Neander Turbo Diesel Motorcycle

Neander Motors Turbo Diesel Motorcycle

Neander Motors Turbo Diesel Motorcycle EngineWith diesel engines gaining more of the spotlight, let's take a closer look at another diesel, the Neander turbo diesel motorcycle. A number of readers have pointed out this bike before which has been around for a while in prototype form but their intention is to begin production in limited quantities later this year so what do they have to offer?

Neander Motors looked at diesels and saw small displacement diesel engines of the one, two or three cylinder variety underrepresented in most applications. The major reasons were weight and vibration. Although ideal in large displacement and stationary applications, you didn't see many diesels in small watercraft, ATVs and, of course, motorcycles. Rather than trying to fit an existing diesel into those roles, they designed a new diesel engine with the idea of low weight and vibration as goals, the result is a twin counter-rotating crankshaft design that looks like they might have come up with a winner.

Neander Motors Turbo Diesel MotorcycleThey've built a vertical parallel twin cylinder diesel, which would be plagued with far too much vibration in the configuration and displacement chosen, yet the counter rotating crankshafts all but cancel the majority of the vibration. And this is no computer model, the engine has been built, tested and installed in a prototye motorcycle which has been showing up around Europe in a variety of venues where folks could get a look at it.

The final configuration is a 1400cc, twin cam, four valve per cylinder, vertical twin turbo diesel with intercooling producing 100hp and 144 foot pounds of torque at 2600rpm. It looks nice without some of the bulky and clunky appearance you might expect when you hear the word diesel. Performance figures are quoted on their site as 0-60mph in approximately 4 seconds. Not bad for a cruiser and sure to improve as the engine is refined.

The engine, as set up in the bike, is equipped with particulate filters for low emissions. The bike will have a six speed transmission and belt final drive.

Although the bike they plan to produce will not look exactly like the prototype and is only presented in computer images, it is similar in appearance to the prototype which doesn't look bad as is.

They have not set a price yet which I imagine might be rather high but whether or not this bike succeeds as a sales hit, it may very well succeed as a great demonstration platform to prove the viability of their new twin crank diesel design. If it does that, they might find huge markets in many other areas and at the same time other companies may want to source their engine for use in a diesel motorcycle of their own.

Link: Neander Motors
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Neander Motors Turbo Diesel Engine

Neander Motors Turbo Diesel Motorcycle

Neander Motors Turbo Diesel Motorcycle


  1. arthur says

    most single cylinders are bad starters. the reputation of diesel will perhaps stop that but maybe just the same.

  2. Jack Stanford says

    This is just great! I love it. I rebuilt a Lister single cylinder diesel for marine use a few decades ago and ran it in the shop before moving it out to the showroom. Talk about vibration! But I remain a BIG diesel fan. I own two and used to have three – I learned about this after checking into the new AUDI V-12 Twin Turbo Diesel that won Le Mans by more than four laps. They had a stronger engine with fewer fuel stops. Watch for some IMSA rule changes on this one…

  3. Trevor Simpson says

    It looks like half a Philips Roboid Drive Hot Air engine crank configeration – have you thought about doing a full Romboid drive 2 stroke using the cold zone as the blower? Consider anti back lash gears as expansion on heating is bound to cause rattle issues- wish you well – Trev

  4. miss amanda mapley says

    wow, fantastic, at last someone has recognised just how good diesel engines can be. I have driven a Peugeot 306 diesel for the last 14 years and have nothing but praise for the thing.
    I’ve just bought a big Harley Davidson but would be quite happy at some point in the future to swap it for one of these. Diesel is the way forward with world suplies of oil diminishing at a heck of a rate and the new bio diesel coming on stream.
    The future is good, the future IS diesel.

  5. fred eldridge says

    I love the idea of a diesel powered ATV. I own a 2004 Honda 450 Forman, and would only think of trading it if I could find a diesel powered ATV.

  6. says

    I would like to see them develop a touring 2-up model. I have heard diesels have a lot of torque. With the weight of 2-up touring & loaded saddle bags a diesel would seem effort less in torque & fuel milage at high way speeds.
    This is a very interesting article. Thank you for reporting on this development of possibly a new erra of motorcycling.

  7. chuck arnold says

    I am a diesel lover too; as evident by my 6.5 diesel powered 59 El Camino. Would love to be in the test market on this one.

  8. alok says

    i thing its a perfect bike for men who wants different puerly different ithing its a dream just i see this wonder.

  9. Lavern Dykes says

    I think this is a fantastic idea!!!!! The awsome torque of a diesel, the great fuel mileage, without the vibration of a conventional small diesel. Where is the dealers in the United States? I’d love to have one!!!