Ipothesys Moto Guzzi Griso Conversion

Ipothesys Moto Guzzi custom

Ipothesys Moto Guzzi custom

Just shown at the European Bike Expo, this custom Moto Guzzi Griso from Ipothesys looks very well done, and like any well designed Guzzi should, it puts the visual focus right on the engine with minimal body work to hide the mechanicals. I'm guessing some sort of kit is planned so you can do this yourself, but I don't have any more info just yet, we'll see what we can find.

Thanks for the tip, Doug!

Link: Ipothesys


  1. Scotduke says

    Hmm, definitely like this. The Griso’s a nice bike but this is really special. If Guzzi was to launch something along these lines, I’m sure it’d sell.

  2. says

    Seeing as how Guzzi has one of the sexiest engines, it seems sort of like easy cheating to use one to make your build cool looking. :)
    That is very eye catching and sharp. Good work.

  3. todd says

    I always thought the Grizo was almost as bad as the Nevada. This makes it look SO much better.

    Looks like it’s ready to accept a muffler.


  4. B50 Jim says

    Wicked bike! There’s nothing like those big cylinders angling from either side. The exhaust is just right up to the dual tips that look like they came from Pep Boys. Just extend them straight back and put small mufflers on them. She’d bark really well.

  5. Bigshankhank says

    Very nice.
    OK, I would prefer a bit longer seat, but I don’t want to sound like a hater. Custom Guzzi’s generally rock.

  6. BoxerFanatic says


    This is the bike I have been calling for.

    Take 1 8-valve Griso…

    Turn into the next generation successor to the V11 LeMans.

    Oh, I want this bike BAD.

  7. T-Rick says

    Great bike I like but I wish it had a more powerful and better performing motor.They fall short in the performance area of riding..

    • says

      @T-Rick…on a spec sheet, the Guzzi motor may appear to be lacking, but have you ridden one in the twisty roads?

      for those looking for more pics, the Italian blog, Rocket Garage has a nice run of the pics. You’ll like the rest

      • BoxerFanatic says

        Thanks for that, although fair warning… the site is in italian, and produces pop-ups.

        I had to search for the pics, they aren’t on the front page, but once I found them, there are some candid camera shots of the bike. Very nice… but the headlight and tail light don’t fit the designs of the new bodywork very well. Clearly the light fixtures are take-offs of other bikes, and a bit of an afterthought, after the new bodywork’s shape was set. I think the light fixtures might be Ducati pieces, a superbike aftermarket clear tail light, and a Monster or Diavel style headlight, but not absolutely sure yet.

        I would have taken headlights from MV Agusta, or Benelli Tornado, for that sleek front fairing. Vertical stacked lighting elements for a narrow frontal area half-fairing.

        IF one wanted a round headlight, I would have stuck with a Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 Sport round/oval headlight with a low beam projector underneath a high beam reflector in the top half, and I would have made the fairing a bit more “bullet” shape and pseudo-spherical at the front, somewhat like the V11 LeMans half fairing.

        • Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

          If you just follow the link provided to Ipothesys, there is a front page link to a gallery of images which show the lights and some other angles.

          • BoxerFanatic says

            I did check out that link, and the ‘official’ pictures are a bit clearer, and show a bit better fitment than I thought from the candids…

            But I stick by my comments about wishing for either a narrower vertical headlight stack, or a Breva-style round headlight, and more rounded fairing nose.

            The Griso’s stock tail light treatment is pretty slick as-is, I wish someone made a monoposto adaptation of the stock tail-piece. The pillion seat looks like a lump, and spoils an otherwise very nice tail. Although, I do quite like the exposed trellis subframe and air filter on the Ipothesis bike.

  8. BoxerFanatic says

    I tried those links on the Ipothesis site yesterday, and they didn’t work for me. I’ll try them again.

  9. OMMAG says

    I happen to love the Griso …. with the one exception of that completely fugly exhaust.

    So just take the exhaust off of that custom and ship it to me …. cause that fixes all my problems……………

    • BoxerFanatic says

      Would a Breva Sport exhaust, and oil cooler setup work on a Griso?

      The oil cooler would have to be relocated from the right side, to allow a symmetrical head-pipe exhaust, which is just what a Breva Sport has, quite similar to the Ipothesis bike, actually.

      The only road block might be a lack of packaging or airflow space on the Griso’s frame under the head-stock, for the oil cooler, necessitating the side-mount oil cooler arrangement that Griso has.

  10. Cameron says

    Time to take another look at my Griso…..
    @T-Rick – Guzzi’s are deceptively fast, they just feel right. If you don’t understand, I can’t explain it. They’re damn sexy too.

    • BoxerFanatic says

      I rode a friend’s V11 LeMans a few years back, and was quite impressed. I’ve wanted a longitudinal, shaft-driven sporty bike with torque and real world ergonomics, ever since.

      The ride was more than the stats of that bike would suggest.

      BMW or Moto Guzzi, or some of both mashed up together… 😀 Sounds good to me.

      With the absence of a new DOHC R1200S that isn’t as expensive and impractical as an HP2 Sport… or a new official LeMans successor from Moto Guzzi officially… this Ipothesis bike looks like a very good option.