Honda Gold Wing powered GRX

Honda GRX with Goldwing power
Another design in the Michelin Challenge Design 2006 is this entry from Honda. The GRX is powered by the 1500cc six cylinder engine used in the Honda Gold Wing. (Thanks, Aaron, for pointing that out.) We like motorcycle powered cars a lot here at The Kneeslider, and this is an example of what happens when you put the corporate design team to work on the idea.

For some time now, Honda has been coming out with designs and developments in a huge number of areas. Their Asimo robot which is adding more and more capability all the time, the FCX hydrogen fuel cell car which they are saying may be produced in three or four years which works along with their HES or Home Energy Station that makes hydrogen from natural gas while also providing heat and electricity for your home, they showed up at Oshkosh with their HondaJet, their new DN-01 motorcycle shown in Tokyo which looks close to production, the new Gold Wing equipped with the first production motorcycle airbag system; this is a company that is breathtaking in its transportation technology diversity which at the same time all works together in a synergistic fashion. Any one of these developments is worthy of note in its own right, together they make up an extremely impressive list. Go, Honda.


  1. sfan says

    I am wondering if/when we might see some, dare I say, some bold kit car manufacturers targeting motorcycle engine based designs. The only example I recall was the honda CBR 1100 powered Caterham 7 ( that was sold a few years ago.

  2. todd says

    most people want torque regardless. If you will spend the time and money to build a kit car a $300 readilly available V8 seems much easier.

  3. says

    Not quite a kit car, but a car you build youself nonetheless, look at the motorcycle powered Vortex at and prepare to be surprised. You build the chassis out of plywood from their $90 plans, then fiberglass the pieces together for monocoque strength and low weight. Honda Goldwing or other small engine is mounted midship on a steel subchassis and powers the rear wheel, while the front suspension ad steering can be from a Triumph or similar small car. Butterfly doors and a flat windscreen give this 3 wheel car a unique Lambo shape even though it is a 15 year old design!

    So, motorcycle powered cars are not new, and neither is a motorcycle powered kit car. Look for an easier to build motorcycle powered kit car later this year from our newly revived – no plywood, I promise!

    Chris “Edwards” Aguilera
    Florida Fiberfab Rep

  4. TsiArt says

    I just hope they would build it , and sell it at the same price as all the other cheep cars are out on the market . I don’t know how much is the Honda Fit . But if they sell it around $15K everyone would have one , cause it will burn a lot less gas as their H2’s or H3’s 😉 . I’m interested in the mottorcycle powered car only for the gas lilage . The reason is that I have a car that is fast enath and i don’t need power in the car like this .