What could you machine with the Pocket NC?

Pocket NC 5 Axis Desktop CNC is Ready - Already sold out on Kickstarter

A couple of years ago, we showed you the Pocket NC, a 5 axis CNC milling machine that fits on your desktop. It was still in development, but it looked absolutely amazing. The big question for many at that time was, “What about software?” Well, they continued development until it was ready for sale, put […]

3D printed jet engine

3D Printing Functional Jet Engines - Taking the technology past the hype

If you’ve been following along as new technologies advance, you already know 3D printing is heavily hyped. Just think of all of the things we’ll be able to print on demand, they say, unfortunately, those things usually look … not very functional often disappoint. Lately, though, the quality has been rising while the variety of […]

Erik Buell Racing files for receivership

Erik Buell Racing Closes Down - Files for court protection from creditors

Erik Buell Racing has closed the doors and is filing for receivership, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. After being closed down by Harley Davidson, it looked like Erik was back on his feet and Erik Buell Racing was doing well, but perhaps that was only on the track. I’m actually surprised, I thought the […]