Motorcycle Roll Cage – The Babe Cage

The Babe Cage - motorcycle roll cage

When I mentioned the engine protection cages used by stunters to protect their bodywork and hard parts, I thought they weren't a bad idea, maybe not for everyone but a functional add-on instead of just an extra bit of chrome that does nothing. This guy took the idea and ran with it, maybe running a bit too far. What we have here is what he calls the Babe Cage.

The Babe Cage fully surrounds your passenger and protects them from side impacts and crashes of all kinds. Lights are mounted on top for extra visibility and the whole thing is removable so you don't look totally weird when you're riding solo. Of course, you will look totally weird when you have a passenger but hey, that's the price you pay for having someone who refuses to ride any other way. Of course, that's a good reason to have a solo saddle, but maybe that's just me.

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  1. Trey says

    Okay, this is just plain stupid, not to mention unsafe. If someone actually insists on this silly thing, maybe it’s time for a new significant other… Stunters’ cages serve a purpose, this thing is the answer to a question no one asked.


  2. Ryan says

    You know what would be really nice, add some sheet metal around it to keep the weather out and maybe some windows. While were at it wouldn’t the bike be more stable with 2 out rigger type wheels?

    Hmm, instead of all those modifications why not just get a Honda Civic?

  3. Willie Schmitz says

    Don’t give any government agencies any ideas, especially if some Senator’s brother-in-law dreamed up this thing.

    Old Will

  4. says

    Look at that seat belt.

    This is a reminder that, as the industry continues to grow, you have to do your homework with the aftermarket products you buy. Many questionable ideas, questionable designs, questionable quailty, etc.

  5. says

    Really bad idea. All that tubing, extra weight and seat belts only makes thing worse in case of a collision with another vehicle or something like a tree or wall. Also makes things harder for paramedics when trying to remove bodies surrounded by twisted metal.

  6. Michael says

    I like this idea. After looking at the design, I thought about a little girl I remember seeing in school that was physically disable. She could not stand or walk. She was restricted to a special wheelchair. She could not hold her head up straight for any length of time.

    This setup makes me think that someone could take her and/or others for a ride, and give them a chance to enjoy what I lot of us love to do already.

  7. says

    The rider in front is almost guaranteed a broken leg in a crash. I like the idea (protection) but this isn’t protection, this will just add to the trouble.

    But, on the other hand, you could mount a .50 cal machine gun on that cross bar…..

  8. kneeslider says

    I thought of that but it was on his site some time before and he’s been getting comments on it, but it was high on my suspicion list when I first saw it.

  9. Sean says

    Tell me this is a Kneeslider April Fools joke. Please. This is just silly. The centre of gravity will be raised higher, the rider is almost guaranteed his leg shorn off by that silly bar, this is as close as we can get to a Harley Davidson car. Actually, now I think of it, that cunning renaming for the Harley, Hardly Dangerous, works rather well now.

  10. Gary Sacry says

    It’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. i’d hate to be the one inside that thing if the bike started cartwheeling.

  11. Dodgy says

    I think it’s brave that the guy is showing his Good Idea/Bad Idea ratio (32/68 ATM) on his site. Maybe we should monitor it?
    And speaking of April Fools gags, years ago ‘Australian Motorcycle News’ ran a front page headline and pic of a bike with outriggers claiming they had been retrospectively introduced into law, for all motorcycles! Hilarious…

  12. M. Baker says

    The really scary bit is that if it crashed, the force of hitting the ground would throw the pillions arms out – which would then be shredded by the roll-cage. It happens all the time in go-carts, that’s why good ones have bracelets that strap your wrists to the steering column

  13. GenWaylaid says

    Several of those tubes simply appear too long and thin to survive any serious impact un-crumpled. It simply doesn’t have the “shell” strength that an enclosed car or a good roll cage would have.

    As for taking disabled passengers for a ride, I’ve seen some specially made sidecars that even have the advantage of roll-on / roll-off ramps. I seem to recall hearing of one that even had dual controls so a quadriplegic can pilot it from the sidecar! Leaning is, of course, out of the question with that kind of weight distribution.

  14. TriumphGuy says

    Don’t even think about adding something like this. Looks like a leg remover to me. As for the disabled passenger, get a sidecar.

  15. says

    I think it is a totally idiotic (in South Africa we have a more descriptive word but I will refrain from using it.) idea because;
    1. Centre of gravity is too high, can be fixed by adding weight to the bottom I suppose.
    2. Added weight must surely affect the handling and performance not to mention braking and consumption!
    3. If politicians see this they wil legislate it! That will be the end of biking as we know it.


  16. guitargeek says

    I’m trying to figure out if this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. If not, it’s right up there…

  17. guitargeek says

    “Update: 04-11-07
    Sorry this project has been discontinued
    til further notice.

    We have had lots of comments, results so far…..

    1% Good idea , 99% Bad idea.

    Thanks for your valued input… “

  18. MIKE says

    If lawmakers start making legislation on this thing, then i would think it is time for a revolution

  19. Xmaan says

    I see this as several layers of stupidity stacked on top of each other. The high center of gravity is bad enough, then add weight distribution favoring WAY too much to the rear. All protruding objects like arms and legs being snapped or ground off. Combine these with the mentality needed to actually install such a thing!! Absolute insanity.
    GET A CAR !!!!