Piaggio MP3 Roof and Trailer

Piaggio MP3 Wagon

The popular Piaggio MP3 tilting 3 wheel scooter is getting a couple of new accessories, a roof and a trailer called the MP3 Wagon. From the looks of the photo, the roof appears to work with the winter windshield and gives you full top coverage. The trailer, shown at EICMA, completes the scooter SUV combination.

Isn't this getting to be a little excessive for a scooter? If you need this much protection and carrying capacity I think you're beginning to move out of the scooter world and into either a larger motorcycle or a small car. Interesting.

Larger image and links below:

Piaggio MP3 roof

Found this over at The ScooterScoop
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  1. says

    It looks like a golf cart. If people don’t want to get wet in the rain then maybe they should stay in their four wheel cages.

  2. Phoebe says

    “If you need this much protection and carrying capacity I think you’re beginning to move out of the scooter world and into either a larger motorcycle or a small car.”

    In the US, maybe…but in the rest of the world, scooters are beasts of burden for many, many jobs. It doesn’t surprise me that they have these accessories for it.

  3. says

    I can see the occasional usefulness of the trailer, but the roof just looks like a sail waiting to be filled with a nice gust of course-altering wind. Probably while leaned over.

    Good thing these aren’t marketed toward people new to countersteering…oh, wait…

  4. Mark says


    You guys are just scooter-phobic.
    Embrace it! You’ll be there in 20 years.

    I ride with a friend who has a full sized motorcycle… And he can’t store even 1 helmet out of the weather. When he had 2 of them, I suggested he pull a small just to store those things in. But my lowly scooter hold more than 2.

    I too wonder about going thru a mountain pass with switching winds-

  5. Kurt says

    Interesting, while I probably would not get the roof myself it does add capability to the platform. I can see people buying it for the added versatility.

  6. seattle says

    I’m not fond of roofed scooters or top boxes for variety of reasons however:

    * A lot of people loved the BMW C1 roofed scooter (but were disappointed with the small engine).

    * A lot of people loved the 2001 Honda Elysium Concept roofed scooter (from the Honda-Italy design studios).

    * A lot of people spend a lot of money to convert a Harley or GoldWing to a non-leaning TRIKE and pull a trailer with it.

    I noticed some roofed scooters last time I was in Italy. If you are commuting to work via the alleyways in Rome and your goal is to get there quick and get there dry it makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to most Americans for the same reason automatic-transmissions don’t make sense – motorcycles are toys to have FUN on and POSE on not alternative daily transportation.

  7. Matt says

    I recently gave up my car, and added another, more practical bike to the stable (V-Strom with a Givi trunk). It has been life-changing, having such a usable motorcycle. I still have “fun” and “pose” with it every chance I get, but I also live with it day in and day out. This is my primary vehicle, with which I commute, grocery shop, run errnds, etc. All of this, I do in Seattle, where it does rain on rare occasion.

    What I am getting it, is utility. MP3s look like a hell of a lot of fun, but they also look very useful; and expanding that utility in a way that still lets you have a fun scooter is cool in my book. I like it.

  8. Steve H. says

    I think it is safe to say that as far as the stability and usefulness of this this configuration, Piaggio has done their work in R&D and road testing.
    This looks like a logical progression to a full-function mode of transport that fits many real-world situations and I’m very pleased with it. Although I still am riding and appreciate old-school machines, I very much enjoy the new configurations being developed and will participate as soon as I can afford to!

  9. John J Redmond says

    Those would be great vehicles here in Hawaii,(warm rain) especially for tourist’s(with out the trailer)If I could afford one I’d buy it-the 450cc unit-great on freeway.($8,500)is a little steep. If I had big bucks I’d buy a fleet of them and rent them out-day,week,monthly,yearly.

  10. kneeslider says

    John, those do sound like great vehicles for the Hawaiian tourist trade. You should find a partner and get a fleet of those.

  11. says

    i have been hunting high and low for information about this wagon / trailer can’t find out if they are going to produce it or not.

  12. Bert says

    Hi there,

    If like me, you want to be able to beat the traffic jams by passing in between cars on the one hand but stay dry and out of the wind on the other hand, a scooter with roof is THE solution.

    I’ve been using a roofed 125cc scooter for more than a year now. I’ve just passed my motor exam to be allowed to pass over to the 250cc version.

    Can any one tell me if this MP3 with roof will exist in a 250cc and/or 400cc version?

    If so, will it be sold in Europe? Belgium?

    Great things!


  13. Reg says

    Without a windshield wiper, how are you going to see through in the rain? Right now I have a little wiper on my left glove hand to wipe off my helmet’s windshield. That won’t work on this.

  14. Hugh Hadley Birdwell says

    I own a MP3 250ie 2007. I recently had the large luxury Windshield and I totally love it. I have not tested it over 75 MPH, but I am telling you that windscreen certainly keeps me warm, and no bugs. Unfortunately they say can’t scratch, but they can. On the inside not watching my helmet, I made a few boo boo’s, but send me the roof, and also the trailer and I will be happy as a sunny day on a california beach. I want to take a trip, so I want the additional accessories for my MP3!

  15. robert says

    I am from Europe and I have a mp3,the best thing that that i invest my money…always first on trafic lights,safe and reliable in driving,quick brasing around,dont mention parking…and for the winter time i need some roof that i can drive it when it rain slowly…I have a 3 car but i use mp3 all the time in town….

  16. Tucker says

    I’ve owned an MP3-250ie now for about 9 months, and love the little scoot. I live in So. California and commute on it almost every day, riding backroads and freeways. While the cover looks like a nice convenience, I don’t feel it’s very practical. Remember, loading on a motorcycle should be low and closer to mid-line. This added weight high on top would definitely change the physics while leaning and cornering. The trailer, on the other hand, would come in quite handy on those long day trips down the asphault highway….

  17. Tucker says

    Sorry…. one more thing.
    The OEM tall windscreen (two different sizes) offers great protection at speeds above 20 mph. The aerodynamics of the windscreen deflect rain, bugs, dust, and smoke (in S. California) up and over your helmet. I prefer the top of my windscreen to be at the level of my chin. I know several guys who have purchased these and cut them down slightly with a dremel tool.