so far it’s a one-way communication line. I know they’ve been collecting deposits for future deliveries. If I was one of those people and I’m not I would ask for my deposit back. When they offer no explanation whatsoever with a one-year delayed delivery date, smells like trouble. Since they offer no explanation my guess is they have serious technical or financial problems, maybe both. For us it was terribly disappointing we’re really hoping to purchase this product, but it seems like it’s just another entrepreneur’s failed dream.
    Mary & Reg
    Denver Colorado

  8. Kevin says

    I also tried to email RevoPower, the site won’t even let you do that now. I agree it must be another good idea gone bad. I fear all those that sent in money will not get it back.

  9. Kai says

    I can’t contact Revo for further inquiries. I don’t know much about internal combustion engines, but I’ve to ask about the function of the RevoPower Wheel in the rain or in the creeks. Is it water resistant and will water affects the combustion?

  10. Daniel Spangenberg says

    I have been trying to get hold of john Richards, the CEO without success. How do i contact them?

  11. says

    I’ve been waiting forever for this product. I already own an electric bicycle but would like to see a gas powered like this one put on the market. Wonder if oil companies are stopping this production through legal strategies. Still, It would be nice for the Revopower to furnish a company statement as to when production will be availiable for the consumer. 2008 is almost over. The company stated the product would be released mid 2008. If production is not being met this year, the consumer should by notified via press release by the companies customer service department. Afterall, that’s good ethical business practice. Still Waiting.