Piaggio 3 Wheel MP3 Scooter

Piaggio MP3 scooter

We noted back in February that Piaggio had a 3 wheel scooter concept at the Bologna Motor Show. Well, it's more than a concept now because Piaggio has introduced it as their new MP3 Scooter. It comes in two versions, 125cc and a 250cc. The advantage of two front wheels is much greater stability and traction in wet and rough road conditions. The tilting front wheels give you an extra contact patch plus you ride it the same as you would if only one front wheel were present. Very interesting.

UPDATE: We are getting a LOT of questions here at The Kneeslider about when and where the MP3 will be available. The place to go is the nearest Piaggio or Vespa dealer. For Locations check the dealer map.
Piaggio press release follows:

Two front wheels — a revolutionary concept.

Piaggio MP3 scooterPiaggio launched the first Vespa model — and with it the scooter phenomenon — in the spring of 1946. The scooter revolutionised personal transport, giving Europeans a sense of utter freedom. Sixty years on, Piaggio has come up with another revolutionary product: the PIAGGIO MP3, a totally innovative three-wheeler with two front wheels. The PIAGGIO MP3 provides safety, road grip and stability levels that no two-wheeler can match. Power, performance and ease of use make for a very entertaining ride.

The two front wheels of the PIAGGIO MP3 re-define the very concept of ride stability to provide an unprecedented riding experience.

The front assembly, with two independent tilting wheels, is far more stable than any scooter. The PIAGGIO MP3 grips the road even when tailing other vehicles, providing top performance in total safety.The full extent of this three-wheeler’s stability can be tested on wet asphalt or tough riding conditions that would sorely challenge a traditional two-wheeler.

Piaggio MP3 scooterIn town and city traffic the PIAGGIO MP3 has no equal in terms of safety. It takes on cobblestone streets, patchy asphalt and tram tracks with the greatest of ease, remaining safe and stable all the while. With its compact super-scooter size and exceptional manoeuvrability, the PIAGGIO MP3 is at home in town traffic. It’s a cinch to park: an electro-hydraulic suspension locking system means there is no need to put the vehicle on its stand.

Thanks to an overall front-end width of only 420 mm, the Piaggio MP3 is type-approved as a standard two wheeled motorcycle.

The revolutionary PIAGGIO MP3 requires far less braking space than any scooter — the three-disk braking system and exceptional front-end road-holding reduce braking space by 20 per cent compared to the best scooters.

The PIAGGIO MP3 comes into its own when heading out of town. Its road grip, cornering safety and tilt angle of up to 40 per cent are unprecedented for a scooter, adding to the pleasure of riding different road surfaces at high speed.

The PIAGGIO MP3 is available in two engine displacements, 125 and 250 cc, both up-to-date 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid-cooled units in line with Euro3 emissions standards.

The 125cc engine offers an excellent power output of 15 bhp/11kW, the legal limit when riding with a car licence. The 250cc, equipped with electronic injection, delivers a 22.5 bhp/16.9 kW power output, making the PIAGGIO MP3 capable of comfortably taking on long-distance rides.


 Engine Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve Piaggio LEADER with SAS and catalytic exhaust
 Displacement 124 cc
 Bore 57 mm
 Stroke 48.6 mm
 Fuel Unleaded
 Compression ratio 12.0:1
 Max power  15 bhp (11 Kw) at 9,250 rpm
 Max torque 12 Nm at 8,500 rpm
 Cooling Liquid
 Gearbox ‘Twist and go’ automatic CVT, torque server
 Ignition Electronic capacitive discharge (CDI) and ignition advance mapping
 Starter Electric (Bendix) with automatic decompressor and automatic start
 Frame Twin cradle: tubes in high tensile steel
 Front suspension Parallelogram composed of four aluminium arms supporting two steering tubes, cantilevered suspension – Travel: 85 (mm)
 Rear suspension Two dual effect hydraulic shock absorbers and adjustable spring preload – Travel: 110 (mm)
 Front brakes Two stainless steel disks, Ø 240 mm and floating calliper with two pistons, Ø 30 mm
 Rear brake Stainless steel disk, Ø 240 mm and calliper with opposite pistons, Ø 30 mm
 Front wheel rims Die-cast aluminium alloy, 12" x 3.00
 Rear wheel rims Die-cast aluminium alloy, 12" x 3.50
 Front tyre Tubeless 120/70-12”  51P
 Rear tyre

Tubeless 130/70-12”  62P

 Length/Width 2,130 mm/ 745 mm
 Wheelbase 1,490 mm
 Seat height 780 mm
 Dry weight 199 kg
 Fuel tank capacity 12 litres (includes 1.8 litres reserve)
 Max speed 103 km/h
 Consumption (ECE 40 cycle) 25 km/l
Emissions Euro3


 Engine Single-cylinder QUASAR, 4-stroke, 4-valve, electronic injection, catalysed
 Displacement 244.3 cc
 Bore 72 mm
 Stroke 60 mm
 Fuel Unleaded
 Compression ratio 10.5 :1
 Max power 22.5 bhp (16.5 Kw) at 8,250 rpm
 Max torque 21 Nm at 6,750 rpm
 Cooling Liquid
 Gearbox ‘Twist and go’ automatic CVT, torque server
 Ignition Port Injected Alfa/n type with closed loop system, Lambda sensor in exhaust pipe and three-way double catalytic converter
 Start Electric (freewheel) with torque limiter
 Frame Twin cradle: tubes in high tensile steel
 Front suspension Parallelogram composed of four aluminium arms supporting two steering tubes, cantilevered suspension – Travel: 85 (mm)
 Rear suspension Two dual effect hydraulic shock absorbers and adjustable spring preload – Travel: 110 (mm)
 Front brake Two stainless steel disks, Ø 240 mm and floating calliper with two pistons, Ø 30 mm
 Rear brake Stainless steel disk, Ø 240 mm and calliper with opposite pistons, Ø 30 mm
 Front wheel rim Die-cast aluminium alloy, 12" x 3.00
 Rear wheel rim Die-cast aluminium alloy, 12" x 3.50
 Front tyre Tubeless 120/70-12”  51P
 Rear tyre

Tubeless 130/70-12”  62P

 Length/Width 2,130 mm/745 mm
 Wheelbase 1,490 mm
 Seat height 780 mm
 Dry weight 204 kg
 Fuel tank capacity 12 litres (includes 1.8 litres)
 Max speed 125 km/h
 Consumption (ECE 40 cycle) 23 km/l
Emissions Euro3

Link: More info, including video at Piaggio

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Piaggio MP3 scooter


  1. says

    Now, how’s about a light enclosure body for weather protection and that would be one smart solution to the rising gas prices for “commuters”. I call on India or Chinese manufacturer(others?) to come up with an enclosed scooter for about $5000, bet you can sell in the millions. “PO”

  2. George says

    With the spiralling costs of petrol, and lack of stability being a major issue for people wanting to shift from a four wheeler to a fuel efficient two wheeler – the improved stability of a three wheeler combined with the convenience of a two wheeler as shown in the design of Piaggio’s MP3 is a great idea which has come at the right time.
    Great job, I hope Piaggio brings this 3 wheeled scooter to India soon, and price it sensibly.

  3. Ron says

    I would buy one tomorrow if reasonably priced. I wonder if it has the mechanical reliability of Japanese scooters? Larger diameter tires and more horsepower would make it even more attractive. As it stands, yes, given gas prices it offers a definite alternative and desirable mode of transportation.

    I would love to see it here in the US but I wonder if the driver’s licensing agencies will insist that the drivers get a motorcycle license in order to drive it? I wonder how the government will regulate the license and sale of the scooter?

    Given retailers propensity to gouge consumers on desirable products I wonder how it will be priced here? The Segway is well over $3000.00 for an electric wheeled conveyance. I can see retailers pricing it comparable to a low end car just because they can. Still I would love to have one, especially with the summer season approaching.

  4. JP says

    In most states of the US, this would qualify as a motorcycle, as do nearly all 3-wheeled vehicles. As it’s over 50cc, it wouldn’t fit into the category of scooters driveable without a motorcycle endorsement either.

    I’d love to give one a test-ride!

  5. Baumm III says

    Price OK (5K for the 250cc), they need to launch it now with a roof to become a great 4 seasons commuter!

  6. todd says

    Well considering Piaggio scooters are already well over $5000 in the US I doubt one that is vastly more complex would sell for less. I’ve never had handling or traction problems riding scooters, of course I’ve never ridden in the snow or on cobblestone roads. The basic attraction of a scooter is its light weight and manueverability and economical operation. I can’t imagine the MP3 with all the additional components offers much more value, less weight, or better fuel economy than their already excellent BV or X9. These scooters are already competing with used car sales (or Korean new car sales) and a person would definitely need to be a dedicated enthusiast to spring for one.

  7. TT says

    I just wonder when it’ll be available for sale in US. Since we are too concerned about the gas price, this will be a great option for commuting.

  8. Francesco says

    In Italy this new product is looked as a revolution.

    Here the Piaggio mp3 250cc will cost 5k euros.

    It seems that the 500cc will arrive sooner or later (but it will be only for experienced drivers: high power engines during tests made the rear tire do funny driftings!!).

    Anyway whoever had the opportunity to try this scooter, even the sceptics, at the end told it was fantastic. Incredible stability, no “weight-feeling”, incredible brake power (two front disc-brakes) and no loss of stability when braking in corners. Decreased problems in bad road conditions (cobblestones, rain, etc.). You drive it just like another scooter, but in a lot safer way. Moreover, it has a button who blocks the anterior mechanism when the mp3 does not move: that means you don’t have to sustain its weight at the stops with your leg; and you don’t have to use anything to sustain it when parked: just press it and pull the little handbrake.

    I really think it’s a revolutionary product. No surprise if in future many scooters will have 2 front wheels.

    (sorry for my poor English)

  9. noName says

    RE: “commuters”

    It’s worthles as a commuter in the USA. Most people here commuter via highway and a 250cc engine (and those little wheels) means you will be squashed like a bug even in the slow lane.

  10. tomv says

    you obviously didn’t think too hard about your comment mr ‘noName’! (and god knows why you are reading about scooters when you obviously think they’re worthless!)
    A 250cc scooter is obviously not meant to keep up with highway traffic in the states where most people are driving hugely ovesized vehicles over the speed limit (I doubt one even exists in some states!).
    This blog is about the new concept of having 3 wheels on a scooter so if you want to slate a 250cc engine you’ll be wanting to slate any engine below that size too I guess!
    There are bigger scooters available on the market that would be able to keep up with highway traffic such as 500 and 600cc ones but then of course you still have ‘those little wheels’ to worry about!

  11. Annette says

    I think the MP3 sounds great. Not everyone is looking for something to ride on the freeway. I hope you young guys get a bigger one later. I have been looking for a three wheel for years. I am very excited about this one. I am going to buy the 125cc. A lot of older people want something to ride in town. I live in Arizona and this will be perfect. I hope it comes soon. Annette

  12. Flavio says

    What are the limits to drive a motorcycle on a US freeway? Here in Italy is 150cc. And the speed limit? I think it was something like 55 MpH, isn’t it? It’d be about 105 Km/h.
    I have a Majesty 250 and I don’t feel anything remotely like risking being “squashed”, quite the contrary. When you drive through slowish car traffic the’re nearly static, no way they’d move sideways ;-). Low risk, big advantage.
    Highway speed limit here is 130 Km/h and my scooter does not reach that speed. I commute about 30 Kms either way each day, rain or shine, but I don’t have any problem with it.
    From where I stand this thing might be very interesting. I’ll just wait and see. BTW Piaggio is already talking of a 500cc version.
    Cheers, Flavio

  13. todd says

    In California, the minimum CC’s for the highway is 150. Maximum speed limits are 55 and 65MPH. A 150 has just enough go for a 55mph zone and a 250 with over 22 HP will have no problem reaching speeds of 80+.
    I used to own a VW bug with 25 HP and it would do a little over 80 MPH all day long.

  14. giorgos says

    i think mp3 is the best of the best can you tell me where can i find this scooter it is look so safe and so preety .the italians they brake the records again they are the best first time i show a scooter so cool…friendly george athens greece

  15. says

    I can not wait to get my mp3 125 when it comes out in september. I have been waiting for something just like it for years now. i have a ballancing dissability and it will give me my independence.

  16. Keith says

    I want one. I would like to be the Michigan rep. Where do I sign up? If this isn’t the right type of vehicle for the 21 century a few minor modifications. would make it so.

  17. bikepilot says

    I think its a great idea. Currently I commute 100 miles a day on a motorcycle year round, but have to admit its a bit sketchy in snowy/icy conditions, I suppose the MP3 might offer a huge advantage in really poor conditions. I’d consider buying one, espcially if they came out with a larger, multi-cylinder version. Typical sustained speed on my commute to keep up with traffic is 75mph (120kph). I think that’s within the ability of the 250 but just. It would be nice to have a little extra room for overtaking etc.

  18. jay says

    i think it’s good, cute, and funny cycle. i’m sure when the people seeing this for the 1st time then say “wow this amazing” and never stop to watching until rider go away

  19. David Varner says

    Does anyone remember the Messerschmitt tandem 3 and 4 wheelers from the late fifties? Is there anything out there today like that>

  20. Dale says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. I think the 250 will hit about 80mph which is well within overtaking power and should ride quite well all day at 65-70. I drive 100 miles per day and the cost of gas as well as the excess use is a killer. I figure if the mpg is about 60 I can pay for the MP3 in 4 years, if my cost thought is correct, in gasoline savings. Riding about 350 days should be no problem in Missouri. I want one!! Hope what I am reading about being in the US in September is correct….my birthday present!!

  21. Harvey Rhyne says

    When can I get one? My wife wants one from the first time she saw it in Motorcycle Consumer News. She wants to be the first in the town we live in to have one. We are anxiously waiting for them to come out.

  22. Elvin Holt says

    It the 250 cc model available in the united States . where at . and what is the price thanks for any info Elvin

  23. Mary says

    Most accidents happen at “city speeds,” not “highway speeds.” I ride the Piaggio BV 200 and my close calls with accidents have all been with either pedestrians or bicyclists. They come out from behind a building or parked car, without first checking the road, and I have to brake suddenly and swerve to avoid hitting them. Here is where the MP3 offers a tremedous advantage, namely, the simultaneous “brake and swerve” situation to avoid an otherwise serious collision, in my opinion. I will purchase the Piaggio MP3 when it becomes available in the U.S. I believe the improved handling, in crisis situations, will make the current 2-wheeled scooters and motorcycles obsolete in about a decade.

  24. Bill says

    Echoing the sentiments of Annette: Hey Bob! Please tell us who to call to get one in Virgina. I get only blank stares and red herrings when I ask around in North Carolina… Will gladly go one state up to get one. (250 cc at least, but would prefer the rumored 400cc, given that I do plan on some fairly routine highway use.)

  25. Ken says

    As a motorcycle rider in the Pacific Northwest U.S., I can say there are many days when less-than-great traction conditions cause me to leave the bike home (I am, shall I say – familiar – with the effects of crashing). I would consider adding this 3-wheeler to my “fleet” for just that reason, if offered with a larger 400 or 500cc engine.

  26. says

    I think it is a great idea 3 wheeled sctooer I would to see 4 wheeled motorcycle street legal enclosed for going off and on the road. sincerely, thank yoou

  27. Darryl says

    I have a ET4 now and I love it but, I’m three score and seven years old and I’d love to be able to just park and walk away from my sooter. The MP3 will be my next “ride”. It will allow me to keep riding into my 80s!

  28. Annette says

    I heard today that It is going to be the 250cc coming to the U.S.. I had read that it was to be the 125cc, does anyone have recent reliable info.

  29. says

    I would like to know from anyone who takes possession of the first MP3 because I am truly interested in purchasing one myself. I too would like to get the 400/500 cc due to alot of my commuting does include some highways with drivers that don’t show very much respect for others,so please if you would keep me informed and if anyone find out if the MP3 can be custom ordered count me in if anyone find out how it can be done.

    Rick in Texas

  30. Joe says

    Anyone else get pricing from local dealers yet? My local dealer called today and said he will recieve 6 in January, but he quoted the price of $6,999. Wondering what other people are being quoted. I am going to put a $500 deposit down today, but will get it back if I can find a cheaper deal. Thanks. ytv@aol.com

  31. Annette says

    Hi, I heard from my dealer the mp3 is coming January to april. The price will be $6,999 and that is for the 250cc. The colors will be red,black,silver. At least that is what I was told.

  32. kanelee says

    i think this new idea is brilliant and the general design will attract a lot of people i m sure. i shall book a test ride when they hit the u.k. in 2007. hopefully they handle as well as they look. i m hoping a 500 cc version comes out, that would be really interesting.
    well done piaggo for thinking this idea up, now thats done what discount can you give me dudes.

  33. Sid says

    If it’s going to sell in the U.S., it had better be highway capable, cause at $7000~, it will be in the price range of many a used car, and if it can’t hold it’s own on the highway, forgetaboutit! However, I must admit it’s a beautiful scooter, and an equally smart concept. I’d love an opportunity to get out of the car and enjoy some of the great sunshine we’re famous for here in Florida. Considering the gas I’d be saving, I might even take the long route to work :)

  34. John Sprintst says

    Has anyone (Joe Public ) actually ridden one yet ?

    Question for Piaggio guys….Are they better than a “normal motorcycle” on a wide open highway/motorways with crosswinds and intermittent gusts being pushed sideways, not pleasant and very tricky to handle.

  35. Boris says

    I’d go for this in a second, now that the 400cc version might be available, especially w/ the winter accessories.

    My commute now is 120 miles a day, and it gets cold and slippery out here in the winter.

  36. Drew says

    Just bought a black one. I’m the forth person in Canada to put down a deposit. We have one here that is going to be in the Toronto Motorcycle show this weekend. So I got sit on it and play with the lights and horn. The trunk pops open with a keyless push button gadget like a car. Lot’s of storage for two helmets ++. Really cool machine. Should have mine in February. I’m so excited.

  37. Sid says

    There’s suppose to be space for 2 full helmets under the seat. Plus a second ‘trunk’ in the rear

  38. Ken says

    I am interested in this one. From some websites, we will be able to buy it
    next year in Japan!
    If someone has already ridden it, please tell me your impression!
    And I suppose that the tilt locking system of option looks attractive.
    Perhaps when I stop at cross road or park it, we might not need to step on
    the ground!

  39. Bill says

    Anybody else confused why a newly designed scoot with good lower body wind protection would simply forget about our exposed hands? Used to ride year-round in Chapel Hill, NC, and in the summer the bugs hitting my hands hurt –and in the winter (when I did wear gloves) the cold draft going my sleeves was also unpleasant. I’m sure when it comes to scoot designing, asthetics often come first, but the “old” Aprilia Scarabeo 500 pulled off both form and function well. (And wouldn’t you know it, that really cool classic design is now being phased out in favor of a generic-looking design that also leaves hands unprotected….) With that rant said, lacking other options, I still intend to get one these buggers when they are available –but another manufacturer could steal me away with some “common-sense” engineering/design decisions.

  40. Richard Nielsen says

    Now if Vespa would include the features of BMW’s C1 City Scooter, I believe they would increase sales potential ten fold. I’d be in line.

  41. Professor Frank Wicks says


    Looks very revolutionary and also good, which is unusual.
    Many things are revolutionary and not so good, and much of what we have now is very good. Thus, to make something both revolutionary and better is particularly commendable.

    I like the suspension that banks into the turn.
    Also like the small liquid cooled engine with acceptable power, whereas most small engines are air cooled.

    In the Mechanical Engineering Department at Union College in Schenectady, New York, we have defined the need and possibility of a 100 mpg personal vehicle, which is the best single response to peak oil.

    Other concepts ranging from hybrids to bio fuels from corn or switch grass are relatively expensive or feeble.

    We are doing some good things on our vehicle, but see some even better things in the Piaggio 3 wheeler.

    Four engineering students are now working on our “100 mpg challenge” for a senior project, and we expect to expand the project in the future.

    Our goal is to exhibt it to the public as a realistic and beneficial vehicle for the near future.

    We believe the best thing we can do is use gasolene more efficiently, which mens smaller and slower, which is a bad new message, but relity.

  42. Glenn gibbons says

    I own a 1500 goldwing trike. I love the machine and hate the cornering forces. ( A trike doesn’t lean, centrifigul forces are the same as a car) would Ipop for the price of this three wheeled critter? There’s a dealer in townso I found out, so in the morning I’ll check it out.

  43. Sam Mugo says

    The MP3 is not as stable or stand alone on its 3 wheels when it is stationary. You actually have to apply the auto mechanism on in order to remain upright.I had the opportunity to test ride the bike (Singapore) and man what a comfortable ride it was. The road holding was pretty good.The brakes are effective as well, requiring shorter braking distance . It is very pricy here though.

  44. Pradvin says

    Please Piaggio, can you make a manual transmission when you get it to India, atleast for the 250cc version??

  45. Mert says

    Dear “noName”

    You already got an answer above but I have somethings to say to you too.
    This is not a bike to ride on a highway BUT you can “even ride it” on a highway. This is what they meant. Did you get the point by the way, it is an invention! Also it does not have small wheels because it is not a child’s tricycle. Americans do not know the world as the other part of the world do, so let me tell you something, piaggio is “the world’s number 1” scooter brand, so be informed my friend; be informed, read some books!!!

  46. Jad says

    I went to the local dealer here in Vancouver and they sold out of the first ones they got. They only had them 2 weeks. Their second shippment has one left available and should be in any day. They have some more on order and two of those are ordered already leaving 3 available. They said they miss judged the desire for these scooters. They are over their quota that they committed to. This may be a hard scooter to get pretty soon for a lot of dealers may be over their quota soon.

    What are the prices that people are paying across Canada.

  47. Pat says

    Can someone explain to me why enclosed scooters are taking so long to emerge in a market that is obviously keen on them? Is it an engineering problem involving weight, raised centre-points of gravity, and aerodynamics? Surely a light canopy wouldn’t carry that much weight? About the only enclosed scooter I’ve seen has been the BMW in Europe, but it doesn’t seem to be readily available in Australia (yes we get rain and snow in some parts). The Winter Pack goes someway towards addressing the problem of elements, but I’d like to see something like the BMW in Australia. I had hoped the MP3 would fill the niche.

  48. Johnny Oz says

    Without contacting any dealers in Australia and I may have missed a recent blog, but does anyone know when the MP3 will be available in Australia and how much ?

  49. EvoL says

    For all of you whips that dont think a 250cc engine is safe on the freeway… I have taken my GT200 on I-95 for 3 hour long trips from Baltimore to VA and to Philadelphia… not quite 3 hours… but it could maintain 80+ mph and the 250 engine goes faster. There are tons of people riding old Ninga 250s on the highway. I dont know what road this would be unsafe on. The problem with alot of riders today is they think they need to go out and buy a 1000cc bike as a first bike. When there is no person riding on a public road that is ever going to be able to legally go the speeds that their bike may go… but then again those are those jerks that weave in between the cars going 200 mph. Some people need to learn that their behavior on a highway is being irresposible and they need to go to a race track to drive like that. My road is not thier road race track. A 250cc scooter/motorcycle can ride on any highway in the US safely if you are driving responsible.

  50. says

    I bought the 1st MP3 sold in San Diego..I have had it for 3 day’s now and have 350 miles on it..It’s a real attention getter..I have finally found my perfect bike..The most fun I have ever had..Love It to death..

  51. says

    Wow..It.s so much fun I’m surprised it’s not illegal..And you don’t need a motorcycle license for it in San Diego..Even the cop’s like it..

  52. says

    I’ve had it for just over a week now and have 1400 miles on it..Probably 30 miles on the freeway. It is not bad at all on the freeway..I figured out a way to make me bring it back home since it is so much fun riding it..I force my self to stop at Thrifty’s and buy 1/2 gallon of ice cream then I have to bring it home or the ice cream will melt..I got about 50 1/2 gallons of ice cream in my freezer..I will need to buy another freezer or have one big ice cream party..lol…It is that much fun..Wow…..Wheeeee around the corners..

  53. Bill says

    Hey Chris, How tall are you? The lack of upper body protection (especially the hands… see my earlier post, but also the chest/head) and restricted leg room are probably my biggest beefs prior to riding one myself, so thought I would specifically ask you about those areas. (Have a silver one being shipped into my dealer this weekend for a test ride and likely purchase… Even if it ain’t perfect, it still promises alot of fun until something better comes along.)

  54. says

    Hey Bill, I’m 5’11 and I usually keep my feet down on the floorboard. I haven’t worn a full face helmet yet but I think with that the wind should be no problem..Riding it so much I’m going to rig up a backrest that would really help..I had a guy today jump out of his car while we were at a red light to check out my bike..I have probably sold 10 of them for Vespa already..All I think it lacks is a reverse..I can’t wait to see more on the road..Maybe someone will start an MP3 club..

  55. mike w says

    Hey Chris were you riding your scooter on h st in chula vista today because I saw one of these today and did a search for one and found this website.

  56. says

    That was me..I was up at the oceanside Vespa the other day and they just sold one..And they had about 4 in stock..So you should start to see more..I got it broken in now with over 1800 miles and I take it on the freeway..Wow with a full face helmet it is Great!!!!

  57. says

    I named my bike Sanjaya…Just think if you had 30 of these and rented them like they rent Harley’s you would be rich in no time..No motorcycle license required…Wow..

  58. Bill says

    OK… Took the MP3 out for my 10 minute test ride and felt like an idiot. Slow speed turns and manuevering around the other bikes in a desperate attempt to not hit any made me quite uncomfortable with this somewhat wide, heavy, tall, and let’s not forget, expensive bike. Compared to the last scoot I rode with any regularity (Honda Aero 80), the MP3 has an extra 2.1″ in height (30.1″) plus who knows how much extra in width… so yes, I agree that a “reverse” would help, but also think if the suspension could just be lowered a couple of inches, then at my height of 5’11” I should be able to push the bike around well enough with just my legs given the low center of gravity inherent in the MP3.

    But with those initial anxieties stated, let me also say that once out and about on the road it was a gas. Think I just got to get used to the thing, build up some comfort, and I will love it. Heck, an obviously older gentleman (closer to 70 than 55, I would say) came shuffling in barely able to walk with arthritis, and he put one on order while I was standing there with my stomach in knots with buyer’s remorse… So, I took it as a “sign” that if he can do it, than I should just calm down and put some quality miles (or given that Piaggio, at least for 2007, has Euro-spec speedometers that highlight kilometers per hour in large white print with MPH in small, hard-to-see red print, perhaps I should say “quality kilometers”) on the thing before I talk myself out of it.

    Long story short, bought a silver one with a dealer modification to add a 12v charger under the seat for my cell phone. Pick it up next Saturday… and while I do look forward to eventually getting up to 1800 miles like Chris, I just want to put the first 18 behind me without killing anyone (especially me… as I have not ridden routinely since my college/grad school days 12+ years ago) or damaging this $7k “toy”. If there are some other past riders thinking of using the MP3 to come back to the road, or some total “newbies” out there ready to join in, I will keep you all posted on how things go.

  59. says

    Bought one 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it! Will soon be riding it for my 30-mile round trip to work. Handling, stability, and ride are sweet. Never had a second thought about it.

  60. kneeslider says

    I’ve put up a new post today for those of you who are new or potential owners of the Piaggio MP3. It’s over here. Share your impressions and keep us posted on any new issues you encounter, good or bad. A lot of readers here are really interested in this scooter and new owners are a lot better source of information than company websites and brochures.

  61. Peter says

    I picked up my new black MP3 five days ago and have been riding it every day since. It’s great! After an initial couple of hours getting used to the slightly odd feeling of the front end, I was having a blast. It goes well (VERY peppy for a 250) and stops even better. The underseat and “trunk” storage space is pretty amazing — I was thinking about getting the top box accessory, but am having second thoughts now, as I might not need it for regular riding. I fit my XL helmet in the back with no problem.

    I took it for a 100+ mile ride a few days ago (including the Mohawk trail between Greenfield and North Adams in Masachusetts, which encompasses a lot of turns and hills) and it handled that with aplomb. This is a great little machine, and I look forward to the arrival of the second generation MP3 with the 400cc engine.

    The only two things I have to complain about are the low windshield and the seat — it’s not very comfortable for long rides. (Of course, I’m used to a Gold Wing saddle!)

  62. mike stinson says

    do ayone knows if there are any options for this mp3 ? like a radio, remote start. I have a velux scooter 150cc with the convertable top it fully loaded cd player full windsheild, alram sys remote start, cig ligher abs 13″ wheels. So I”m trying to get more info on this mp3 scooter. please help!!!!

  63. andreas says

    I have been riding motorcycles for more than 25 years now.Had a couple of scary accidents, one involving a slippery road whilst overtaking in a bend, one on a scooter whilst having to brake hard in the wet!Well these will be a thing of the past.Have just testridden the MP3, which was so much fun and felt so safe that I ordered one straight away.I can’t wait!

  64. Bob says

    Thinking of buy a 250cc MP3 and had some questions for those that have taken the dive.

    How much did it cost out the door. My local dealer (Austin TX) is quoting me a price of $8,600. (7K for the bike, 1K for “handling charge” and $600 in taxes). The handling charge makes me weary.

    What are you finding the average MPG and top speed?
    Thanks Bob

  65. Albert says

    Listen to me everyone. I bought the 250 MP3. I’ll tell you the truth. It is a three legged horse with an accident waiting to happen. If you have never driven this type of scooter, it is a virtual suicide machine. You can not rev the engine at a stop. If you rev the engine above 2000 rpm, the front wheel locks disengage and you are suddenly eating pavement. 900 pounds of scooter on it’s side. Try to pick that up by yourself! Not to mention the possible injury to yourself. Stop and go traffic is a nightmare. If you do not engage the front wheel locks at the right time before you stop, Bam! down you go, bike and all. My MP3 is still sitting on it’s side in my storage garage because there is no one here to help me lift it back up. And get this, when it falls down, the wheel on the inside of the fall is locked up into the cowling. And pushing the locking lever does nothing when this happens. So what you have to do is get three strong people, one person on each side of the scooter and one controling the starter and locking lever at exactly the right moment, or down it falls on the opposite side. Whew!! Is all that really worth serious injury or death? This is a very dangerous scooter. Ask me, I know, I have one.

  66. says

    I have had mine for a month now and have 5000 miles on it..I rode my bmw 1150gs the other day and I will take the MP3 hands down…This is like the best Disneyland ride on the road!! I love it…

  67. Jeff from Indiana says

    I love this bike!..I have had my 250 cc MP3 for 3 weeks…and it does take a great amount of experience with the stabilizer button..You DO have to hit that sucker at the right time and point the 2-wheels at the right point (straight ahead is best, even if you will turn after stopping) to get it right..but I love it..I should be a Piaggio salesman now because in this small town, I’ve touted its virtues to at least 50 people who’ve stopped me at various places and asked plenty of questions..I prefer a bright red one over a purple one…which Piaggio calls “Dark Cherry Red”..which in American means…purple..but people like it. Does anyone know where to order a cover online for it?…I’m still waiting for one from the dealer. Anyway this is a true joy to ride…Note to Albert..I have experienced having it on it’s side…and …while it was on its side, I turned the machine on and hit the “stabilizer” button and the wheel went right back into place before I picked it up. Sorry to hear about what happened..it is a load to pick up or move by yourself. I..too would like a reverse gear..I park mine sideways in the parking spot, facing out…this way I do not have to back up..Chicks dig it..by the way..Yours, Jeff

  68. Albert says

    Thanks Jeff, I’ll try that the next time it tips over. And you can get a good deal at Sportsmans Guide for a cover. But it won’t be a custom fit and you will have to get the Deluxe cover.

  69. charles ricker says

    One owner infers that his 250 MP3 weighs 900 pounds. However, this web site lists the dry weight of the 250 as 204 kg. If my math is correct, that equates to approximately 448 pounds. I dropped my 650 cc Yahama cycle a couple of times and each case I uprighted the 500 plus cycle by myself, even tough I was 73 at the time. But there is no way that I’ll try man-handling a 900 pound cycle. Can someone state the correct weight for the 250 MP3?

  70. Albert says

    Mr Ricker, I stand corrected. After consulting my owners manual, the Kerb weight is indeed, 494 lbs or 224 kg. Thank you.

  71. Albert says

    My son is 6′ 2″ and a strong 175 lbs. He can pick my 250 MP3 up pretty easily.
    In fact he was the one who helped me pick mine up. I was very tired at the time I tried to pick it up by myself and it indeed felt like it was 900 lbs.

  72. says

    # Bob Says:
    May 10th, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    Thinking of buy a 250cc MP3 and had some questions for those that have taken the dive.

    How much did it cost out the door. My local dealer (Austin TX) is quoting me a price of $8,600. (7K for the bike, 1K for “handling charge” and $600 in taxes). The handling charge makes me weary.

    What are you finding the average MPG and top speed?
    Thanks Bob

    Hello BoB
    I got the Piaggio MP3 250cc out the door for $8,000+ (2 helmets and a 1pcs Rain suit). Good luck and hope you get one because it’s sooooo cool

  73. Ray says

    I own a 250 mp3 and it is worth every penny i paid for it . I have been riding vespas (piaggio) for over 20 years and this is the best experience ever.

  74. Alan says

    Does anyone know how well the MP3 does in the mountains? I would be riding two up for a total of 350 pounds plus anything we might want to bring along under the seat. Not looking for crotch rocket speed, need to go 55 to 60 mph up steep hills with both of us on board. Or should I be waiting for the 400 that is rumored to come to the US? Thanks!

  75. says

    Alan i have had mine for just over a month now. It’s nice driving it in the mountains, but find it just doesn’t have the power up the mountains that you would like..I was in no hurry and would pull over alot to let the car’s or cars behind me pass. Then I could go at my own speed. I find a lot of the locals are in a hurry to get home or somewhere. That is the only reason I would want the 400. But I have 6000 miles already on mine and have not had any problems driving it anywhere else..But I’m sure the 400 will be awesome the way the front 2 wheels perform. I guess it’s like buying a Sportster then you find out you want a bigger Harley..If I were you I would wait for the 400. But I will stick with the 250..I love it. Good Luck…Heck..My 250 is faster than 50% of the cars on the road..

  76. Albert says

    Hey everyone, You all want to check out some MP3 competition? How bout the, FUOCO 500ie, sorry not legal or available in the U.S. This thing looks like it could kick some A. Ghost Rider style!

  77. evelyn says

    I am an old girl and a new rider. I started on a Veno which I still enjoy . It was a great machine to take the test on……… but I love my Mp3, it seems so stable. While my husband is looking for holes and cracks in the road I only sweat the big stuff. I’m still learning about my machime but it seems great!!!!! I would love to know of other riders in NJ, especially newer riders who are still on the side streets and back roads. Are there clubs or group rides in this area? I was in Kansas City over the weekend and I was surprised to see so many scooters on the roads.

  78. Vikki says

    I test rode the 125 in May in UK. I have an ET4 which I’ve ridden for 3 years, passed test on etc.
    Have waited for the MP3 to come out since I had a nasty slide on a wet road (at slow speed only) on my ET4 and ended up with damaged bike and ankle! As I’m shall we say ‘middle aged’ this shook me up and has made me nervous.
    The MP3 is a different feel to ride, I did find it hard to cope with the locking wheel bit and was advised by the dealer to leave that until I was confident of the ride, which was good advice. SO by the end of the hour I was able to do the lock at the lights and feel OK about it. But I can see the weight and backing is a problem. I am in process of buying a 125cc as I only want to commute in town and make the odd trip out so this is fine for me. I love the space, I can get my laptop under the seat instead of strapped on top of the seat in the rain, which will make me happy.
    So for older riders, I’d say go for it, it is much more stable and secure than the two wheels.

  79. Lee says

    In 2006 I purchased a Harley Davidson V-Rod and also a Stella scooter. I have 2 BMW;s about 5 off road bikes and also a Honda Helix scooter: In May I purchased a MP-3: The BMW’s are up for sale the H-D is at the dealer on consigment. and the Honda and several off road bikes are for sale. Not sure about the Stella: The MP-3 is the best bike I have ever ridden. IT is FUN, FUN, FUN!!! You have to ride one to see. I really enjoy going up to other bikes at a stop sign and not putting my foot down and taking my hands off the handle bars. Also if you are going up hill and you let off the brake it will roll back and that really gets the stares.. I go up a 7 deg hill and it will do 70 MPH and I am 215 lbs. Also I live at 9200 ft. On dirt or gravel roads the HD’s or anything else will not keep up. It is the BEST 2 wheel unit I have ever purchased or ridden!! Also it is so easy to go up the ramp in the toy hauler and tie it down.
    Everything else can go but I am keeping this!

  80. says

    Lee I agree with you..I have ridden them all but my MP3 is a keeper..I bought it in April and have 13000 miles on it already..I have met a lot of bikers that are very interested in it….Some use their bikes for commuting and you can know how that is shifting all the time and stop and go..I even had a gal with a $28000 Harley trike with a volkswagon tranny pull me over wanting to buy the MP3..She said she get’s mad when she rides with other bikes and they cut betwwen cars and she can’t..But from most of the people I talk to they are waiting for the 400cc to arrive here..Not me I’m happy with the 250cc..And we don’t have to wait..We are riding now..

  81. Roland Havens says

    Just got my MP-3 last Saturday; and it’s a blast!–sooo stable, and not just on curves, but anywhere you ride; it just has a solid feel to it. My main beef, if I had one, is the pickup between about 25-40 mph–it’s solid off the line, but then bogs down a little. But after all, it’s just a 250—when the 400 comes out I should be just about ready for a change-up!

  82. Thom Karlmann says

    Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum. I ride a Vino 125, and I am fairly well read on the MP3, and I rode one around the parking lot from a dealer. I have questions:

    1) When parking the MP3, is the parking brake locked by the ignition switch? I am worried that some naer-do-well could come by, flip the parking lever to unlocked, and my precious MP3 goes rolling away!

    2) Parking again: Does the ignition switch lock the wheels turned as with most bikes? So, if I do not use the parking brake, the MP3 just rolls away?? (without using the centerstand)

    3) Is there an online MP3 owners manual available?

    4) When I am at a stoplight, and I have the hydraulics locked, no feet down, now I want to go, can I move slowly off and the hydraulics will unlock when I am at a slow but stable speed? Or must I put a foot down somewhere in this process? Is the speed at which the front wheel system unlocks something that I can adjust (owners manual)?

    5) has anyone tried to get the “winterizing kit” for the MP3? My understanding is that this includes tires, windshield, grip warmers, lap warmer, etc.

    P.S. I have this nasty habit of asking tough questions — sorry.
    The MP3 seems like a great bike — I think I want one.


  83. George in Utah says

    Albert & Charles: Piaggio USA web site http://www.piaggiousa.com/pScooters/MP3Specs.cfm lists the wt for the 250 version at 450 lbs, so this agrees with this web site. If you’re fairly strong, like able to bench press 150 lbs, I would think you could stand one up if you get the wheels locked 1st.
    I just read about these in yesterday’s newspaper and am very interested. Maybe I’ll get one and keep my old car instead of upgrading the car as I was planning. I’ve read they get about 100 km on 4L gas, so just under 60 mpg I believe. That’s about 3x my car’s!
    A higher windscreen would be helpful- fall and spring mornings can be very chilly here in Utah and I would want to be able to commute at least 6-7 mos a yr with it.

  84. says

    I had the same question what is the procedure when starting out with the lock. Also when it does lean over how far does it go or does it lay right on its side?


  85. les says

    I read Albert on may 15 stated he had a 900lb. mp3 and couldn’t pick it up. i guess he must of had two of them welded together because the mp3 scooter i looked at was only about 450lb and i could lift it by my self. Also, it not a racing bike who needs to rev to 2000 rpm to take off for a stop. I would advise any one to take a look at this bike before believing everything that is printed here. I think the price is high but the concept if far better than the two wheel scooter or bike. I was thinking about waiting for the 400cc but the more i think about it a 250cc will get from point a to b in almost the same time as a 400cc will. Check this theory out in city traffic.

  86. Jason says

    Bought this bike for my wife and it is awesome. Stability is unbelievable, and picks up speed just fine. Have about five hundred miles on the bike and the gas mileage is steadily increasing, about 65mpg right now. My wife doesnt even have to put her feet down with the locking mechanism!

  87. Chris Luna says

    I just turned 50. I looked at and was going to purchase a Vespa 150. I took a basic rider course so I would feel safer on the rode. After completing the course the 150 was not going to cut it. I purchased my MP3 and have had it for three months. I am a very cautious rider. I stick to the back streets. It is comfortable and fun to ride. I have 650 miles on my MP3. My fuel pump failed the first week I had it. The dealer replaced the fuel pump and now my MP3 runs fine. I am still getting used to it due to my commute being 16 miles a day. When ever I leave the MP3 home my husband and 12 year old son are out on it. I am only 5’5 and I do not have any problem pushing it out of my garage. Reverse would be nice but not necessary. I have the top case and it is great. I am looking into the lap cover now that the weather is cooling off.

  88. Glenn says

    Just bought my MP3 250CC last week and find its perfect here in Sydney Australia for around town use,it handles all kind of road conditions extremely well and as a 54 year old find it the perfect motorscooter,Piaggio are on good thing
    and im sure will sell loads of them all over the world.Now if can only fit my surfboard to it i will be happy.

  89. howard borger says

    great! had mine for 4 months. crazy looks, stops at traffic lights envoke regular questions..even at license dept. the cops came out to check out the vehicle. very safe, but only as good as the driver. I’m a long time harley rider, but the ole gal sits in the garage. much rather take the mp3 out for a ride. storage is great, but as a 5ft4in dude, i like the locking mechanism for backing the scoot out. don’t have to worry about it falling over. it takes a awhile to get the hang of locking the front wheels when approaching a stop if you don’t want to put a foot down. particularly good on uneven pavement and inclines. gets around 60 mpg in town with lots of short runs, i imagine much better if i did more freeway riding. have gotten mine up to 80 mph..it doesn’t mind being run a full throttle, but recommend you wait until after first oil change at around 600 miles

  90. Ben H says

    I got my MP3 on Saturday, so I’ve been riding non-stop for 4 days on busy London roads.

    This is my first motorcycle of any kind, therefore (under UK law) I’ve had to make do with the 125 until I pass my motorcycle test, after which I’ll trade it in for the 400.

    My thoughts so far: The 125 is very underpowered (I’m fairly heavy, so it struggles to get much above 50MPH), but for rush hour commuting, driving slow is more important than driving fast. It’s a little too wide for stress free weaving in and out of traffic (although this might improve as I gain confidence), and it’s really heavy for lugging in and out of my garage in which it is stored at night.


    It’s amazingly good fun – the roads are icy here, yet it sticks to the road. It’s comfortable and stable for a beginner, and I feel my confidence growing daily. The storage is amazing – it swallows up spare clothing, laptops and everything else with ease. I absolutely love it!

  91. Ben H says

    Oh – and a quick question – I can’t seem to switch the ignition to the “Lock” position – am I missing something here? Is there so trick to it, or does it not work on the 125?

  92. says

    I have now ridden an MP3 250 through London traffic for 7 months. I have covered 4000 miles, so probably know a little about riding this machine. I have ridden scooters since 1967 and still have my Lambretta SX200 in parade condition.

    The Mp3 is a great machine, the 250 will cruise at 70 miles an hour and weaves through London nearly as well as the PX 200 it replaced. The big screen gives great protection from the rain, and it swallows huge amounts of gear. So far so good.

    I think Piaggio need their brains tested, a £4000 scooter that comes with one (practical)key and in central London is impossible, (after 7 months of intelligent search)to duplicate?

    I am on my fourth set of brake shoes. I am told that this is reasonable by my dealer. I cannot get through to anybody at Piaggio to talk to in any sensible way. To ruin such a good machine with such sloppy customer service is stupid.

    Buy this bike inspite of the agro it is well worth it but be prepared to havr to prod Piaggio to get their act right.

    The Lambretta? Now there was serious unreliability when it was new!

  93. clevername says

    in response to noname (9) comment about 250 cc’s on the highway.

    i have a 250 cc Yamaha Morphous and take it on the highway all the time. top speed is 78 mph. i never feel like i am being blown around either.

    this MP3 looks really freakin sweet. however, italian scooter maintenance and reliably cannot be compared to a Yamaha.

  94. Ray Spencer says

    My 250 cc.MP3 is about to have its first service 1000kms. I would recommend this bike to anyone I’m 68 and over the last five years I have had a 250 Honda, a 250 Suzuki Bergman and a Suzuki 650 Bergman. For speed the 650 cc wins hands down, But for Safety, comfort and everything else, give me my MP3. We in Melbourne, Australia, have tram lines to contend with. They are dangerous for any 2 wheeler, but the MP3 goes over them like a car. We also have a State Government that collects Millions of Dollars in taxes and fines and only spends thousands on the repair of our roads. You need a MP3 to negotiate the Holes, bumps and poor surfaces. The stable MP3 gives me one less thing to worry about.

  95. Lee says

    I road a MP-3 and purchased it. I then sold my HD V-Rod screeming eagle. Also sold my BMS’s. The MP-3 is the most amazing cycle I have ever ridden. My first was a Lambretta in 1957 and have owned and ridden many cycles since. I live on a dirt road and have seen many HD’s and other 2 wheel cycles go down on this type of small round gravel. NOT the MP-3. This cycle is more safe than anything I have ever ridden. Try going around a corner with small round gravel on the road or down rail road tracks that cross the road at a angle. LOVE THIS CYCLE!!! Boy does it turn corners and no way can I say enough about it. The one I have is a 250CC but I have on order a 400 cc. The storage is fantastic (can hold golf clubs) and the only problem is talking to all the people that want to talk about it even when you are at a red light and have a helmet on.
    The 250 I ride from Alburquerque to Denver with no problems on the freeway and less problem with big trucks and motor homes passing than any other cycle I have ever owned even the HD, Honda Goldwing, BMW RT even tho they are lot heaver. I have several more cycles to sell but NOT the MP-3
    Yes they cost more but they are worth every cent. After owning mine I would have payed more!!

  96. Ray Spencer says

    Love reading other people’s experiences with the MP3. I’ve had my 250 cc for about 2 months now. The more I ride it, the more I enjoy it …..
    I’m surprised with some of the questions, I had an instruction manual supplied with the bike in numerous languages. So its available from Piaggio. As for stopping at the lights etc. I put my feet down to stop, then flick the locking lever to lock. This way you can concentrate on the road and not be watching the little yellow light to see if its stopped blinking and locked. I’ve had trouble with the clutch slipping and making a noise. Its being replaced under warranty. Has any one else had this trouble ? They say (My dealer) Its caused by me riding the clutch. I’ve had about 20 different scooters over the years and never had this problem with any of them. Perhaps its just this one off ! Apart from that, I’m delighted with this fantastic safe scooter. As for Albert’s comments May 14th. Do you work for the opposition are you trying to put others off this bike ! It has not washed with me Pal ….

  97. VICTOR M ORTIZ says

    i want information about piaggio 3 wheel mp3, in puerto rico is to mucho expenceil
    you is the cost , is you have financial for this scooter 2500, 400 or 500 cc

  98. ankit gupta says

    i am intrested to do my project on 3 wheel wps type scooter. in my project i will design and produce a small similer scooter.
    please guide me.
    waiting your positive reply.Ill

  99. Monte Simpson says

    I test drove an MP3 250 last week. What a blast. This truly is a novel vehicle that provides a unique solution to the commuting nightmare for many people. I say kudos to Piaggio for having the guts and vision to make it available. As it catches on, I think we will see a lot of bike and auto manufacturers following their lead. My only challenge now is to decide whether I get a 250 or 400 model.

    One word of caution to current owners who may not have figured this out yet. Although the three-wheel stance of the MP3 is more stable that a two wheeler, you can still have a low-side fall if you skid in a turn. Since the vehicle also tilts while in turns, it is still possible to get your center of gravity inside the pivot point of your inside wheels. If your wheels start skidding while you are in that position, you will go down. That’s just basic physics that applies to any vehicle skidding laterally in a turn.

    I only say this so that all you avid MP3 riders don’t get too overconfident and spoil your fun. Don’t become like one of those bozos with their SUV in a ditch who thought that they could pass six vehicles at once in the snow just because they had 4-wheel drive.

  100. CJ says

    I just test drove a 250cc mp3 and I’m sold. But the price – whoa! The dealer has a used one with about 2,000 miles on it. Any advice on what to look for (or avoid) in buying used? He said the rear tire has been replaced but it’ll still have 2 years on the extended warranty.

    Hope to be on the road soon!

  101. says

    I have been driving mine for about 2 months now and absolutely love it. My commute is about 15mi one way through small streets and major ones. And daily I am asked who makes it? or that is one cool bike…where did you get it? The mileage is around 56mpg but much better than my 15mpg Mustange or 17mpg Ranger. $12 to fill the tank rather than $60.

  102. martha webb says

    could you please tell me where the nearest dealer is in the new york state, mass, vermont, and conn or a phone number so that we can call and get different model numbers, gas mileage and pricing
    thank you

  103. Ricardo says

    I’ve completed my first 500 miles on my new MP3 and I am having a lot of fun. Highway (HOV) performance is good, this is my first scooter/motorcycle and I feel very confident riding it at 65/75 mph. Secondary roads with twists and turns is much more fun. I was hoping to get a bike with good brakes, enhanced stability and good response and this is exactly it! Mileage is about 55 mpg, which I guess is adequate. Acceleration is very good and fun. Only disadvantage is that is pretty heavy, especially on the front. Still have to get used to all the weigh when stopping and starting, of course it is extremely stable at higher speeds. The locking mecanism is absolutely great and makes traffic light wainting abslutely worry and effort free. Did I mention I am having lots of fun! Can wait until my next ride.

  104. Irridum says

    I have been riding and racing bikes since I was 11. I put about 15k miles per year on my truck & average 90+k miles a year on my bikes. Some of the bigger cities might offer a few problems for 250cc during a highway commute but those will be rare. It’s just as easy to ride my 250cc scooter during high speed commutes as it is my 1500cc Goldwing. I think that even though it is over priced the 250cc version is a good vehicle for many US commuters and with the insane fuel prices it will continue to rise on the list.

  105. Bernie says

    I’ve been riding my MP3 for a year now and I’m loving it. It drives just like any other scooter/motorcycle except that you feel much more confident because of the increased stability in turns and uneven pavement, not to mention the phenomenal braking of 3 discs. This thing can crank through the turns too.

    I get about 60 MPG and have had it up to 80 MPH on the highway. It is a pretty heavy scooter (450 lbs) so it has no problem going fast.

    I also purchased the optional top hat carrier for the back and I would recommend it because the large carrying capacity it gives you and that it easily converts to a flat bed carrying rack with one turn of the key to pull off the compartment.

    Last but not least, it is fun watching everyone do a double-take when they look at this machine and try to figure out how it works. You’ll definitely get stopped and asked about it when you ride it.


  106. Denny Cloud says

    I read that you have a 1990 Honda CH250 Elite scooter. I am trying to find a replacement windshield (apparently, it was an accessory back then.) Do you know where I might find one?



  107. Mikey says

    I just purchased the 2008 Piaggio MP3 500 and I Love it. I don’t do all the corners like I see on videos but it certainly does a great job. It’s cool to see all these “Thumbs up” when I go by. The interstate rides are neat because people tend to think you belong on the sidewalk until you pass them up.The 500cc has all the zip you want and actually all the zip you need for that style of bike. I went up to 75mph and it really handled nice. Only one thing, I wish I could get some pegs to rest my feet. I don’t really know if they make any. MP3 means MPG Happy riding everyone!

  108. says


  109. Lori says

    I have the 400 and I love it! I live in Michigan and performs just fine on the highways. It also handles well, gets great gas mileage, and turns heads everywhere I ride. :) I also can’t keep my husband off of it.

    The State of Michigan does require you to obtain a motorcycle license. I don’t know the requirements for any other State or Country.

    I love my Scooter/Bike! I hope to join or form a 3-Wheeled Club in my area.


  110. says

    I am very interested in one of the MP3 scooters. Now have to wait until spring.
    Rick(#139) by now you should have been to http://www.piaggiousa.com/pScooters/MP3500.cfm for the cost for the MP3 500 in US. The site shows $8,899.
    Lori(#138) I live in Northern Michigan in the snow belt. About an hour south of Mac Bridge. Did you find a Scooter/Bike, 3-Wheeled Club, club where ever you are, which is where? Or did you start one?
    How does the MP3 400 handle on the type of roads you are using, X-way, side roads, in traffic?

  111. mp3 sounds awesome says

    im 15 years old and my family wants a moped to share because of the high gas prices. i live in Jersey,and in case this state laws arent annoying enough, its nearly impossible finding a “street legal moped” NJ law states that you need to be 15, have a moped license, and insurane, no problems in getting that though. the problem is that they want it to be under 50cc (no more than 25 mph possible), it needs to have pedals too! can you imagine? i have searched for a month straight and i cant find a halfway decent moped/scooter living up to those specifications. can a fellow new jersian please help make this a little more clear for me? am i breaking the law if my family gets a mp3?

  112. Monte says

    I can’t believe they are charging so much for this scooter! Do the people that have that much money to throw around believe that we think they are as cool as they feel? 7000.00 is to some almost a years salary, and when there are other scooters availbale for 1/7 or so of the price, wouldn’t one show more common sense by buying one of them? Only when you show the makers of this scooter and expensive cars that people are not silly enough to spend that much on something like this, will they bring the prices down to where they should be. I will see you on the road, as I pass you on my 1500.00 scooter…getting the same gas milage or better, going just as fast, and in just as much comfort.

  113. Cas says

    I own a MP3 250 (2007) and need to replace the left front fender (turn signal assembly is fine). Does anyone know where I can purchase this?

  114. BrassRing says

    I have been riding an MP3 for about 60 days now and I love it. It has about the same power as my Jeep Wrangeler Rubicon, but is a whole lot more fun. It gets somewhere around 70 to 75 mpg. It goes on the freeway with ease and it moves along quite nicely at around 65 mph. I live in Sonoma County in California and the road here are often bad … pot holes, cracks in the pavement, gravel on the road, etc. The extra front wheel makes this bike much more foregiving. A valve stem issue dropped the pressure in one of the front tires to a low level and the only handling issue is that the bike’s handling felt a bit sluggish. Sadly, Piaggio has not seem fit to send enough of these to the USA market. The local dealer has a waiting list. I was lucky and happened to walk in with $8200 in hand when they had two in stock. By the time that I picked up mine, it was the only one. I don’t believe that they have any new ones at this moment.

  115. Dr. Terrance A Austin says

    Price on Piaggio , 3 wheel scooter in quan of 1.

    Will you deliiver to my home in Fort Mohave, AZ 86426

    Does it come full of water and gas, ready to drive?

    What is gas milage in mpg

    Dr. Terrance A Austin

  116. Richard R. Jefford says

    Have a 2009 MP3 500 with 450 miles. Used in urban setting and is a great bike for going to stores and just taking in a ride. Only complaint a few stalls. Bike is super stable and confortable to ride. The 500 has plenty of powere for everyday use while leaving a small carbon footprint. I spend as much time in the garage cleaning as riding love the looks and so does everone else as I cannot go 1 block without stares comments and loads of questions from what is it how much and even does it shoot missles. with three wheels and suspension a soft ride is given even onharsh roads, three disc brakes generates stopping power beyond cars and two wheel bukes and bike stability is unreal never have used centerstand. if thinking of a great bike without shifting plus storage just be ready to answer many questions great bike for meeting people from all waks of life poor to super rich stop and talk to you.

  117. Richard says

    You do not have a clue. I had two scooter a 125 and 150 from china cast 1,200 and 1,900.00 no power bad brakes and dangerous everything falls apart seat hingers etc so since i did not want a motorcyle to shift foe personal reasons i was lucky enough to see this on motorweek and two months later called and dealer had one and was able to test it and take it home this was 2 weeks before finacial meldown. expensive for me yes however last bike
    i need to buy the cheap scooters and bikes dont last and many cant be insured they are so bad to each there own but 2 cheap bikes and breakdowns and repairs and lack of parts and try to have someone help you I had to move on

    To Robert
    AGREE AGREE AGREE Glove box would be nice but a good Motorcycle Jacket takes care of that wish it had a gps oncenter cluster so you can switch from twmp to where am I.

    To Doug I have been riding 2 years and have a 500 so after 40 years of riding I take your work and agree. Just wish it was a little less in the super high attention area. I need to ride behind a UFO maybe?

  118. parisa abbasi says

    we have a motorcycle factory in IRAN , and we have business in uk, we would like to know that if we can acompany with you and be your agency in IRAN,,also we want to know to know about your conditions to become a part of your business. or if we can buy piaggio pieces to assemble them, or if we could sell them. and we will be glad if you inform us about that.
    your sincerely

  119. says

    I was walking down Long Beach boulevard when I saw for the first time a two front-wheeled scooter and I was blown away. I’ve been thinking about this innovative concept for the first time. I found this article helpful and informative. It’s definitely something I would seriously consider buying. Kudos on the cool concept.

  120. says

    I saw one of these crusing through Tribeca in Manhattan last week. Been researching them in the Web ever since. This will be my first bike. Love the idea of stability and CVT means no gear shifting. Do you have to blend gas and oil to run this?

  121. Peter Koulianos says

    I as well,would like to know if the three wheel piaggio is sold in Greece ? do you have a european address ? It seems perfect for an old timer like me.Please send me some information .Your list of people interested is unbelieveable. Thank’s Peter K

  122. Lucky D. says

    I have the MP3 500 and all i can say it is a lot of fun. I have taken it on Ortega and it can hit the hair pin turns really nice. The only down fall is that it does scrap if you lean it to the max but it’s not that bad. Also in SoCal I can still split traffic. I’ve done it through the 5fwy in Downtown LA where it was rush hour. I had enough room to squeeze by. I truely get about 43.7mpg with Highway and City driving. I ride with throttle wide open most of the time. I have ridden it through a down poor and it did well. I can feel it slip a bit but not enough for me to pull over and call for a ride. It is my first bike so I can’t say too much or compare it to others but it can handle the freeway and over take other cars.

  123. B Adekyn says

    Let’s talk Cap and Trade. What most Americans are not yet aware of is their own future little “Carbon Card.” You will have to use it to fill up and you will only be allowed so many gallons of gasoline/diesel with out exceeding your limits. You will then be required to pay a tax to purchase additional gallons. That makes this vehicle not only important but it will be even highway worthy as the number of large vehicles start getting set aside. Oh! Thanks Obama you are such a prince. Whatever, happened to freedom?
    Sorry about the political post part but if I didn’t know what was coming I wouldn’t be looking for this type of alternative transportation.

  124. Jon Von Erb says

    I just purchased a MP3 and love it already. It seems freeway safe to me and hums right along as a good engine should. I do have one question. Does anyone know what grade oil it takes? I’d like to know as the oil light came on after a ride and I don’t have a manual; as I got a pre-owned from 2007.