Nimbus Motorcycles May Live Again

Nimbus Type C

Nimbus Type C

Though Nimbus motorcycles aren't as well known in the States as they are in Europe, due to their Danish origins, they do have a devoted following. Quite a few owners ride them regularly and have even taken them on extended trips. If Claus Støvlbæk Clausen has his way, you'll be able to do that yourself on a brand new Nimbus. He's recently purchased rights to produce and sell the vintage machine and his aim is to manufacture a reproduction of the Type C, bringing it up to meet the necessary safety standards for current use.

The Nimbus Type C was introduced in 1934. It has a frame made of riveted metal strips instead of round tubing and is powered by an inline four cylinder engine using shaft drive. How faithfully Clausen follows the design and engineering of the original will probably depend on what current regulations allow, though he admits some parts of the motorcycle are already being redesigned.

He would like to begin production in 2015, but, as projects of this sort often do, it depends on finding investors willing to back the operation. I'd love to see it happen and wish him the best, there's always room for one more.

Thanks Jeremy, for the tip!

Link: Copenhagen Post


  1. Dr Robert Harms says

    I have a relatively pieced together 1950 Nimbus and YES they are waaaaaay cool.

  2. Dr Robert Harms says

    FYI – check out the goodies on the pic : sheet metal bat wing handlebars, exposed rockers, gear driven SOCH that runs THROUGH the generator (!!), 3 speed trans with anti-theft padlock hasp, flat bar steel frame , rubber band suspension on front and rear seats, super early adoption –may be earliest–tele forks.

    What else would you expect from a vacuum cleaner manufacturer ???

  3. GenWaylaid says

    I’ve seen a couple of these at vintage motorcycle shows and they are sweet-looking bikes. I hope Claus Clausen keeps true to the original concept of a compact, moderate-speed touring bike. Too many revivals of older brands cram in modern engines that generate WAY more power than anyone would ever need.

    It’s a long shot that Claus would manage to get these bikes in production at a reasonable price, let alone get them certified for sale in the U.S. (or worse, in California). If he manages that feat, a Nimbus just might replace my CX500 as my backroads-touring bike.

  4. Paulinator says

    I’ve seen a few of these bikes and they are absolutely charming machines. I could see a cult-following forming around a viable (pronounced “financially-attainable”) offering.

  5. Søren Enghave Larse says

    In the Year 1969 – 70 i owned a Nimbus 1956, solo gearede bike, (most was gearede for sidecar) I can only say this is a truley charmeing , strong and reliable bike. This is the only bike I drover through the Danish Winther, through the snow on my Way to School every Day. I World shurly like to have one again somme Day.
    Stay Safe & enjoy youself Søren