Munch Mammut Collection from David Manthey to be Auctioned by Kruse International

Munch Mammut for auction from David Manthey collection

Munch Mammut for auction from David Manthey collection

Here's one for your "You don't see that everyday" list, Kruse International is auctioning off the world's largest collection of Munch Mammut motorcycles Labor Day weekend, Thursday thru Tuesday, September 3-8 in Auburn, Indiana. It's happening as part of their annual World’s Largest Collector Car Auction, an auction which actually includes vehicles of many types.

The Munch motorcycles are part of the estate of the late David Manthey who was known by many as "Munch Man," and though he had other motorcycles in his collection, you just don't find this many Mammuts in one place, certainly not for sale. Though Mike Kron currently produces some excellent replicas of these extraordinary bikes, the motorcycles on auction are the real thing. Going through the auction listings I count 10 Munch motorcycles plus a cutaway Munch engine, a Munch sign, and loads of other items of interest to the vintage motorhead. The whole auction catalog makes for some interesting reading, a lot of really special vehicles in there.

Munch Mammut for auction from David Manthey collection

Munch Mammut for auction from David Manthey collection

If you are in the Auburn, Indiana area, or could be, this auction looks like a nice way to spend a few days, even if you don't spend any money. On the other hand, if a Munch is the missing piece in your collection, now you know how to correct the omission.

Link: Kruse International

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  1. kneeslider says

    I’m guessing Leno is already aware of the auction, David Manthey evidently did quite a bit of work with Jay.

  2. Jim says

    At Sturgis in 1996 I was camped near a guy who road a Mammut in from Wisconsin. An interesting bike and by 96 was not really very mammoth when compared to the newer bikes that were parked around it.

  3. WT says

    Leno does have a Munch, Dave delivered one to him personally from his own collection years ago.

  4. TruthScreamer says

    I also ran into Dave and his Munch at Road America not long ago- he used one as a daily rider/tourer, it had clearly seen tons of miles. Now that the collection is for sale, Leno will no doubt obtain all of the bikes for his own collection. After all, he already loves them, knew Dave and bought one from him…how often does this opportunity to obtain 10 Munches at once happen? Watch- he’ll obtain them all through a third party as usual.

  5. Shaswata Panja says

    Münch Mammut 2000 is my fav bike of all time..I would like to hunt down one of them before I die…Only 15 were made before production closed down in 2002 for the restarted Münch

  6. Seth says

    Its a shame to see these go. I personally got to see the whole collection in David’s warehouse. You would have s*** yourselves if you saw everything he had collected over the years. RIP Dave, Life is Good :)

  7. Clayton Manthey says

    Hello my name is Clayton Manthey David Manthey’s son I was wondering if anyone could help me with something I’m writing on this forum because I’ve still have not been paid from the auction back in 2009 I’m not asking for financial help I’m just letting people know about what has happened with the auction. Kruse is still claiming he hasn’t been paid for the vehicles and he doesnt have money and if you know anyone to contact or even just spread the word my wife and I are barely getting by due to lawyer fees and just everyday living and I’m just not sure who to contact. Like I said I’m not asking for financial help I’m just asking if you know anyone that I could talk to or get a hold of for some advice on this matter. Your response is very much appreciated.

    Thanks for you’re time.

    Clayton Manthey

    Cellphone #