Motogiro America 2008

Motogiro America

In the week leading up to the MotoGP at Laguna Seca they're going to be running the Motogiro America, an American version of the classic Italian motorcycle rally. If you have a nice vintage machine and you would like to participate, you might want to head over to their website and sign up, space is limited. There are both competitive and non competitive classes but whichever class you prefer, be sure to bring along your silk scarf.

Details below:

For the first time, the most famous vintage road rally on two wheels comes to Monterey, California for a July 13, 2008 departure from historic Cannery Row. “Motogiro America” stops include: Paso Robles and a lap on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in honour of the MotoGP Championship to be held on July 20, 2008.

Motogiro America, a classic motorcycle timed-tour, covers more than one hundred miles each day during its five-day route and explores the Monterey Peninsula’s twisting country roads, challenging mountain passes and spectacular Pacific panoramas. Key Italian manufacturers of high performance motorcycles and scooters, and makers of apparel and accessories will participate.

Motogiro America 2008 will kick-off a full week of motor sports excitement on the Monterey Peninsula leading up to MotoGP weekend at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Events begin on Friday July 11th with a symposium on Italian design and a vintage motorcycle Concours D’Elegance organized by the Ducati Vintage Club on Saturday July 12th. On Sunday July 13th, participants will depart from the heart of historic Monterey – Cannery Row – and head for the Mazda Raceway – where they may ride a lap of honour. Many of the original Motogiro racers from Italy will attend.

The tour is open to motorcycles of all marques and is divided into categories: Vintage Racing Class, Touring Class, 70s Twin Class, Super Sport Class and Vespa Class.

The Vintage Racing Class features the motorbikes that define the Motogiro. With an overall limit of 120, this class features motorbikes with a maximum of 175cc manufactured before 1957. Bikes inspired by original Motogiro bikes yet manufactured subsequent to 1957 may also apply. The Vintage Racing Class motorbikes will be subject to timed, competitive ability tests en route, and the winner of this class will take home a trophy and grand prize. A limited number of vintage bikes will be available for rent specifically for the occasion. Queries should be directed to Dream Engine.

The Touring Class will follow the same itinerary as the other two classes and is open to bikes of all makes from all years. This class is suited to those who wish to live the excitement of the Motogiro on a relaxed, non-competitive level.

The 70s Twin Class welcomes all motorbikes of all makes manufactured between 1968 and 1978. Riders in this class will be subject to timed, competitive ability tests en route similar to those carried out by participants of the Vintage Racing Class.

Super Sport Class
The SS class open to 250 cc motorcycles and sidecars of all makes, built up to 1968.

Vespa Class
Vespa will have its own special Motogiro class to celebrate the more than one hundred versions of the iconic scooter produced during the last half century.

For collectors of vintage bikes and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere, the Motogiro America 2008 is the chance to create an electric atmosphere of Italian competition, camaraderie and adventure. Motogiro America is a glimpse of the past brought dynamically to life for today’s motorcycle enthusiast.

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  1. Nicolas says

    5 days of 100+ miles a day with old italian machines ? I hope they’ve planned to bring a few trucks of spare parts and mechanical assistance … 😉