Automated trucks in constant communication with vehicles all around

Riding Motorcycles Among the Robots - You're going to need a transponder

A little while back we has a pretty lively discussion about robots on our roads, but, even with the rapidly approaching technology, you still have a little time before the mass adoption of robotic vehicles makes every trip a chance to catch up on your sleep, but, near term, there may be some intermediate steps […]

The first Musket 1120 Magnum is finished and delivered

The Musket 1120 Magnum by Aniket Vardhan is Finished - It all started with an idea

The very first Musket completed for a customer has been delivered. It’s the Musket 1120 Magnum with a full 1120cc engine, based on the Royal Enfield single, but with custom designed and cast crankcase, cylinders, connecting rods and crankshaft, this engine is far more Aniket Vardhan than Royal Enfield. A new engine builder emerges in […]