Randakk’s Supercharger for Honda GL1000 / GL1100

Randakk's supercharger kit for Honda GL1000/GL1100

Randakk's supercharger kitRandall Washington of Randakk's Cycle Shakk has been working on a supercharger kit for the Honda GL1000 and GL1100. He has it on the road now so it should be available before long. The kits will all be custom fabricated when you order. The blower is a positive displacement, twin rotor "Roots type" supercharger that will output 6.0 psi max at redline. The target is a 25% increase in horsepower at the rear wheel.

It looks like the kit will be fairly comprehensive and he estimates about 30 hours of installation time which means you're looking at some serious work but these early Wings are still very popular and the payoff in performance for the big Honda may be substantial.

We covered Randakk's GL1000 Endurance Special earlier which looks really sweet. Just imagine that puppy with a blower. I like it!

Link: Randakk's Cycle Shakk


  1. Gary says

    Call me crazy, but I think someone had a kit back in the 70’s to do this. I thought it was a great idea then and still do today! What a great way to enjoy an old ‘wing all over again.

  2. Hugh Odom says

    Yes, there was a kit in the 1970’s; I have a friend who still has an older Goldwing equipped with one. As he put it, at the time the bike was introduced, nobody knew quite what to make of the Goldwing. It hadn’t found its niche as a touring bike, and it had a lot of power compared to many other bikes on the road. Some people saw it as a performance motorcycle, so slapping a blower on it seemed like a good way to improve it.

  3. Shaine says

    I have a 83 GL1100 and would love one of these. I miss the power of my 82 Suzuki GS1100GK. But, how does this thing work? Does it just drive off the front crank pulley?

  4. OMMAG says

    A buddy of mine with a Honda dealership was supercharging wings back in 74.
    The setup he put together was running a lot more that 6psi boost … a twin turbo configuration with over 14lbs boost was truly awesome.

    Now has me thinking once again of stripping down an old wing and building one in a sport bike style.

  5. kneeslider says

    There have been other supercharger kits out there but Randakk wanted to build what he believes to be a better kit and given the nice job he did on his Endurance Special, I figure it’s probably worth a look if you’re an old Wingman.

  6. Canzvt says

    This should be a good kit, for those inclined. I have used this type of blower (KF Engineering out of ScCal) on various applications, but mostly on 88-90 GSXR’s. Richard Sims and Tony? Rohm of Sims and Rohm Performance back in the late 80’s used these blowers on GSXR 750/1100’s to make em go. The 750 was capable of 175hp while the 1100 would make 215. Big problem was back fires (and fuel consumption). Would create havoc with the all internal components if a blow-off valve wasn’t installed. KF Blowers are good quality and have excellent durability. Rebuilding is a pain as they are precision equipment and shimmed very tightly. Proper jetting on the bike can be difficult too, as dynamically the air flow in the plenum is affected by the turbulence created by the blower. Once it is set up correctly, it is typically fine, just takes a bit of time to get it correct.

  7. OMMAG says

    A good addition to this blower kit would be fuel injection. Looks to me like there is room in the plenum right on top of the intake tubes to create a sort of port injection setup with the streams aimed straight down the tube.

  8. kjell persson says

    Canzvt hi can you give me some more info on the KF mounting on a R1100 i have one of these kits on a bike that have not yet been started you mentioned blow of valve ?

  9. Attitude2Go says

    I have been looking for someone like myself Crazy enough to want to supercharge a Goldwing