MTT Y2K Turbine Motorcycle For Sale

Y2K Jet Bike

Show up at bike night on one of these and guaranteed, you'll be the center of attention. This is the same model Y2K turbine powered bike you've probably seen Jay Leno riding in a video and here's one for sale on eBay.

Powered by a 320 hp Rolls Royce-Allison 250 Series Gas Turbine with 286 hp at the rear wheel and a top speed well over 200 mph, it's not something you'll want on your average weekend ride but it would be a hoot to crank one of these up at least once.

If you have deep pockets and the need for speed, check it out.

UPDATE: For those interested, this listing has expired and is no longer available. Contact the manufacturer directly if interested in purchasing one of these turbine bikes.

Video and link below:

Link: auction has ended


  1. says

    What’s the effective cruising range of one of these things? If that’s a five-gallon tank, I’d hazard a guess at somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 miles, tops. Turbine engines get TERRIBLE gas mileage at/near sea level.


  2. John J Redmond says

    If I had the money I’d live by Bonneville Salt Flats.Las Vegas would be close enough at the speeds it could travel at and enough truck stops in between to keep it fueld.
    Now where to get more money!

  3. Alex says

    Extremely fascinating bike, if just the fairing and cockpit would not be so damn ugly. This extreme DIY look is a big “no no” at this price.

  4. says

    as one of the original three builders I’d like to say this.
    1.fuel mileage is irrelevant in this sort of machine.jay leno has over 18,000 miles on his and he just has a support crew following him around in a crew truck.bear in mind this machine runs on normal diesel,or biodiesel.ever try to get race fuel in the middle of nowhere?
    everyone who has ever ridden it is ready to get off after a tank to take a break. one major bike magazine editor got off after ONE pass down the airstrip
    with his hands shaking and said “I never thought I’d be scared by a motorcycle again”.it rides like other motorcycle ever built. can build something more beautiful-GO FOR IT!anyone can be a critic.the bike was built to win where it counts-not in some beauty contest.but,I must admit that it has consistently won “best of class”when shown.must be because it is the only one in its class.
    3.I would absolutely state that this is the fastest motorcycle ever produced.we have built 17 so far and will build more as more are ordered and it is American Made.they hold 2 guiness world records,have one of the highest speeding tickets ever written(the owner did it on a bet to prove its speed-217 in a 55-$10,000 in OR)and have been clocked at 244 mph on a 5000 foot airstrip-not bad for bone stock with the smallest of the three motors we stock on street fuel,I don’t think anything else can run with it day in,day out anytime and still cruise around all night,taxiing like an F-16 just warming up.nobody has ever complained about the performance,but some owners have scared themselves and traded them back into us for a turbine car,sold them off or just parked it in their collection.
    3.Remember:they make 425 ft./LBS. Of torque at the rear go try to find a bike engine or car engine that will take 5 people, their oil gear,fuel AND the helicopter STRAIGHT UP and then go 140MPH to offshore rigs under some of the worst conditions known to man with a 3 THOUSAND HOUR WORKING LIFE SPAN at %100 percent rated power that also includes 50 percent more hours as a safety margin.

    I just get a little tired of people who have never built,ridden or designed anything even close trying to pass themselves offf as some kind of an expert when all those have ridden get off either speechless or just chattering happily away like a small child.
    It is too bad it’s so expensive but if it weren’t it would quickly be made illegal because most people shouldn’t be turned loose with this kind of machine.

    Lastly,I will say that bugatti refused to race us,even for fun(we offered pinks first then $10,000 cash)when we met them at Monte Carlo.Anyone can say anything… ’til it costs them something.

  5. Ryan says

    I remember reading that Jay Leno was at a light with his and the guy behind him pulled up too close (to get a look at the bike?) and the front of his car began to melt from the exhaust.

  6. Curious George says

    How the hell do you hook up 425 ft/lbs of torque to the ground on one wheel and no wheelie bars?!

  7. johny says

    it isnt the fastest speeding ticket some guy in teexas got the highest doing 240 something in a konigseg ccx i think but might have been a ccr

  8. BiggD says

    Well put garron frantzen… to be honest, just listening to the bike start up leaves me speechless. The style may not be what I personally would like, but quite frankly, neither is the price tag. Looks like I’ll have to stick with my busa for now, BUT I’ll tell you this, if I win the lotto, you’ll have a new customer!

  9. roadrunner says

    So how can I get my hands on one of these dream bikes , how many banks do I have to rob? One thing I can promise is give me a go and I will take it flat out RR

  10. Russell Mclean says

    I think it’s great to see someone thats got the guts to actually make one of these a reality and I’ld love to know a bit more about how it rides. The bikes only got two gears and this is probably the key to its unreal accelleration. From my little knowledge the engine simply has so much torque that the rear wheel will spin up anyway and changing gears in something like this could be as scary as hell and make the bike slower so it doesn’t matter that the huge bulk of the pressurised gas comes out the back until the free turbine gets up to speed. Gas turbines like this are a little special compared to reciprocating engines, when the accellerator is pushed to the max the turbine will burn the same amount regardless of rpm, it’s only when the power turbine gets up to speed that efficiency will match that of a reciprocating engine.

  11. Diputs says

    Whats the chances of this bike getting registered in Australia?
    Can’t seem to get anyone to know anything about them.
    Cheers from Oz.

  12. Tom says

    The builder says they go for close to $200,000.00 each. Also, Jay Leno actually confessed on an interview show about the little event with the melted bumper on the car behind him at a traffic light. He said he got away before the car’s owner noticed the damage.

  13. says

    well guys if you want some news this bike costs about one hundred and eighty thousand dollars it is not a hayabusa or yamaha r6 this is a super bike designed for super guys and super bike handlers all igot to say i saw this bike for real and it is really fast most of all it has a good accelaration and it doesn’t get trouble with accessive gas . Yes the wheel spins a lot cos it has lots of torque don’t forget that this engine is fitted on small helicopters so i might think that it is a powerful engine. The bike is equipped with a very good gadget the rear view video , instead of turning around or looking in the mirrors u can look in tft small monitor that is mounted near the speedo anyways guys whoever can get this bike He will be the man of the streets cya any info send me e amils on

  14. Dante_ says

    Well this bike scares the hell out of me I need to have one…..Don`t care if I have to work all my life to buy it even if I buy it when I`m 70 or such I will buy it….The funny thing is that I can speed up to the max and ride direct to the grave XD XD

  15. says

    I agree with the builder. People get on here and talk crap about what is what and never even built a model car. I am a proud Ducati owner and yes I don’t drag race around because I paid too much to be racin cheap ass jap bikes. They are fast and look cool but depreciate like a used hooker and change style daily. I like what I ride and I don’t knock nobody’s stuff. If you like Jap, buy it. If you like European buy it. Y2K is USA and proud of it. You like it, buy it but why diss it like its a piece of junk because its not. American muscle at its best.