Perhaps the Ultimate Barn Find Estate Auction

One of many Indian motorcycles for sale at the ultimate barn find estate auction

1941 Indian 4 - One of many Indian motorcycles for sale at the ultimate barn find estate auction

The words "barn find" tend to be overused, however, this may very well be, as the auctioneers have named it, the "ultimate barn find estate auction." It's a jaw dropper. It's the estate of William L. King Jr who was involved in racing his whole life and evidently spent much of his money and many years collecting an enormous number of vehicles and parts.

Some of the Indian cylinders and engine parts

Some of the Indian cylinders and engine parts

Indian motorcycle collectors and restorers, be sure to check this out!

If you like any kind of vintage and antique items, not just vehicles, this is for you, but if you're a motorhead, well, this is REALLY for you. Indian motorcycles, lots of motorcycles, engines and parts, sheet metal, trim, sidecars, it's huge. Harleys, too. Then there are the Corvettes and all kinds of engines and parts for muscle cars and tractors and toys and guns and furniture and ..., well, you get the idea.

The estate is in southern Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati, but the auction itself is online. It looks like they're adding more items constantly as they go through and catalog everything.

Very, very interesting.

Thanks for the tip, Ed!

Link: Penny Worley Auctioneers

Check out the video below for an idea of what's there.


  1. cowpieapex says

    You had me at the thumbnail.
    These Indian fours will always be the best example of what to me is the most elegant era of vehicular design.
    If you have the money, taste and skill, get out there and acquire, restore and, most important, ride these rare and wonderful machines.
    I, for one, will thank you directly for the heart stopping moment of witnessing the true balance of art and technology they embody.

  2. Zippy says

    A few years back in Hotrod magazine they featured a collection left by a man who owned a farm implement business in the upper mid west. He spent 30+ years buying GM muscle cars and going to swap meets. They found 16 full size semi trailers welded shut and backed up to each other in the back 40. 17 was being filled when he died.

    Vettes of all years, big block camaros and chevelles, NOS M22 rock crushers, 4 speed 396 COPO Impalas, Low mileage 6 cylinder camaro convertibles, Factory FI from the 50s, Boxs and boxs of factory Hurst shifters. It went on for 16 full trailer loads. The nephews kept a few of the early vettes and sold the entire collection for well into the 6 figures. This was during the Barett Jackson boom days.

    What else is out there??

  3. JasonB says

    Why bother going through the hassle of an auction? Just put a price of a couple of million on it and call Jay Leno- he’ll just end up with the best of it anyway. If they must go through the auction dog and pony show, his straw man buyers will just pay whatever it takes to make sure it all goes to Jay and his Big Dog Garage. If he wants those Indians and Corvettes, nobody else has a chance to own them- he has more money to spend on them than anybody else. You can’t compete with an “entertainer” with tens of millions of dollars in disposable income. Sorry. Game over.

  4. Barry Brown says

    Jason your comment could not be more incorrect about Jay. I know Jay and he takes great care NOT to step on any less well heeled collectors ambitions. Each of his purchases is well thought out
    in every aspect. He is a model of integrity and an example that others with his resources would do well to follow.

  5. Mikey says

    THREE H-1’s? drool.
    I’m 100 miles south of this place and have no intention of going there. I’ll wait for the video. It will be cheaper.

  6. akaaccount says

    There’s a fine line between being awesome and mentally ill. This guy was about as far as you can go into the former while being just shy of the latter.

  7. Zippy says

    Jason B, there is one very easy way to outbid an entertainer. Simply do not watch televison. I watch less than 5 minutes a month of TV. My life is much much better for it. I see no downside at all.

    Give it a try.

  8. wannaby says

    I aggree 100 percent that the fours are the ultimat my beef is why nobody has made a modern version for the younger gen like a honda inline four , and I dont mean a slug like the dakoda four somthing like a streetfighter stripped down modern dependable fuor based on the indian,or for us older guys a dresser version or even some kind of build it yourself kit to do it how you want

    • Big Mick says

      I was thinking the same thing mate. BMW nearly went there with the K bikes, but the nearest thing has to be a Triumph Rocket 3.
      Think I’ll build something myself, but using a small car engine!

      Cheers, Mick.

      • Frechy says

        I designed a modern 4, nothing in common with the dakota watercooled ,streamlined as the original, lighter, 989cc shaft driven with girder inspired front end(a bit like the BMW K12) mono shock rear suspension, etc… Gilroy wasnt interested back then nor the 2 that came after that. More”sport bike” then cruiser, ihad hope. Now its just a cool poster on my wall. The sad thing is after cost analisis, the retail would have been around $16,000. My logic was why compete in an already over-saturated Vtwin market with a true “retro look” with all the modern goodies. It could have been built in USA with no out of US parts! Even made drawings for a similar set up but all electric bike…

  9. joe says

    This was not a barn find,the guy’s been collecting for years and some of the bikes and cars are late models.He was a collector and a restorer that was well known.

  10. Jim Kunselman says

    Wow, what a set-up! But, to paraphrase an old saying…..
    If you want to make a small fortune as a motorcycle collector, first you start with a large fortune.

  11. Mikey says

    hold on. there’s a dynamic auction?
    as in penny auction? one of them things where it costs me to bid???
    and nobody can actually go see the stuff at this “auction”?
    “online only”?

    you sure got lotsa rules for somebody who wants to sell me something, you know that?

    I mean, if you really wanted to move this stuff as an auction, you have an auction.
    What’s more, auctions imply physical inspections allowed.
    This is obviously an auction – bid – site. designed to take money for nothing.
    Also, they make a pre-charge for $100 against your CC before they’ll “let” you bid, (not to say there might be a legit reason) but I originally thought that was the whole purpose behind credit cards.
    sorry. not gonna drool over pictures.

    To the Kneeslider readers:
    before you object to this rant, go visit the link. read the fine print.
    then decide if you want to participate.


    • Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

      “read the fine print. then decide if you want to participate.”

      Yes, read …

      The “pre-charge” of $100 is a hold, not a charge. If you don’t buy anything, there’s nothing charged against your card and the hold is removed. It’s the same as when you register at a hotel, they place a hold which verifies that your card is valid and that at least that amount is available. It also verifies your identity.

      Yes, it’s an online auction, like eBay and lots of others. The property has security, obviously and they do not allow folks to wander around. Did you contact them to arrange an inspection of any items before bidding? Online auctions allow many more people to bid beyond those who can show up in person. Buyers for items like this are spread far and wide and may want to bid but cannot travel themselves.

      If you don’t agree with the terms of the auction, don’t bid. Problem solved.

  12. Jerry Jenkins says

    Hey Mikey, this is Jerry with Worley Auctioneers. Dynamic Auction is nothing like “Penny Auction”, Dynamic Auction means the auction software will emulate a “Live” auction, meaning as long as there is bidding activity on a particular item the bidding will extend 5 minutes, unlike Ebay when everything closes. Keep in mind, IT COSTS NOTHING TO BID!!!, ONLY TO BUY. This is a REAL auction conducted by REAL licensed Auctioneers. We have been Live auctioneers for almost 20 years. We prefer to use the online method because of the vast demographic of Corvette and Indian collectors. You stated that you cannot see the items?? This is NOT true, we have a 2 day Inspection on October 14th & 15th all day long in order to allow bidders to view everything in person, start motorcycles and cars, touch and feel everything if they choose too. We are a legit company and take very much pride in doing business the RIGHT way. Please call me if you have any questions- 513.313.9178