Put Your eBay Listing in the Spotlight on The Kneeslider

If you would like the opportunity to boost the exposure to your eBay listing, whether it's for a motorcycle or any type of related part or accessory, you can have it placed in the Spotlight section of The Kneeslider. We personally choose and highlight a small group of interesting eBay items on the top right of every page of the blog, because they standout from the ordinary items in a way that makes them special or unique, something our readers would probably like to examine more closely and maybe purchase for themselves. Here's your chance to be featured in one of those slots.

It's easy and fast

Go to the contact form choose "eBay spotlight listing request" in the drop down selector and include a link or just the item number to your listing. We'll take a look, and if it seems like a good fit for this section we'll send you an email to let you know and a Paypal invoice for $49 if it is for 10 days or less. When the invoice is paid, we'll have the listing added to the spotlight section as soon as possible, often within a few hours. Your listing will remain in the spotlight until it expires on eBay. 20 day listings are $79. We cannot accept listings longer than 20 days.

Sorry, not every item can be accepted

We are looking for the interesting, special or unique, so use your own judgement before sending in your request, add some background about the item if you would like. We are going to limit the total number to no more than six at any one time, so there may be no space available, however, if another listing is about to expire, you may ask to be put in the queue and you'll appear immediately as soon as it does.

This is big exposure to a very interested and knowledgeable group of readers and potential customers, so jump in now and make some cash!