Honda Gold Wing Quad from Hannigan Motorsports

HRT Roadster - Honda Gold Wing Quad from Hannigan Motorsports

How about a Honda Gold Wing quad? Dave Hannigan just introduced a 2 wheel front end to replace the standard Gold Wing's single front wheel, which, when added to the usual trike setup gives you one large and luxurious quad.

I talked to Dave Hannigan of Hannigan Motorsports recently about what he calls his HRT Roadster. Dave sells quite a few Gold Wing trikes of the usual configuration but he just introduced a kit to add a two wheel front end to a Honda Gold Wing GL1800. It's a well engineered setup that looks like it would be a hoot to drive.

One of the first questions I had for Dave was about whether it was legal on the road and he told me something I wasn't aware of, at least 5 states currently tag quads for road use, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota, all states with lots of wide open spaces and a long way from Washington, D.C. If companies keep offering well designed vehicles like these and some states will license them, why not? Dan does sell this outfit with the disclaimer that should the government decide it will not allow them on the road, he's not liable which is understandable.

Dan knows Keith Smith of GG Quad North America who imports the BMW based machine and he told me how the two of them had a lively ride down the road when Keith came by for a visit, and Keith thought the HRT Roadster really handled well, much better than he had expected, especially when you consider the size.

Although the front end could be put on the front of a standard Gold Wing to create a reverse trike and get around any legal issues, they found the position of the wheels created a slightly unstable setup which they still have to work on a bit so for now, the quad is the only option. The Can Am Spyder, in comparison, has the front wheels much further back compared to this setup and Dave is considering several ideas to get everything right.

Although Hannigan Motorsports will sell you this kit to install yourself they much prefer to sell the whole rig assembled, or if you insist on doing your own work, they'll provide the space for you to do it under their supervision.

The complete rig out the door is around $42,000, which, considering the price of the Gold Wing and all of the trike and front end pieces plus installation, sounds about right.

I think it looks pretty interesting and I would definitely like to take it for a run through some twisty roads to see how it handles, the engine would certainly have the power, this could be a fun ride.

HRT Roadster - Honda Gold Wing Quad from Hannigan Motorsports

HRT Roadster - Honda Gold Wing Quad from Hannigan Motorsports

Link: Hannigan Motorsports
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  1. Bryce says

    Figures that this would be done with a Goldwing.

    Now for a really interesting question: While this is road legal in 5 states, can it be ridden outside of those 5 states?

  2. clutch says

    I’ve always thought that goldwings might as well have 4 wheels. now someone needs to build one with a roof.

  3. Matt in NC says

    I agree with Pigiron and akbar.

    This is getting ridiculous. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

  4. kneeslider says

    If you find this Honda conversion not to your liking, explain why. If you think it has engineering issues, explain those in detail. If you can’t go beyond that, think a little longer before you write, otherwise you start to sound like those who hate all Harleys or crotch rockets or scooters or whatever, … no reason why, they just do.

  5. Matt in NC says

    I don’t think this is a motorcycle anymore. The problem, as most motorcyclists would probably agree, is that this conversion brings nothing but extra weight, and no obvious advantages to the original goldwing. I guess an argument can be made for the advantages it brings to a trike, but that’s a mighty costly band-aid. Like any number of M/C engine-powered cars that have been featured here, there’s much to be said for originality and engineering, but really, aside from a trick front suspension, this really is not that “motorcyclish” (sorry, had to coin a word there) anymore.

    The BMW quad that show up on the sidebar of this page, certainly looks alot more the part of both a performance, as well as engineering feat. Perhaps much of the feedback is a little too harsh here, since this really is a clean and highly polished execution of an idea. To each his own, though when the time comes that I can no longer ride on 2 wheels I really don’t plan on switching to 3, of course there are a couple sidecar rigs that I would gladly pilot right now, but those aren’t really trikes in the common belief of M/C’ers.

  6. wendell says

    I’d like to see what, if anything, all these critics have designed and built lately or ever….wendell

  7. Mayakovski says

    Critics do not have to design/build things to justify there opinions, they are the reason the designers have a job.

  8. Bryce says

    As a designer, I fully agree with Mayakovski. I’ve heard that far too many times from designers, engineers, and producers to basically shout down those who disagree or criticize.

    I greatly admire the effort, design, and engineering that went into this machine. That said, it appears to have compromised the advantages of a motorcycle and those of a car for the disadvantages of both. That said, I’m not averse to the concept of a street legal quad. I just think this one has too much weight, too little power, and little to recommend it over a Miata, which costs tens of thousands less.

    If this could lean like a motorcycle or tilting trike, I’d be a lot more impressed.

  9. Alejandro says

    Even though it is not my taste, I would have to speculate that it would have better braking and cornering over the stock trike it started from. I have heard of many aging riders that just can’t balance the way they used to, and this would be right up their alley.

    It costs a lot because it is a limited production vehicle. If people are always going to revert back to the argument that, “I could buy ___ for thousands less” you will be here all day. There is always something cheaper to point to. It is easy to criticize someone else’s work. Those that do criticize usually have no talent or energy to do something themselves. I am not telling those to never point out flaws, but make it constructive criticism, not a transparent attempt to boost your own lack of self-esteem or talent.

  10. Richard says

    It’s a beautiful color (a lot like the GL1800 I once had), and it’s an excellent piece of engineering, beautifully executed. However, I absolutely do not understand what the point is. It’s stretching things to call a trike a “motorcycle”, but this clearly is no longer a motorcycle– it’s a car made from a Goldwing.

    The 2001 and later Goldwings are a brilliant piece of engineering. They are unbelievably stable and comfortable, yet they handle almost like a sportbike. They have amazing power and can do 0 to 60 faster (4.4 sec) than a Lotus Elise (4.6 to 5.1 sec, depending on who you believe). So, why mess all that up?

    I suppose that if you REALLY love Goldwings, but you are forced to drive a car, and you live in one of those 5 states that let you drive it, and you can afford it, then it’s the perfect thing for you.

    Regardless, congrats to Hannigan Motorsports for a job well done.

  11. says


    A a side note, I used to live in Arizona, and I must say, He’s Incorrect.
    Arizona does NOT license Quads for road-use. It is a special tag for use on “public roads” with strict stipulations. The main reason is for use on public trails and fire roads. Pavement doesn’t count. The few that get away with pavement use, are utilizing them in areas that allow golf carts on the residential streets. (Sun City, for example)

    Federal DOT still does not recognize 4-wheel motorcycles as legal vehicles. The way he *really* is getting around it with this “bike” is the fact that it’s registered as a trike. I’d bet $$$ that if this “bike” were inspected the way a trike conversion is done, The inspection station would bounce it.

  12. Alex says

    English’s not my native tongue… However, the title reads QUAD not bike, right?

    It looks great, I am sure it is fun to ride. I cannot afford it and I do not want one. On everything else I cannot judge from the info given. Critics finished.

  13. todd says

    I say, if he can make money building and selling them then more power to him. That’s the point. The conversion looks to be done very well and it looks clean.
    I am also a designer and I have a first-hand understanding that you can be very successful designing vehicles that don’t have mass appeal. Who cares if this IS a motorcycle. It’s on The Kneeslider because it is interesting and at least WAS a motorcycle. I mean, who here hasn’t thought about building something with four wheels?


  14. seattle says

    If I were to buy a street-legal quad (and if it were legal in my state) I would want something like the Polaris Revolver Concept. I think the Revolver is a very attractive design that is engineered as a street quad while the GoldWing Quad looks exactly like what it is – a motorcycle with four wheels attached.

  15. says

    Throw a little Brudelli Leanster technology at it and it would be easy to make the Revolver “the sporty choice” for the CanAm Spyder’s market.

    That extra back wheel keeps it off the street, gotta lose it.

    This Hannigan GoldThing, the Revolver, the Spyder, the BMW Quad, the Leanster; are not motorcycles. Not supposed to be motorcycles, not supposed to replace motorcycles. They’re not cars, either, they’re something else. We need more Something Else. It’s okay to love motorcycles and still appreciate other modes of transportation. Even ones that are in some way “inferior” to the ones you like best.

    Now, about that Hayabusa/SmartCar…

  16. OTTOMAN says


  17. JC says

    I’m not sure what the KTM bowtie sells for, but maybe this is a cheap competition for it?

    I imagine a passenger better be prepared for the turns, as it would tend to sling them to the outside of a turn. Anyone whose carried passengers on a four wheeler (ATV) knows this!

    a Lotus Seven replica with a Hayabusa motor is about $40-50k, so not sure if this is a low enough price point to attract enough attention

  18. RW says

    I have driven a trike and a quad. I have also been a life long biker. The feel of a two-wheeled bike is like none other and actually the skills needed are like none other. The trike and quad do not feel like a bike and the skills needed are slightly different than a riding a two wheeler. This is an opinion from a two wheel preferred biker. They will never replace the thrill of riding on two wheels. The only thing they have in common with a two wheeler is that there is no roof.

  19. Caleb says

    I think that looks amazing, it may not be legal most places but it’s unique. good to see something new that doesn’t just look like another cookie cutter version of something else. right on!

  20. Patricia says

    It’s a nice, expensive 4-wheeler. That’s all I can say about it. It’s probably a good idea for older people who have trouble balancing on 2 wheels. And for $42,000, I’d rather buy a nice pickup … to drop off my Honda VTX 1300 at the shop for routine maintenance! Take care.

  21. Sean Shute says

    Well I think that peoplke who critisiz should try and think things through befor they speak against an object. I had a motorcycle accident about 14 years ago. I have been tested and can drive a vehicle. But I am not aloud to use a motorcicle for the timebeing. Simply because my ballance is between no good and almost non existant. Yes I can walk. But I truthfully miss riding a lot. Know I dont think I would have a problem with this roadster with an elecric shifter. I would want one of those because I am also partially paralised. And YES, PARTIALLY. And I live in canada, and I cant afored one yet. But
    I would still love to be able to affored one some day.

  22. Paul Anthony says

    Hi Guys n Gals,

    I hope I can explain the sudden rush of all types of 3 and 4 wheeled creations (Good and Bad). The designers/Engineers are all of a sudden like kids in a candy shop. They have Computer Aided Design softwares, and Computer controlled lathes/cutting machines, that now make designing and building these types of vehicle possible.

    I don’t critisise, as even if I don’t like 1 particular creation, there’ll be another around the corner soon that I’m sure to LOVE.

    We need to remember, without these types of designers who push the boundaries, we would all be riding the same types of thing, and Who wants that????


  23. Cheapracer says

    Have you Guys considered that theres a market for all styles of vehicles? I have seen a 65 year old, just retired, buy a new Wing. It was his dream after so many years hard work to buy/learn to ride a bike and tour. Within 10 feet his dream turned to reality when he dropped it (he was entering the road from the showroom and stopped over a high curb and his foot couldn’t reach the ground!) and promptly broke his ankle. He didnt want a sports car he wanted a bike and now there is some real and safer alternates coming along – everyone has a right to enjoy themselves.

  24. PaleRider says

    Personally right now I wouldn’t want one but when I get to the age where I feel like I need a trike then I believe I would prefer the quod if I were to going even close to a trike. If it’s not going to lean then it might as well have four wheels.

  25. Mark W says

    Ran into a dealer in Yellowstone driving one of these conversions. If it handles like a go-cart as the dealer said it does, I would own one in a heartbeat. I own a wing and drive it from Feb to December in Minnesota, this would give me the option to drive all year.

  26. DavidM says

    I think this is an amazing piece of engineering. While I still perfer my 2 wheeled GL1800 this could find a nich for riders with balance problems (which we could all someday have)but still want to get in the wind. It looks like a very stable platform but would be better if you could lean it into turns. I’m sure some power is lost due to the extra weight but I’m sure it will curse the speed limit very well. Good Job

  27. says

    I live in Fla and i would Like to Know if you bought on and It becomes legal to ride on the road here how do you insure it as a Bike Or As a Car? Because in Fla You Do Not Have to Have Insurance On A Bike and also you do not have a Motoecycle Endorsement On anything with 4 or more wheeles. So can anyone answer my Question If so email me

  28. John says

    All who are knocking this are being ridiculous.

    This Quad looks VERY well done and seems like it would be a BLAST to ride/drive.

    There should be no comparing it to a car or anything else for that matter, it is unique and obviously anything unique is going to COST!

    It’s not for everybody, nor can everybody afford it! But that is NOT a reason to tear it apart. Personally, I wish I could afford it, I would have one in my garage in a heartbeat!

    KUDOS to the engineers, designers, etc that concieved and built this very polished, grown up toy!

  29. ali hassan says

    how much it takes in u.a.e ?? how you will bring it here to u.a.e ?? send it to my email so when i open i will see your massege

  30. Dennis says

    It’s funny how the big wheel turns. The same comments were made by the same type of people when the first trike hit the road, when the first rear engine trike hit the road, and when the first reverse trike hit the road. There is no diference riding one of these or a trike. Every single argument or disagreement about the quad can be made about any trike.

  31. carl blanchard says

    first 1 i saw in rogers arkansas, had to do a turn around , hunt it down . very beautifull and well designed, been looking for a trike, but this is a double wow!!!. how priced is it ?? the man told me , allways had top of line cars 60 yrs , this was most costly???. his is red and gorgous . please answer back with a price and availableity, at

  32. Dale says

    I would love to try this in the Desert outside of Las Vegas or Lake Mead or the Mountain Roads around Big Bear Calif. This is the first quad I’ve seen that you can travel on for long distances comfortably, and then maybe do some half way serious off road exploring with it. Definitely a different class of vehicle.