Jay Springsteen XR750 Replica Street Tracker

Jay Springsteen XR750 replica street tracker

Jay Springsteen XR750 replica street trackerNo sooner do I ask where the factory Street Trackers are than I get a note from Brian telling me a friend of his is planning to go into production with these Jay Springsteen XR750 Replicas. They look like a full on race bike ready for the Indy Mile but they're street legal.

The bikes are the work of Billy Hofmeister, who has 38 years of Pro Class Racing with 14 years of racing Grand National so he's familiar with the territory. These look really sweet.

I guess you have to wonder if the factories could turn out something that looks this good since they have to jump through so many hoops for the EPA and DOT.

Full specs and more photos below:

Here are the specs:
1200 Buell XB motor 105 hp
19" PM racing wheels
Custom Oil in frame , single shock chrome moly racing chassis
PM brakes front and rear
PM controls
Aluminum fuel tank
Custom paint and graphics signed by Jay himself
Supertrapp exhaust
Flanders bars
Custom "9" imprinted seat
Aluminum pegs
Penske shock
Headlight and tailight
a street legal race bike!

Options Available:
Wire Spoke Racing Wheels
Color Choice of "Harley Orange" or
Blue / White "Supertrapp" race colors or
Burgundy/White "Bartells race colors
Nickel or Chrome or Painted frame

price: base $26,995 US dollars

Yep, I like 'em.

Link: SHR Enterprises

Jay Springsteen XR750 replica street tracker

Jay Springsteen XR750 replica street tracker


  1. Mike Skelton says

    Gee, hasn’t Steve Storz been cranking out units like this JS replica for a while?

    He used to make a kit for a road race version as well. I spoke to him about it a long time ago and he said there wasn’t enough interest in it after he built a prototype to justify production.

  2. todd says

    This doesn’t look street legal. What with SuperTrapp exhaust, tiny or invisible (not DOT approved?) tail light, missing license plate and light, no turn signals or mirrors (TSM as someone once put it), absence of evaporative emissions control, front or rear fender, speedometer, chain guard, side stand, reflectors, horn, reserve capacity battery, compliance stickers… Once a factory installs all of these necessary legal items you end up with a Sportster 883R. I believe The Motor Company discontinued that model due to lack of interest as well.


  3. says

    @todd: I suppose “street legal” probably depends very heavily on the particular state in consideration here. I’m guessing, for instance, that these probably aren’t street-legal in CA, but probably would be in any state that doesn’t have smog checks (or another sort of rigorous inspection).


  4. says

    Methinks this is probably a pre-production prototype, to guage interest..

    Besides, with the exception of the taillight/signals, it looks no different (from a sales/DOT standpoint) from what Confederate puts out. The laws surrounding those typres of things are unit production volume specific. Low production = less stringent rules. I’ll have to check my files, but I believe a MFG doesn’t have to really worry too much about it until you hit 1500+ units per year. There ARE rules to be met, Trust Me. But they’re NOT so strict as people are led to believe.

  5. todd says

    It’s also not a 750 as they claim.

    The article is not about why aren’t there more modified bikes that barely squeek by compliance issues. No, this bike would be street legal in California, there are no MOT or emission testing yet. You could get pulled over for no tail light, no license plate, no turn signals and no mirrors. Those are federally mandated items, not a state DMV decision. But the cops around here would let you slide because A: they have more important things to do and B: it’s a Harley. Cop bikes are allowed to be modified by their riders with “for off road use only equipment”.

    This article was written to ask why manufacturers have neglected this styling segment. We’ve pointed out a couple examples that are but aren’t available in the US. The 883R is the closest thing to a XR750 that any manufacturer has ever produced since – and it has been discontinued.


  6. todd says

    OK, I’m getting my articles mixed up. This isn’t about production ready DOT compliant bikes, this is about kits and customs.


  7. says

    This could be filed under the collectible category too – the white one, with what looks like an easily removable number plate. (sorry Mr. Springsteen, don’t like numbers on street bikes. Plus, I wouldn’t want to cover up the pipes)

    Best wishes Billy. You’ve created a great-looking product that must be hellafun in operation.

    Buell should have expanded into this segment

  8. says

    Hi everybody

    I’m looking for the official Jay Springsteen website…

    Can somebody give me the url (if there is one, of course)



  9. taxman says

    i don’t know about your state, but Michigan does not require turn signals. you are required to have a brake light, and a headlight, and that is it. it is still legal to signal a turn with your left arm. the only way you would get in trouble is for NOT signaling a turn.

    that is how it is in Michigan. most other states are probably similar.

  10. says

    This bike looks really good and I like the quality of finish(as much as I can tell from the pictures).

    I’ll say this. The only way they can produce this bike at that price is to do a bunch, as in lots!

    Usually there’s a money man involved who is in it for the bucks. When you pay a guy to build these (and he’s hoping to make a buck as well), give some sort of percentage to Springer(whose name is on it and I wouldn’t think that’s free), buy all the stuff and get all set up, you end up in debt. Thats why you don’t see any Lawwill bikes anywhere, very few of the Storz package and I’d gamble you won’t 2 more of these. But it looks awesome!

  11. DWIGHT says

    Good job bill…
    Beautiful work.
    This is the best copy I’ve seen.
    The white & burgundy reminds me
    of one of Jays 750 favorites,
    lite with plenty of pop , the orange
    one is sharp to. The orange one’s
    nickname,,, anchor…
    The price is good to, for all you’ve
    put into this bike.

  12. scott davis says

    in colorado we don’t need turn signals assuming you have a left arm. i don’t believe fenders are required. we also do’t have a always on headlight requirement.

  13. says

    These tires are not street legal either… these are true Maxxis Dirt Track race tires they have mounted as told by the tread pattern.

    I’d like to know who built the frame…?

  14. steve says

    I love the looks of it, seems a little spendee, would like to have one just like in the picture in the orange same wheels how do we find out more about them?

  15. Sambo says

    I’m looking for a xr750 street legal for the love of flat tracking. My father and his brother raced the circut thru the 70s and 80s. Maybe someone mite remember my uncle Chubby Armour. I’m a huge fan of the two wheelers. Please email if you know of a good web-site for a street legal xr750s.
    Sam Armour

  16. says

    You can go to http://www.grandnationalreplica.com to find out more. Bill has trimmed the price a little from what is mentioned above. It seems a bit spendy, but you get what you pay for. All of the core components are per spec of Jay Springsteen’s miler. ‘J’ of C&J chassis built the first frame and they are now being production run in MPLS. The XB12 motor is being used for durability and cost. Face it, an $18,000 XR-750 motor would be a gernade on the street.

  17. Jeff Hannum says

    Of course I remeber Chubby & Denny they got me to jump out of my first airplane. Plus Chubby & I used to race together. We were roomates in Sacramento. I could many many stories.

  18. Bradley says

    what kind of frame was used, I have a xb9s I realey bought it to do the same thing with
    only I want to use the factory wheels how about some help, thanks.

  19. Eric B says

    The bike in the pictures is indeed our prototype. Check grandnationalreplica.com we are finishing our 6th machine the price is currently $24,605 with a powder coated frame. This bike is licensed in Minnesota. It has a side mount license and tail light. These bikes are made to order. So if you need fenders, evaporative canisters, etc. we can do that.

    The 750 motors are not practical for the street. The motors we use have an alternator for the lights, electric start so you don’t have to push to start them. Virtually the same power output, Johnny “Showtime ” Murphree was riding it on the half mile in Davenport IA at speed. Let’s see some one do that on a 883R.

    We have chassis kits available too. They currently accept the Buell XB motors in either 900 or 1200cc configuration.

  20. Dan R. says

    I’m trying to figure out a decent headlight setup for my yam 750 streettracker. I had an ama # plate with a small rectangular light assy. mounted under the triple tree, looked cool but kind of hoakie for the street. I just tried a rectangular 5 x 7 with the tomasselli type brackets, brackets good but rectangular assy.shows too much steering stem. I have to go to somekind of round light about 6″. I don’t like the headlight # plate combo. Nice harleys here but even though their headlights are round and period correct they look like crap and suck! They need to be drawn in as close as poss, etc. and maybe even a different style. If this message isn’t posted I guess your not into constructive criticism. Thanks