Kawasaki KH750 2 Stroke Triple Cafe Racer

Kawasaki KH750 2 stroke triple cafe racer for sale

Most of the cafe racer conversions you see these days are 4 strokes, due, in no small part, to the fact that 2 strokes haven't been available in street bikes for quite a while. But back in the day of the Kawasaki triples, some really nice work was done to those snarly beasts and this KH750 Cafe Racer for sale on eBay is a nice modern conversion. This one is very highly modified and it looks like the work was well thought out.

The builder used a KH500 frame, which was itself, shortened and lightened, along with an FZR400 swingarm. There's an aluminum Triton style fuel tank, aluminum clip ons, a ZX636 sidestand, and much more.

The engine is an H2 750 with modifications from top to bottom and overall, it's the kind of bike you will not see anywhere else when you're out riding.

Bikes like these take some money to build correctly, though careful shopping for parts and donor bikes can reduce the cost, but more importantly they take time, knowledge, skill and lots of perseverance. I'd be willing to bet this bike is huge fun to ride. Looks good to me.

Link: auction has ended

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  1. says

    Looks like the battery is up under the tail section. Nice idea, really cleans up the look of the bike. The frame almost looks too big for the rest of the mechanicals now, though. Love those wheels, too.

    I’m not a huge fan of the overall colors, however. The mix of gloss and flat surfaces is sort of weird. In particular, the head and jugs sort of stick out like a sore thumb, especially with the gloss-black cases. The exhaust (which looks like it might be a custom job — kudos for having the guts and know-how to do that!) could use a different muffler. The stock pipes on these bikes were wicked-cool; I would have tried to replicate that look.


  2. sweetLemonaid says

    Green with envy–this one is done right. If I had the money, it would be mine. H1 and H2 are still some of the most wild rides our there. I have a H1 500 with a lengthened frame; expansion chambers; and stripped down frame.

  3. PigIron says

    If it is based on a KH500 frame then it is an ill-handling beast indeed what with the famous hinge in the middle of the backbone. You can experience that on the infrequent occasions when the top end isn’t off the engine for re-build after piston seizures.

    As far as I’m concerned you can melt them all down and turn them into soup spoons and storm doors.

  4. Keith says

    Cool ride , I always like the look of 2 stroke fatty pipes , a 2 stroke snowmobile engine would add some real horse power with the benefit of fuel injection .

  5. Matt in NC says

    I need a new emoticon that reflects Homer Simpson’s expression when he see donuts…

    I love this bike. I’ll bet it’s a handfull to ride, though. It probably lifts the front with roll-on throttle in about every gear. Cool.

  6. says

    Having ridden the Kaw triples when they were new. I don’t doubt that the cafe racer pictured is a mean, nasty, ill handling beast compared to a modern bike. I’d love to own it for the sheer joy of owning and riding something that is such true social misfit, a velociraptor still alive in an age of thoroughbred horses.


  7. jp says

    “a velociraptor still alive in an age of thoroughbred horses.”….you sir have just coined one of the best descriptive phrases I’ve heard in a really long time. Kudos to you!

    I hope that frame is at least braced/gusseted a little…but still it looks like a load of fun. Definitely something to harass the local squid boys with :-)

  8. todd says

    Two strokes are the bomb to fix up and ride around. You’ll be amazed at how many people never knew two-strokes were road legal at one point in time. It’s also a joy to build one since they are so simple and you can go from mild, torquey motors to wild, powerful motors armed only with a dremel. The correct exhaust though is stuff for magicians and will make or break a two-stroke.
    -todd (I guess there’re two todds)

  9. Crapiron says

    A very nice job on this bike. It’s becoming rare to see these old bikes anymore in good condition. I like to see the modern stuff fabricated to fit. Some people comment on things they know nothing about or have said they’ve ridden one at ONE time and know all about it.Think before you type.

  10. says

    i have seen this bike in person a few times and have had it pass me a few times too. The pictures do NOT do it justice and it is sad to see the owner selling it.. but his next projects are equally stunning.
    Regarding the ‘hinge in the middle’ comment by pigiron(harley reference perhaps?), thats really an old myth and is NOT true. Modern tires and good shocks make these bikes handle exceptionally well. I currently have a 75 500 far more stock than this one and can crag hard parts on both sides with no weave or flex.. and this one is far superior in suspension.

    To quote ferris bueller:
    Its so choice… if you have the means I recommend picking one up

  11. biker don says

    that comment directed to pigiron, at least us tripple riders can build our own
    bike for 2 grand and kick the poop out of any harley in the Quarter, easily with a slipping clutch. Best cafe bike I have ever seen

  12. Keith Richards says

    Dig those nasty bloody two stroke triples. If it ain’t normal…I like ’em even more. To the builder…Get your rocks off!

  13. PigIron says

    I bought a brand new 1970 500 triple for $999. Got rid of it and replaced it with a used 1967 BSA Thunderbolt and didn’t regret the switch one bit.

  14. bwh998 says

    juergen, tom loftis over at kawasakitriplesworldwide dot com builds the best chambers for 2t kawis.

  15. Jamal says

    As a friend of the builder and PO of this bike I can say that anyone who comments on it being “ill handling” is a moron. This thing was built with handling in mind, and modifications were made to suit that goal.

    The mill was dampener mounted to reduce vibration, the frame was worked, the suspension was WELL tuned…..

    This thing was SUPREME.

  16. Alex says

    “As a friend of the builder and PO of this bike I can say that anyone who comments on it being “ill handling” is a moron. This thing was built with handling in mind, and modifications were made to suit that goal.

    The mill was dampener mounted to reduce vibration, the frame was worked, the suspension was WELL tuned…..

    This thing was SUPREME.”

    LOL, Jamal that is what Doug meant when he said it handles ill so next time think before you decide to call someone a moron or you might just end up typing something this stupid