Motorcycle Themed Computer Case and Backpack

Flame design motorcycle backpack from Zeyner

Tire tread corner protectorThe motorcycle theme can be carried through to all sorts of accessories and this could get to be a long series of items, motorcycle faucets, chopper chairs, motorcycle jewelry, tire tread rings, race track charm bracelets and today is the flame design computer carrying case and backpack. Tire tread corner protectors and a flame design sewn into the surface just to make sure everyone knows, all the time, you're a biker, not just a poser. OK, maybe it doesn't show anything of the sort. You need all of those items mentioned to really carry it off.

These cases and backpacks actually do look like they're very well made and come in leather or ballistic nylon, whichever suits you best. It's the motoring collection from Zeyner.

Link: Zeyner


  1. says

    Five hundred bucks for a leather backpack? Or $355 for the ballistic nylon? I don’t need additional street cred that badly.

    They look nice but just a little overpriced. To the degree that I’d pretty much consider anyone actually wearing one of these to be a poser trying to look like a biker.

  2. GenWaylaid says

    Agreed. At those prices I could get a couple of parts bikes out of somebody’s back yard, break them down, and then start gluing the parts to everything I own.

    On second thought, that look would say “Junkyard Wars” more than “motorcyclist.”

    You can do a lot of interesting things with “useless” bike parts: