Ktrak – Rear Drive Kit and Ski Kit

Ktrak rear drive and ski kit

OK, this isn't designed for a motorcycle but the possibilities are obvious. The Ktrak rear drive kit and optional ski kit transform your mountain bike into a snow bike. If your bike has quick release hubs, no tools are needed, you just swap out the wheels with the rear track and front ski and off you go. Considering all of the attention the Hyanide and Baal tracked motorcycles generated, something like this gets the wheels turning.

Sure, you can get a snowmobile for the winter months but even living in the snowy north as I do, sleds can be a real money pit if the snow is light. Suppose you could swap out the rear tire of your motorcycle with something like this. Obviously, not all motorcycles would be good candidates for a rear track and front ski but some bikes, maybe a dirt bike, might be fun if you could do this.

The Ktrak comes in versions for both adult and children's bicycles. The adult version is $400 for the rear drive kit and $140 for the ski. Children's versions are $200 and $90 respectively. It will be available in January.

Link: Ktrak via Popular Mechanics

UPDATE: That was fast! Thanks to a comment by Mark, it looks like this is already available for motorcycles. SwitchTraxx Thanks, Mark!

SwitchTraxx Track drive motorcycle

UPDATE 2: Thanks to P.T. Anderson, now we also know about the Snow Hawk. Not a conversion but same rear track and front ski setup in a single line with a motorcycle riding position.

Snow Hawk


  1. says

    There were motorbike versions of this at the CycleWorld International Motorcycle Show. A mini-bike sized one and a great big Goldwing-sized one.

    The smaller one looked like it would be big fun and had a wheel that could be swapped with the front ski (the rear kept the track) for summer use.
    The big one was goofy, like a snowmobile with a monster truck lift kit.

  2. says

    Oh, yeah, it wasn’t a conversion kit.
    It was a complete machine.
    Sorry if I got anybody too excited. (“OMG! I want to make my GSXR1000RRXRR into a snow machine!!! Whaddaya mean I can’t?)

  3. says

    That is awesome! It looks like it would be good fun but one hell of a work out. When I lived where there was real winter, we’d stud our tires and ride down frozen streams (which hurt an awful lot when you wipe out on).

    How soon until someone figures out how to attach their power-assist bike motor to it?

  4. todd says

    looks scary fun. I can’t imagine how you’d balance the thing with so little gyroscopic effect without wheels. I guess crashing in the snow (high liklihood) doesn’t hurt too bad.

  5. Zip says

    After watching the video on their website, I noted that all the riding was down hills, which I could easily do on most any MTB, with no ski or trak required.

  6. dorkpuncn says

    There are three major track conversions out for bikes. Already mentioned is the switchtraxx, wich looks okay. I cant remember the name of the other, but the BEST one in my opinion is the ATRAX. Its by far the cheapest and looks very simple/easy to maintain. I’m still trying to find a slightly used (read cheaper) one for my LC4…

    i guess i cant post a direct link, but go to attrax dot net. you can get some more pictures there for your thread.