Quadrazuma by Lazareth

Quadrazuma by Ludovic Lazareth

Quadrazuma by Ludovic LazarethOur favorite French custom builder, Ludovic Lazareth, has built another dazzler, the Quadrazuma. Custom street quads seem to be a favorite with some builders in other countries, the problem here in the U.S. is they're not street legal. But if they were, this one would be the way to go.

The Quadrazuma is powered by a 120hp Yamaha GTS 1000 4 cylinder engine. Brakes are from both the MT-01 and the R1. It has twin 20 liter fuel tanks on the sides. It has 17 inch wheels all around with 205/40 tires up front and 225/35 tires in the rear. The body is fiberglass and carbon fiber with a camera for rear viewing duties.

Lazareth seems to have a knack for creating eye catching custom vehicles and this ATV for the street is another example. This looks like one helluva lot of fun, doesn't it?.

Photo below:

Quadrazuma by Ludovic Lazareth

Link: Lazareth via Autoblog

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  1. aaron says

    I like it. with a limitless bank account I’d buy it. I’d probably never ride it though, just park it next to my GX3 prototype… for when I get tired of looking at my ’62 GTO and ’58 250 TR.

  2. Amy says

    If the US would make these brilliant machines legal, it would be the best thing since sliced bread. But of coarse customs won’t let the fun ones through nor allow them to be built on home soil. C’mon, we’re dyin’ here! WHERE’S THE FUN AT?

  3. VEGAS_MARK says

    AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME!!!!!! This is the FUTURE BABY!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Triggerman33 says

    All we need to properly legalize a HP steet quad will be a protective exoskelleton that will protect the body from greater levels of impact , compound injuries and feet first assist in Air Braking heheheeee . Ex-333

  5. patrick collins says

    hi the quadrazuma looks a fun machine are they legal in the uk and if so how much to purchase seen it in paris recently and thought it was awesome

  6. matt d says

    How come all the vids I find on this thing I dont see any wheelies? You cant be that lame to never have tried it? Are you? Oops.. this is not a personal attack. You let a good ol’ boy ride one and then you’ll see something worth blogging about.