Icare Concept Motorcycle by Enzyme Design

Icare concept motorcycle from Enzyme Design

Concept motorcycle design is supposed to grab your attention and the Icare by Enzyme Design certainly does that. Looking more like a creation from a futuristic sci-fi movie or computer game, it is actually based on technology and engines already available.

Power comes from a flat six, either Honda 1800, or as one rendering shows, perhaps a Porsche. With all of the bodywork on this bike, you could hide all sorts of engine accessories like blowers, turbos or what have you, plus the suspension could be pretty exotic and it, too, would be well hidden. Of course, with this much bodywork you could hide almost any kind of powerplant, you're not confined to the old internal combustion engine by any means though it's interesting to see something this far out with a Honda 6.

The side skirts around the wheels seem to rotate up out of the way as does the bodywork which evidently has some type of parked mode which then moves into riding mode when you turn it on.

I rather doubt we'll see anything like this from any major manufacturer, at least not for the foreseeable future, but a technically proficient custom builder might pull it off. Interesting.

A tip of the hat to Brian for the pointer.

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Icare concept motorcycle from Enzyme Design

Icare concept motorcycle from Enzyme Design

Icare concept motorcycle from Enzyme Design

Link: Enzyme Design via Wired

All images: Enzyme Design



  1. Nathan says

    I wouldnt be suprised if we saw something like this in the future but that looks like it wont handle very well with that giant front wheel.

  2. kneeslider says

    I think the appearance is deceptive, most of what you see is bodywork, not the enclosed tire and wheel, though it is hard to tell from these images.

  3. says

    I could probably buy 2-3 bikes for what it would cost to repair that thing if it ever fell over in the garage!

  4. christopher says

    dig it. lots. just wondering how the front wheel would be able to turn, or the front suspension could compress. even if it’s all bodywork i’m having trouble visualizing how there’s room. either way, it’s pretty and i’d like to see someone turn out something like this that actually works.

  5. christopher says

    sorry for the double post, i was just thinking it’d be REALLY easy to put TWO wheels in the back of this thing. imagine the grip coming out a corner. . .

  6. Jarred says

    First of all I would like to say I dig the exhaust. If you look at the bottom picture it doesn’t look as the front tire is so wide. In regards to the rear tire, you could hide some decent saddlebags under that body work. Lean angles would surely be affected though. My biggest concern would be suspension compression on the front wheel. I think it would be awesome to hide a twin turbocharded mill under all of that fairing work.

  7. Jarred says

    If you scan through their website under the “Atomo” and “Voxan” tabs on the left they have additionaly motorcycle designs. Well worth the look.

  8. ooh_child says

    i like out of the box thinking but where would i put my feet. reminds me of something of the old voltron cartoons

  9. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    Its very locomotive. I like it. Front suspension travel could be improved by articulating the frame rather than the front “forks”. Of course this is just over the top and imaginary, but if i saw it on the street my jaw would drop.

  10. says

    Good call on the locomotive, Clive. The black one in the front 3/4 view especially. Perhaps the Raymond Loewy influence is alive and well in France.

    Looking into this further, I now see there’s distinct differences between the red/black version and the bottom tan version. The top two pics do look like they have unconventional wheels. Sort of a blend between Akira and Minority Report, if you will. But the tan design, is perhaps a later version, with a sleeker automotive front end, conventional wheels and rear saddle bags.

  11. tim says

    paint it black and mount some guns and lights and Judge Dredd would be right at home. Or Batman.

    Yes, I want one.

  12. Azzy says

    Nice to see someone finally came out with a body for the Tomahawk..

    Comedy aside, Its nice to see a concept bike that isnt about getting rid of material, but allowing for some storage while looking into aerodynamics. I would ride one, as long as it had enough room for a passenger to ride with some comfort.

  13. mbascom says

    I think that this looks amazing.. granted I am only 26 and maybe that is the kid in me..but non the less.. I do however feel that WE could buy about 4 motorcycles for the price that this bike will probably be let alone the cost of repairs.. And as for the handling.. NO… But great Idea and amazing look!!!

  14. junior says

    looks like some transformer movie stuff. i would buy but if ill take if it if given to me jejeje naa but it look like some bumble stuff

  15. David says

    Can I hear “Light Cycle” from Tron? seriously, this bike is awesome and I would totally buy one…. if it was made by a less expensive company that is, lol.