MechaniCards from Kinetic Works – Mailable Moving Sculptures

MechaniCards from Brad Litwin of Kinetic Works

MechaniCards from Brad Litwin of Kinetic Works

Here's a nice little gift for the person who likes gears, levers and things that move, they're called MechaniCards, from Brad Litwin of Kinetic Works. A little paperboard, bits of wood, metal and plastic and all in something about the size of a greeting card. I like the radial engine the best. You can get them assembled or as a DIY construction kit. Pretty cool.

Link: Kinetic Works via Make

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Video below:


  1. B50 Jim says

    Love the Strumulator! It incorporates the Geneva Cross mechanism, which is at the heart of good motion-picture cameras and projectors; it advances the film the exact amount necessary for exposure or projection without placing undue stress on the film. In the early days of the movies, this little mechanism, and other ideas to do the same job, were the subject of lawsuits and skullduggery. I did a paper on it while a student and found it fascinating.

    Also love the radial engine. I once worked for an engineer who had me fixing his English bikes, and he had a crank from a radial aircraft engine in his garage as a decoration. Wonderful piece of work; and a great way to get power from several pistons in one plane (no pun intended) while affording cooling air to all of them.

  2. says

    Guys, you HAVE to go through the rest of his stuff. The cards are just one minute, microscopic iota of this man’s formidable talents.
    He’s been making mechanical sculptures, playing serious blues and jazz guitar and composing music for decades. Came across his site a few of years ago and have shared it with many.
    Absolutely no exaggeration or hyperbole, and while this word is bandied about casually, in this case it is true- he is a genius.
    Watch some consummate jawdroppery on his channel:

    The quadrotapult is a must watch!

  3. says

    First, I’d like to thank you so much for helping spread the word about my MechaniCard pieces, last fall. I’m sure you helped make them the success they have become.
    So, I hoped you might like to spread the word that my new for 2011 series is underway, and that the first piece “Mandala” is now available.
    Video of this one can be seen at – and of course

    Best wishes,
    Brad Litwin

    Brad Litwin – Kinetic Works