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Kiwi Indian reproduction motorcycle

Kiwi Indian reproduction motorcycle engineAfter writing about the Indian Motorcycle Company and their new home in North Carolina, one comment by Rattsbikes made mention of Kiwi Indian, a company I wasn't familiar with so I checked them out. After looking them over, I would say he did it right.

Mike Tomas started making Indian parts back in New Zealand, hence "Kiwi," and after moving to Riverside, California, picked up the pace and started making all kinds of reproduction Indian parts. He builds a complete reproduction engine that looks exactly like an original but has some newer parts and technology inside to improve on the old engine. Like some other reproduction parts companies, Mike kept expanding his catalog until finally he figured, "Why not make the whole bike?"

Right now, you can buy a retro Kiwi Indian that looks like an old Chief, foot clutch, hand shift, the whole nine yards, but brand new, ready to give you the experience of riding an old Indian without worrying about breaking down and having no replacement parts available. He also has a retro Indian Bobber kit which will accept a Harley Davidson engine but why on earth would you do that when you can put one of his Indian reproduction engines in there for the total effect? These reproductions look exactly right and if I were considering a new Indian, that's what I would want, not some brand new Harley look alike with big fenders.

He also makes a leaf spring fork that will fit either Indian or Harley Davidson frames. His transmission is a four speed, one more than the original and some of his parts are even correct for that concours restoration of an original.

He also has some originals for sale on his site that make you want to take a slow speed cruise down the highway. Something about old Indians strike me right. They might not be to everyone's taste but I like the look.

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Bobber photo below:

Kiwi Indian bobbermotorcycle


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    In a word, beautiful. I’m from a family of Indian riders, one of whom worked on the Scout at the Hendee plant in Mass. before WWII.