Magpul Ronin 1125R Coming This Year

Magpul Ronin 1125R

Magpul Ronin 1125R

It's been three years since we told you the Magpul Ronin 1125R was slated for possible production. Things have been quiet, but no more, they've just announced the bike will be built, beginning mid 2013, in a limited production run of 47, inspired by the 47 Ronin warriors.

... each hand-built bike will be issued a name - in lieu of a serial number - that corresponds with each of the 47 Ronin of ancient Japanese lore. An initial release of 10 bikes in the original silver and black trim will start at $38,000. There will be multiple incarnations in the line at price points corresponding with their finish and features.

Based on the Buell 1125R, they've had an inventory of new chassis in storage, waiting for the moment when production would begin and it looks like that time has arrived.

Though it's taken a while to bring the bike to market and Ronin Motorworks is a wholly independent company, since the origins are with Magpul, who offer a wide range of excellent accessories for various firearms, I can't help but think, the currently booming business in everything related to guns has, at least, played a part. Just one more reason to buy guns.

Thanks for the tip, Bryan.

Link: Ronin Motorworks


  1. rohorn says

    There is no reason why assault bikes like this should be available to the public! Nobody needs that to go 55mph. Won’t someone please think of the children! At least demand that background checks be made on the buyers (but not on the lawmakers – that’s nobody’s business!). Even if only one life was saved, wouldn’t it be worth it? [/sarcasm]

    Cool – I’ll just park this next to my imaginary Confederate Wraith and Britten V1000 in my fantasy garage/shrine of moto-lust.

  2. Tom Bows says

    Oh holy… Man I wish I had some real money right now. I’ve never been a terribly greedy person. But for right now, I really want some serious cash to spend on something…

  3. Yeti2bikes says

    I like it. I’d like to see how it handles with that girder fork arrangement as compared to the stock inverted tube fork on my Buell.

    • Light is Good says

      Me too, would be interesting. It looks like they’ve put a radiator or oil cooler at the top of the fork legs though. That’ll increase the unsprung weight. Also, how many movement cycles will the pipe leading from it to the engine endure before something lets go? Apart from that, fine butch-looking bike.

  4. Mick says

    Being an 1125r owner I hope they done something to fix the poor electrical system on them. If I was going to a gun fight with something that jammed every 5 mins you would probably resort to a big knife ! That probably the Aussie in me coming out
    Does look like it would eat small kids – cool

  5. Kenny says

    I like the assault bike term, which I may steal.
    Has there been any word on what the spec of these bikes is to be? 38k sounds like just a stripped down 1125 with a funny front-end, not that I don’t love the look of the bike.
    Also in the third picture of their website what is the bike with the flat tire in the background?

  6. Travis says

    Why would they name their bike after someone who had no honor and deserted his Lord and became a criminal, what’s their next bike? introducing “The Deserter”- “Whenever you need it it won’t be there….”

      • todd says

        his point still stands. The name of the bike is “Ronin”, not “the Legend of the Forty Seven Ronin.”

      • Travis says

        yes 47 ronin are a national myth in Japan, but trying to adapt it to an american motorcycle? why not just write a story about a congressman who has a mental breakdown attacks a public servant than kills himself, then his staff conspire to, and kill the public servant, then commit mass suicide. you can call your bike “Staff” and name each one after a member of the congressman’s staff

  7. Steve says

    Think I’d rather have Wunderlich’s naked BMW S1000R, the MadUSA. Priced nearly the same and probably eat the Magpul in any contest of speed. Can’t say much for the looks of either though. They both look like something a 15 year old school boy drew on the back of a notebook after watching too many Transformer movies.

  8. B50 Jim says

    Am I the only one besides Steve who thinks this is one fugly bike? I’m a fan of girder forks but they shouldn’t look like musical-instrument cases. “Girder” implies tubing welded into a configuration that looks too delicate to work but does. Also, I’m a tall guy with long legs but I believe I’d have trouble straddling this bike and putting my feet flat to the road. Riders of average height would need a set of roll-around stairs to climb aboard.

    Just being a contrarian here — I’ve never cared for “Transformer” styled bikes.

  9. Oldyeller says

    “each hand-built bike will be issued a name – in lieu of a serial number”
    My concern is not the right to bear arms (read the 2nd amendment) but DOT’s want of a serial number, not a name. Is anybody aware of this?

  10. JeCo says

    That front is terrible.. bike is in need of a nose job. The rest is pure art and would enjoy owning.. I will stick with the Pegasus Typhon as best Buell though.. I would say the magpul tail is better look and would look epic on the Typhon.

  11. B50 Jim says

    Most serial numbers include letters. If each name is a unique combination of letters, there shouldn’t be a problem. But I don’t know how the DOT thinks.

  12. Scott says

    It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. If they have enough funding to give it a serious go, they should have EBR 1190 donor bikes coming soon for the second generation.

  13. '37 Indian says

    This bike looks like something out of “Tron”, way too futuristic and radical for me to buy one, but I would like to ride it.