Megelli Motorcycles to Debut at EICMA in Milan

Megelli 125r motorcycle

Megelli Motorcycles is set to introduce a brand new line of small displacement (125cc) motorcycles November 6th in Milan, Italy at the upcoming EICMA motorcycle exhibition. When you hear about new motorcycles in this category you might picture a cheap product from the Far East. Megelli Motorcycles looks like it is planning to break free of that image with 3 offerings in the Motard, Naked and Sport design segments. The website portrays a very high quality product. When the motorcycles debut for the first time visitors will get a chance to examine these very closely to see if the image represents reality.

Following EICMA they will be shown in the U.K. at the NEC show and will go on sale in December. No prices yet. 50cc versions will be introduced in the Spring of 2008.

For those of you looking for a small displacement bike, these may be worth a serious look.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

From Megelli Motorcycles: More images and links below:

Megelli is the creation of Barry Hall, Managing Director of SLD UK Ltd, whose vision and drive has enabled the realisation of this new and exciting brand of motorcycles. “From the original idea, to the realisation within 3 years”.

Using a wealth of knowledge at one of Europe’s leading Motorcycle design centres, linked with a well respected UK vehicle production and engineering company, the functionality, reliability and sheer stunning appearance has been crafted into what is truly a desirable series of Megelli motorcycles.

Megelli 125s motorcycle

Megelli 125m motorcycle

Link: Megelli Motorcycles


  1. todd says

    Looks like they could be a 4-stroke, probably based on the venerable CB125. Figure around 15hp or so, near 100mpg (or better), 70+ mph… and not available in the US.


  2. taxman says

    their website seems very well laid out. i sure hope it is built well and comes to the US. the spec sheet states 11 hp and 9 ft. lbs. of torque, with a seat hight of 31.5″ and a net weight of 242 lbs.

  3. Tanshanomi says

    From what I can tell from their sketchy website, these motorcycles are, indeed, a “cheap product from the Far East.” I could find no mention of where they are to be manufactured, and their timetable of accomplishments said nothing about establishing manufacturing facilities, which I would consider to be a milestone worth noting – no? Then there’s that little phrase, “partnerships with global manufacturers.” That’s new-millennium-speak for “made in China,” sure as shootin’.

  4. Phoebe says

    It’s hard to tell with the bodywork, but it could be Lifan-powered, which is the small Honda single clone…which is indeed Chinese, but supposedly good. The naked bike looks pretty cool!

  5. Matt in NC says

    Nowhere near as pretty as the Cagiva Mito, but it’ll do for a small displacement Ducati knockoff.

  6. chappy says

    Not bad looking actually but it does smell of chinese involvment (just a feeling though). Unfortunately to compete in the market they will probably have to go Chinese built, perhaps they will manage to up the ante in Chinese motorcycle production from complete garbage to somewhat respectable.

    Would need to see one in person to make a better judgement of quality.

  7. OMMAG says

    A couple of my fondest memories was ripping around on small displacement Japanese twins…. 67′ Honda125 and 67′ Yamaha TwinJet 100….
    There’s a place for good little bikes no matter where their made.

  8. Clive M-Sanders says

    But seriously, i used to work at swift engineering and we would take on projects like this somewhat regularly. If the firm they are working with takes this project half as seriously as swift took theirs, id be interested to ride one. The one thing thats funny to me is the homogonized specifications of all three bikes.

  9. says

    This company did the design:
    The engineering part was probably also done in the UK. The bikes may be built in Asia. Did everybody knew that Harley Davidson also buys about 70% of its parts in Taiwan so nothing new there…

  10. Tanshanomi says

    “Did everybody knew that Harley Davidson also buys about 70% of its parts in Taiwan”

    Can you cite a a reference for that statistic? I work for one of Harley’s (American) Tier 1 suppliers, and I have to doubt that figure.

  11. todd says

    It can be interpreted that the Taiwanese aluminum company contributes to the 70% total components sourced from Taiwan. This is believable.

    I put a 21″ Harley chrome steel rim on the front of my BMW bobber project. It was very heavy and very out of round. Guess what? It said “made in Taiwan”.


  12. sfan says

    Quality and crap can come from anywhere. China can and is able to compete at the highest quality standards in product categories far more complex than motorcycles.

    Magelli is the company with its name on the product. The onus is on it to first design the bike in a way that lends itself to high quality manufacturing and easy serviceability.

    Then it must negotiate and govern its contract manufacturing partnerships such that all companies up and down its supply chain are neither motivated or able to take shortcuts that can compromise the brand.

  13. Sid says

    Help me out…

    1. China still governs its people under a communist rule

    2. China’s businesses & govt. do not yet take international business law seriously unless some business adversely impacts them.

    3. China’s human rights & employee welfare are still questionable

    4. China’s environmental impact is one of the worst

    ….all the while manufacturing jobs are leaving many industrialized nations and ending up in China. A place where you can buy tainted pet food, anti-freeze toothpaste, breathe deplorable air, and have your money support a type of government that stifles the human spirit.

    Is this what is really going on in this short-sighted, greedy world?

    Even if Chinese quality improves, do a gut check and think about the communist government that your money is disproportionately going to. Think about the facade that is the current “global economy”.

    Pure, short-sighted bullshit

  14. sfan says

    Of course Sid is absolutely right, including his reference to the greedy short-sighted world.

    If consumers, retailers, suppliers and our democratically elected governments voted differently with their dollars and their actions, then much but not all of what China has and will become would be very different. The Russian economy is also evolving in similar and concerning concerning ways.

    Then, closer to home, look how our once and still beloved cheap petroleum defines almost every aspect of our collective lives and think about where most of this is sourced.

    Personally, assuming we cannot change the general course of global economic behavior, I am rooting for India. And, yes, they have a motorcycle industry.

  15. todd says

    If Ducati Harley and Triumph (and BMW and Aprilia and Honda and Suzuki and Yamaha and…) didn’t buy all their parts from China or Taiwan no one would be able to afford a new motorcycle. Go ahead, try to find a bike made in the USA.

    I buy used bikes. That way all my money goes directly to the “little man”. You actually support the US more if you buy a used Kawasaki than a new Harley.


  16. Sid says

    Todd : “If Ducati Harley and Triumph (and BMW and Aprilia and Honda and Suzuki and Yamaha and…) didn’t buy all their parts from China or Taiwan no one would be able to afford a new motorcycle. Go ahead, try to find a bike made in the USA.”

    Jeff: “Buy American”

    This isn’t about buying AMERICAN.

    IT is about not spending money in a country that governs its people under communism;

    It is about not spending money on businesses that want all the profits, but none of the expense to obide by patent law & R&D of their own innovation;

    It is about getting China and other countries like them, to step up human rights, employee welfare, quality, environmental concerns, etc. etc.

  17. Clive M-Sanders says

    I think this is about motorcycles, personally. How this became a socioeconomic discussion i dont know, but i do know that those crappy bikes are growing on me every time i look at them. Sorta like scions.

  18. Sid says

    right, Clive, its about motorcycles, too. Not just ‘Merican motorcycles, either, as Todd & Jeff were eluding to a bit.

    Socio-economics factors are playing a role in the parts on said motorcycles.

  19. aaron says

    I like the MV style frame, styling is nice, too. I also like the wheels and swingarm from the middle pic.

    I’ll let the devils advocate come out to play for a bit – what happens if the chinese companies start building things in the states? is it right or wrong to buy it then? with honda making some motorcycles exclusively in the states (the goldwing, for one) is it still a japanese motorcycle? what about the cars that general motors imports and badges as a saturn or a chevy? are these people buying american?

    I won’t argue the ethics of buying anything that is built in an environmentally friendly way, with adequate compensation for all those involved. it would be marketed fairly and honestly for what it is – and be a safe, sturdy product. but who does that leave to buy from? “American made” in the motorcycling world means less than “Swiss made” does to watch manufacture these days….

    —the music swells, and a breeze flutters the flag as I climb onto my soapbox. “so I say to you, my brothers and sisters – it is time we take responsibility for our actions and do the right thing – buy vintage, or build it yourself!”—

  20. Clive M-Sanders says

    And besides, if you want to give money to a country whos government doesnt abuse people… your choices are limited to i think Andorra, Belize, and Figi.

  21. Sid says

    Clive – I’m not naive to think the US govt. or other “democratic” govts. don’t abuse people. However, I do have a problem with the world ignoring the communist piece of this puzzle for the sake of cheap labor and high profits. (while their own nation’s work force takes a hit).

    The idea of a “Global economy” raising the standard of living in other areas of the world doesn’t work as well (or as fast) if the other govts. are communist.

    We are not talking about populations the size of Figi, either. Over a billion Chinese do not elect the people that govern them.

    If the Chinese elected their federal govt., then I would not have a problem if people purchased motorcycles built in the States by Chinese companies.
    (assuming international business law & quality also meant something to these companies)

  22. badger says

    as you all seem to be from USA
    ill fill u in

    iv spoken to the guys who own the company at the national motorcycle show

    it turns out they are made in china and its a CG125 knock off made by …. SYM.. or something along those lines
    but its all british engenierd =]

    dam pritty aswell

  23. joe says

    hi does anyone know where i can buy one of these bikes?. i want the Naked looks awsome. i live in the uk so im hoping somwhere here they have some ready togo.


  24. Shelby1471 says

    I had a feeling that may be the case as they are apparently OHC and they are too cheap at only 2200 to be anything clever!

    They are very tastfully designed and appear well made (we will see!).

    I just wish they had gone for a V twin or somthing a bit more Ducatified!

  25. paul hodgkinson says

    i would like to know more about the bikes if that is possible im sorry im doing it this way but i dont have a lot of time, i have heard a lot of good things about the bikes wish i had one but at the mo i need more info please send me something and if there are any problems with them please tell me

  26. Joss Mureddu says

    Hey all, just to say my piece here… The ’08 bike expo at the NEC in Birmingham states that the Megelli range use Sym engines. Can anyone tell me if Sym engines are half decent as I’d be willing to part with my hard-earned money to have the 125m.

    Just to back myself up…

    Thanks guys, any info would be appreciated.
    MSN me if you will, jossmureddu (at)

  27. Ben Ballard says

    Hi Guys, being a newly passed CBT’er I have one of the Chinese Bikes you are talking about. I run a Skyjet SJ125-23 F5 on an 08 plate. I’ve had no quibbles with it at all. It’s structurally sound and the engine runs just fine. I’ve done 2500 miles on it and ran it in at 55mph for the first 1000 miles and 65mph for the next 500. Did a partial oil change at 300 and 500 miles and a full at 1000. It cost me £1000 on the road and I pay £25 pcm for fully comp insurance with breakdown and personal accident cover. You have to remember to do a few checks once a week on nuts and bolts to be on the safe side but other than that I have absolutely no quarrel with it. It has great MPG (I laugh at all the 4×4 drivers cursing the £50 going into the tank) as it only costs me £7.50 a tank and I can go for 10 days on it!!
    I must say I absolutely love the looks of the Megelli 125R as I’m a bit of a sports bike fan, the naked is OK and I really don’t like the Motard style bikes at all. I shall pass my full test and then keep my eyes open for a 2nd hand Megelli 125R – Big bike styling on small bike budget, great stuff Megelli. Glad to see you do it in Yellow cos that way I don’t have to buy new leathers!!

  28. Hyper says

    I bought one of these it lasted three weeks, 203miles on the clock and owned a total of 21 days before it fell apart so much it was unrideable. Truly awful little bike. No neutral & jumping into second, excessive vibration, exhaust loose and blowing, main beam pointing upwards, burning huge amounts of oil and spring on the rear shock rubbing on the air box. Engine caging out above 4500rpm. After 200 mile gentle run in period. This thing fell apart after 200miles in 7 trips out at 40mph max. Total piece of excessive shit!!!!!!!!! and a waste of 2 grand. I’m still trying to reject it from the dealer!

  29. arya says

    Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Here in Indonesia motorcycle plays a dominant part of our transportation mode, most of the bikes on street are entry-level japanese small bikes or scooters, we have very few sport bikes here, so hearing that this bike is coming around is surely a good news for us in Indonesia. However this bike (Megelli) is coming over to Indonesia with a specification of 250cc but the model and chassis are all the same, i heard that the engine is manufactured by some german company called SACHS. I’d be very grateful if anyone could provide with me some info about that

  30. DogsX says

    I am a megelli owner. Best advice is get rid as soon as possible it is absolutely fought with problems. Bad design, very bad build quality, bad electrics! Only 1500 miles on it. No lights, starter motor replaced, no clutch, control panel replaced, hole drilled in fuel tank to let the water out. Front brake replaced. Exhaust blowing from join at the end can.

    In one word “SH*T”

  31. Ricardo says

    The bike is reliable, the engine is a copy of the honda little 125, but a good copy, you can indeeed use some of honda’s parts.

    In Europe this bike is a hit, i almost dare to say a big hit, as it took part of the yamaha’s yzf125, hondas cbr125, etc, share on the market.