Peugeot Jet Force 125 Compressor

Peugeot Jet Force 125 CompressorJust the other day I was talking about high performance alternative engines and my focus was on hybrids, electrics and new technologies. But how about making performance where you don't expect it with conventional engines? Peugeot makes a supercharged scooter, the Jet Force 125 Compressor, and it is just what the name implies, a 125cc scooter with a blower. They say it runs like a 250cc at least, but an article in Motorcyclist magazine by Alan Cathcart, says it takes on 400cc and 500cc motorcycles plus the usual run of cars. The thing probably gets great mileage, too.

It's like I said, show people a positive alternative to what they have and they'll try lots of new things. Scooters are getting more attention these days and this is certainly different. I know I'd like to give this a whirl but I don't think it's in the U.S. Very cool.


  1. phil says

    i personally own a peugeot jetforce 125 they are very reliable and very quick!! when i say quick they will leave most cars from the lights and still looking to go the other side!! my bike standard does 70mph top speed derestricted i have been told will touch the 100mph zone

  2. Prophetuk says

    DON’T Touch a Jet force with a barge pole or something longer, May look great but build quality is very poor. many people have problems with them in the UK check out Peugeot know they have a problem and no one wants to admit its rubbish, but dont take my word for it ask the dealers no-one sells them anymore that i could find.

  3. says

    good points ? when it running its good thats when its running ? AND not in the dealers. in the 1st year of owning the jetforce compressor it spent 7 months out of the 12 in the dealership and it has been back to peugeot themselves and the problems are stil on going 3.5k?