Nembo 32 Inverted Triple Track Testing Video

Nembo 32 inverted triple at the track for mid range rpm testing

Nembo 32 inverted triple at the track for mid range rpm testing

Daniele Sabatini says they have been doing more track testing on the Nembo 32 inverted triple and put up a video of the latest session, the aim here was for tuning in the medium RPM range. He also says this is the first video that shows the bike out on the track. Development seems to be progressing though the engine sounds a little rough yet at times, but that's what track tests are all about and not surprising when you think about how different the design is from previous sport bike engines.

Nembo 32 inverted triple development team

Nembo 32 inverted triple development team

Just over a year ago, when we first showed you this engine, some questioned whether it would even run. Now it's out on the track for test and tune sessions. Pretty neat. Check out the video below.


  1. Scott says

    I love the idea of trying different things, but has there ever been any clear explanation of the theoretical advantage of this configuration? That’s the part that loses me.

  2. GuitarSlinger says

    I’m at a total loss as to why they’re doing this . Nice that it works and all , but like everyone else here so far : the real issue is …….. WHY ?

    Informed and Curious people want to know ,…. so how bout it Paul ?

    An explanation from the builders perhaps ?

  3. o2bjang says

    I have to agree with everyone here. I don’t see the advantage in this design. It seems to me the design is actually raising the center of gravity rather than lowering it. That being said, it does sound beautiful on the track.

  4. Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

    If all of you follow the link in the article to our original post on this engine, I included the press release where Daniele Sabatini explains his reasoning for this design for both the engine and the bike they’re wrapping around it.

  5. cycledave says

    This bike is so different and weird that I must have one. Absolutely love the concept of eliminate all loads on the cylinder assembly and using the stronger crankcase as a direct link from front to rear to rider. The engine is just awesome to stare and drool over! love the sound too. To all those who don’t understand why, he built it because he can.

    • Klaus says

      BMW did that with the K75 triples and K100 fours in the mid-eighties, only that they laid the engine on its side. If you take off the cover on the right, the crank and bearings are exposed; take off the cover on the left and there are the valves!
      And of course it had fuel injection.
      Talking about adjusting valves – wonder how to get at them…

  6. GuitarSlinger says

    @ Paul – Molto grazie for the link as I’m new to the Kneeslider party . Interesting reasoning on behalf of Signor Sabatini . Now I’d really like to see an independent road test to hear how it all works as a package .

  7. WestOfBen says


    That is one beautiful sound. Looks like it is not difficult to manhandle. I wonder if it needs a slipper clutch though. Is it equipped thusly?

  8. Greybeard says

    Fueling issues probably but moreover it sounded like the rider was reluctant to do much shifting for some reason.
    Regardless, couldn’t be more happy they’re building it.
    Too damn much conformity in the world as it is.

    • BigPeeWee says

      does it have a scatter sheild over the crankcase (on the top)? If a rodney lets go….right through the fuel tank and then explosion city. I’m soooo happy it’s different. Like above poster kids, what was the purpose again? Sounds cool though.

      • Greybeard says

        While in the Navy I would occasionally fall asleep on top of a Fairbanks Morse 38D 8 !/8, right on top of the upper crank. (They have 2 crank shafts)
        We ain’t afraid of no steenkin’ rodneys! ;o)

  9. B50 Jim says

    Love that 3-cylinder wail and all the mechanical whirring and clattering! That’s reason enough to build it. Why? because they can! And it’s different and might have some solid advantages over the standard configuration. Sort the fuel injection and ignition, and it will be good runner. Hope to see more of this crew.

  10. Gbones13 says

    Is it just me or did that exhaust note remind anyone of WWII fighter aircraft with inverted V engines?……Sweet.

    • Rob says

      Totally. Sounds like every WW1 fighter movie I’ve ever seen, chocks away! Long may she fly. Triumph have never answered my request for “smaller” (less than 2.3 liter) triple v-max killer. And here it is. With some interesting technological additions.

  11. joe says

    Interesting bike and sounds fantastic on full song.Hope all works out well for the team in these hard ecconomic times.

  12. OMMAG says

    If they can make it work …. they deserve the applause …. bravo ….

    It does not realy matter anymore what skeptics (myself included) think about the Nembo 32 ….. like one other commentor here implied …. it’s so weird that it makes me want one.

  13. Carbon Arc says

    That is bike porn. Moreover with the end of the MotoGP season and the demise of the 800cc debacle, it would be nice if we could see more like this coming to the race series. But no because with the advent of the 1000cc era the rules state that engines must have 4 cylinder, which will along with CRT bikes lead to teams using unadventurous established engine designs. Oh how I long for the halcyon days of the 990cc days. Do you remember, V4 & 5s racing triples and fours?

  14. Tin Man says

    I don’t understand why the engine sounds like it does, but I love it!! Right out of Snoopy VS the Red Barron.

  15. B50 Jim says

    Sounds like a Triumph/BSA triple from 1971, only on steroids — the best-sounding motorcycle engine of all time. Good on them!

  16. BB says

    Sounds very torquey. I think they were limiting rpms as it’s still in the testing stage. Would like to hear it ridden in anger.

  17. JR says

    why?… because everybody loves the sound of a triple… and because why not?… and because…. it’s awesome.

    Sounds like a triumph Speed triple mixed with a WWII aircraft engine mixed with a higher revving diesel. Very cool.

  18. Carlos says

    I have to say, I dont know much about bikes but I was facinated when following a motorcyclist recently on the road and I noticed that he and every passing motorcyclist saluted each other with a low hand and apparently three fingers for miles. It made me realize that there seems to be some serious brotherhood thing going on. I have been lurking for a bit and I am amazed at the brillance and humour I have encountered here. I am awestruck. I have been left laughing many time as well. dont have a proper place to put this but I hope you guys dont mind if I went off topic. I will never be able to intelligently comment on this stuff. So to all you guys I salute you

  19. steve w says

    Carlos, buy and read every motorcycle magizine you can find. Especially the Vintage ones with mechanical data in them. Then start hanging at the motorcycle shops until the throw you out. Then you can decide what you want to do.. Good luck

  20. Paulinator says

    Carlos, you could start with a used 300 dollar scooter and have a lot of fun, park anywhere, save gas…and not even need a MC endorsement (in most states…as long as its under 50cc).


    • Carlos says

      (should have put it here I guess) Thanks for the info. Ok, I am going to reveal my ignorance here, but what is an MC endorsement and I am in Ottawa Ontario do they need one of those here? Luckily I am on a farm so I can ride around

  21. B50 Jim says

    Carlos — take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course. You’ll learn to ride properly so you won’t have to unlearn a lot of bad habits like I did — or learn by crashing, as I also did. At the end of the course you’ll get your license and be ready to ride. Go for a “real” motorcycle — buy a used Honda Rebel or any bike in the 250 – 450 range; it’s a cheap way to get into riding and have fun. Welcome!

    • Carlos says

      Thank you so much! I am actually getting excited. Something about watching that guy on his bike really got me interested and I got three boys so I will make them take courses too. thanks for the warm welcome.

      • Paulinator says

        Ya, B50’s right. Good idea to take the riding course…and a 50cc scooter isn’t going to give you too much of what interested you in that awesome video (sound track). That said, my little Chinese 185cc big-bore does wheelies and embarrasses Harleys off the line…but that’s easy to do.

        ps. I have a house on the St Lawrence about an hour south of you.

        • carlos says

          Maybe you were one of the guys I saw on the bike. I actually used to ride when I was a kid (12-15ish) but always off road. My uncles were into bikes, I dont know what most of them were, I know one was an Indian we have a picture of it, I am sure the other was a Honda maybe a 125 a small one, I never asked many questions I just liked the ride. Funny you mention Harleys I have seen alot on here about them. My brother in law, an engineer that builds fancy cottages in the Muskokas( true to type it seems) is crazy about them. For him it is actually part of his business image and strategy. I have to chuckle when I read what get said. I can’t wait for the next visit I am going to be asking some questions. I am going to see if I can get him going. As for the power rides, I think that is a case where I would rather be on the back with a more experienced rider up front. (not sure if I trust my old man though)

  22. Carlo says

    I’m still skeptic about the engine for the already debated gravity center raising reasons… but I seriously hope these guys from my hometown really make it to bring this wonderful beast to production! Would be a great achievement also given the bad times Italy is goin’ thru…

  23. Carlos says

    Ok, I am going to reveal my ignorance here, but what is an MC endorsement and I am in Ottawa Ontario do they need one of those here? Luckily I am on a farm so I can ride around

    • carlos says

      Thanks Tim, this is a goal for next summer, along with deciphering what some of these numbers you guys keep talking about mean.

  24. Collin says

    I wish this team the best of luck! The bike sounds amazing. I plan on owning one of these if/when it becomes available.