Mini Kawasaki Z1 by Mitik Moto

Mini Kawasaki Z1 from Mitik Moto

Here's one of those look and then look again photos of a Kawasaki Z1 or what appears to be a Z1. In fact, it's a mini Kawasaki actually powered by an engine from a Kawasaki Z500. It's the work of Patrick Caralp of Mitik Moto in Tours, France.

I don't have much detail but it looks really cool, certainly nothing like the pocket bikes we see all over the place. With the 500cc engine, it probably has full size performance. He has a few other mini sized bikes on his site as well. Very cool! "Honey, I shrunk the motorcycle!"

Link: Mitik Moto


  1. Steve says

    Clever little scoot… an overpowered Big Wheel.
    If you’d like to check out a marvel of miniaturization, take a look-see at this example:

    Although not a motorcycle, just think of the possibilities with that engine or a larger version thereof…
    (The audio is quite convincing!!)