MZ Motorcycles Coming Back?

MZ Motorcycles coming backRalf Waldmann and Martin Wimmer, 2 former motorcycle GP racers, are planning to revive production of MZ motorcycles which, as we reported, ceased operations at the end of last year. They are buying the trademarks and worldwide rights to the brand from the Hong Leong Group which currently owns MZ.

The old German factory is now a nightclub, MZWerk, so Waldmann and Wimmer plan to work with a Chinese company to produce the bikes. Martin Wimmer has lived in China and evidently has good connections there.

According to the racers, they want to begin by producing a new 125cc model similar to the old MZ RT125 and eventually expand with models up to 500cc.

Thanks for the tip, Tito!

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  1. says

    As much as I dislike the idea of China simply producing much of the same things they’ve been making for years, and simply buying up names for marketing, I do hope they can revive the Skorpion line. Lightweight singles that handle well can be great machines for both new and “seasoned” riders alike. Only time will tell, but I’m not holding my breath…

  2. monkeyfumi says

    As I recall, Wimmer is also developing a novel front suspension. Essentially a telescopic fork, that compresses from both ends, with a wishbone link in the middle.
    Could this pop up on a future model?

  3. todd says

    I’d welcome it. MZs are great bikes and are definitely more interesting and different than most the other stuff out there. This should give Chinese bikes some clout.

  4. Tom says

    The MZ RT125 was arguably the finest little production road bike in the world. Unfortunately, the market didn’t agree with the economics of building such a quality small displacement machine in one of the world’s highest manufacturing cost countries.

    This wouldn’t be the first time an RT125 went to Asia – Yamaha built a version of the original 1937 RT125 throughout the 1950s & 60s.

  5. Alex bergus says

    This is great news, my old next door neighbour used to race these bikes and win! I really liked the supermoto singles and the later streetfighter. Unfortunately the problem I saw with the company is that they made reliable, easy to service, quirky bikes that went well in the real world for the purpose they were intended, this is great for the second hand buyer but I don’t think its what the buy it new crew are looking for. They made some great bikes which suited me down to the ground unfortunately I have never bought a brand new bike in my life so maybe their target audience was a bit off. I wish the new guys all the best.

  6. says

    hope they do it right my 2002 RT125 is a real winner at 7 years and 18000 miles
    it is a sweet runner
    but needs a big brother at about 350 to 450 cc

  7. Tissa pathirarna says

    What MZ should is make 4 storke 125, 250 motorbikes that look like the orginal in the late 90s with fully cnclosed chain case, mz was the first use this chain prctection system that gives longer chain life & clean back wheel.I like this. many copied this .Yamaha used on TR1 & chain life was more than 50,000 kms.It’s better than belt & cheaper than the shaft, plus give the bike a clean look.

  8. Wan Mohd Zaidi Wan Ibrahim says

    Yes MZ is back I just got e-mail from the MZ company
    Hera is e-mail copy:

    Re: Neue Kontaktanfrage von mz-charly.comFrom: Irina Lichtenberg
    To: Wan Ibrahim WAn Mohd Zaidi

    Wan Ibrahim WAn Mohd Zaidi schrieb:
    > Es wurde eine neue Kontaktanfrage von der Seite gestellt.
    > Kontaktdaten
    > ————————–
    > Name: Herr Wan Ibrahim WAn Mohd Zaidi
    > E-Mail:
    > Telefonnr: +60192346834
    > RÃŒckruf: Ja
    > ——
    > Mitteilung:
    > Hi
    > My name Eddy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    > I Have MZ 125 SM and I love the bike…
    > but I don\’t know what happen to
    > MZ Company? Half of my friend sold the bike and change to Kawasaki KLX150,
    > but for me the bike nope good, and i decide to keep my MZ 125 SM.
    > What I read in newspaper the company will open again can you update to me about this company?
    > I love and proud to ride with MZ Bike…
    > Thank You.
    Hello Mr. Zaidi,

    thanks for Your E-Mail.
    our company is Motorenwerke Zschopau and we continue the tradition of MZ.
    For 2 weeks we have begun the production of the E-Scooter Charly and we hope, as soon as possible to restart the production of the 125 SM, SX, RT.

    But we would not build the MZ 1000 due to emission regulation in the Europian Union.

    Very best regards
    Irina Lichtenberg

    Thank you…

    I like MZ – Eddy

  9. Danny Chan says

    Glad to hear that MZ is coming back to malaysia.Recently just change my CDI that cost me RM850 but i still love the bike.My friends say that i’m mad a CDI cost that much eventhough i can trade in for a Kawa KLX150 but i can’t part myself with MZ.BTW for the pass 7 years i have change 2 times CDI any advise for me.Last but not least i hope all MZ owners will be invited for the RElaunch in Malaysia.

  10. Manny C. says

    I am happy to hear that MZ are going to start production again. In March of the year 2000 I bought a Mastiff 660cc and after 2 drive chains and 4 sets of tyres, the bike is still running smoothly without any trouble whatsoever. Although I owned and still own other bikes, I must say I never had a bike more reliable and trouble free as the Mastiff. I travelled all over Italy and Sicily on my yearly overland trip with it. Hope the new bikes be as good and reliable as the old once.